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By Mike Johnson on 2016-02-21 18:58:00

The Cutting Edge Peep Show

Edge and Christian got a pretty damn nice pop coming out.  They plugged the debut of their new WWE Network series.  They noted this was the building where they had their first ladder match against The Hardys (not mentioned by name) and their first ever standing ovation.  They were cut off by New Day.

New Day did a one-sided "battle" which was all silly comedy.  Not good comedy either.  Edge and Christian reviewed their history.  New Day demanded to be treated with respect.  They said they don't make fun of local sports teams then knocked Cleveland for never winning a title.  The idea was they were Edge and Christian knockoffs.  They said they weren't knockoffs of anyone but they were better then everyone.

The New Day started knocking teams by name and then said the League of Booty.  Christian and Edge said that Sheamus and Rusev were knocking them backstage.  Xavier Woods say they were trying to stir the pot but they already know.  They said the League of Nations was "hot garbage" and said New Day would say it to their faces but they weren't here.

Out came all four members of the League of Nations.  Sheamus asked if they had something they wanted to say to their faces.  Everyone got in the ring.  Sheamus told the crowd that New Day looks stupid when they chanted it at him.  Xavier said they would love to engage in a fight with them but it's a "day of rest, so the New Day is going to turn the other cheek."  They walked out.

Edge and Christian asked why they were leaving.  They said Barrett hasn't had the chance to "stare menacingly"  The League then turned on Edge and Christian.  They threatened to kick their asses.  Alberto reminded Edge he retired him five years ago.  Edge said he's accomplished more in the last five years.  They said they were going to give them the ring.  They met New Day in the aisle and said they were going to do a five second pose but instead, they present everyone the International House of Dumba**es. 

New Day knocked the League and twerked their booties at them.

Wow, this was bad.

Curtis Axel (with the Social Outcasts) vs. R-Truth

Nothing much here.  Axel had control thanks to the Outcasts.  Goldust came out and tripped him so Truth scored a two count.  Goldust got involved and tossed Adam Rose towards the ring.  Truth was distracted and rolled up for the pin.

Your winner, Curtis Axel!

Truth wasn't happy but Goldust tried to apologize.   Truth walked out on him.  The soap opera continues. 

WWE World Heavyweight championship match at Wrestlemania 32: Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns.

Lesnar went right after Ambrose and rammed him into the buckles.  Reigns (who was booed upon entering) attacked Brock but ate a German suplex.  Ambrose returned but was quickly displaced from the ring.  Lesnar nailed another German suplex on Reigns.  He was going for a third but Ambrose nailed him with a missile dropkick from behind.  Lesnar nailed several shots.  Ambrose got behind and went for a German but Brock broke free and sent him sailing with a belly to belly overhead suplex.  Very physical early.

Brock went to the floor to go after Roman.  Dean went for a dive to the floor but was caught and nailed with a suplex on the floor.  It's all Lesnar so far.  Lesnar nailed another German suplex on Reigns.  Lesnar nailed another.  He picked up Reigns and nailed an F5 but Ambrose broke up the pinfall.  Lesnar looked at him as if he was crazy for messing with Brock.

Ambrose slapped him so Lesnar lost it and drilled him with knees and suplexed him across the ring.  He began drilling Dean with knees and suplexed him again.   Lesnar nailed another one.  Dean tried to crawl  away but was powered up and suplexed over again.  Lesnar went for an F5 but Reigns speared him for a close two count.  They shot the sequence in a way that made it seem Roman came out of nowhere to make it a bigger shock.  Nice.

Roman nailed the Superman Punch but Lesnar rolled out of the ring from the force of the move.  Roman charged across the floor and leapt off the stairs but Lesnar caught him on his shoulders.  The best laid plans of mice and men, indeed.  He went for a F5 onto the announcer's table but Ambrose nailed a low blow.    Dean ripped apart the announcers' table and they set up for the old Shield powerbomb through a table.  The crowd loved that.  

Dean and Ambrose had words and Dean kicked him and threw Roman into the stairs. He tossed Roman into the ring and attacked him and nailed a running bulldog.  Ambrose went to the top and nailed a flying elbow for a two count.  Roman came back with several rights.  Dean fired back with shots of his own.  They brawled in the center of the ring.  Dean nailed the McGuinnness rebound lariat as Lesnar returned to his senses on the floor.

Roman and Dean both realize Lesnar is stirring so they give up their battle and go back to attacking him, sending him through the barricade.  They begin to clear off another announcing table.  They do the Shield powerbomb on Brock again.  They buried Brock in the remnants of the tables.

Roman then drilled Dean with a right hand, giving him a receipt from earlier.  They returned to the ring, only this time Roman was working all over him.  Roman used a roll-through into a powerbomb but Dean escaped with a series of elbows.  He came off the top but ended up on the wrong end of a Superman Punch.  He went for a spear but was kneed in the face.  He went for a charge in the corner but Dean moved and Roman hit the ringpost.  Ambrose nailed Dirty Deeds and scored a CLOSE two count.

Both men were down and Dean pointed at the Wrestlemania sign.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."  He went fo Dirty Deeds again but Roman pulled him up for a Samoan Drop.  Lesnar hit the ring and nailed a German suplex on Roman, who was holding Dean.  Pretty wild stuff.  

Roman speared Lesnar but was trapped in the Kimura.  Roman fought to his feet and stood up but was still trapped.  Ambrose returned with a chair and beat the hell out of Lesnar's back with it, then turned to Roman and began beating him with the chair as well.  He ran Lesnar out of the ring but Roman speared him and scored the pin.

Your winner, Roman Reigns!

A hell of a physical main event with all sorts of great brawling, spots and near falls.  This was truly a main event as it was the best thing on the show and the crowd was into everything and everyone involved.  Dean Ambrose absolutely took a big step forward with his fearlessness against Lesnar and his willingness to attack his "brother" Roman.  The crowd loved him tonight and I hope WWE realizes that.

Triple H came out in his suit wearing the WWE championship belt over his shoulder.  They faced off in the ring to close the show.

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