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By Stuart Carapola on 2015-06-19 23:45:39
#1 Contender's Tournament: Roderick Strong vs Michael Elgin vs Moose

Elgin suckerpunches both guys off the Code of Honor (lots of quick starts tonight), but winds up brawling on the floor with Roderick. He rams Roddy into the barricade, but comes back inside and gets dropkicked in the faqce by Moose, who catches Roderick as he comes off the ropes. Strong gets free from Moose's grip and knocks Moose silly with a high knee, then a high knee for Elgin, then Strong and Elgin team up to work Moose over. Then Strong and Elgin turn on each other. Moose takes Strong out with a clothesline, then hits a couple of jabs and flip-flop-n'fly on Elgin in tribute to Dusty Rhodes. They all wind up on the floor where Moose giant swings Strong into the barricade, then Elgin takes Moose out with a flip dive and starts parading around ringside with a replica ROH World Title belt he grabs from a fan. Elgin rolls Moose inside and comes off the top with a splash for 2, then pops Moose up for a delayed vertical suplex, then winds up on the apron with Strong, who suplexes him onto the apron. Strong goes up top for a superplex, Moose shoves him off, and comes off the top right into a dropkick. Now Strong is going nuts hitting leaping enziguiris on both men, superplexes Elgin, superplexes Moose, and covers Moose for 2. Strong hits the ropes, but Moose pops him up right into a lariat for 2. Elgin is back in and is now working over both guys, and in an insane spot, hits a top rope Frankensteiner and comes down on top of Moose like a moonsault. Only 2, but awesome spot. Moose blocks the power bomb, Strong drills Moose with flying knees, Elgin lariats Strong, Moose lariats Elgin, and all three guys are down. Moost goes to the top, Strong stops him and hits a side suplex on the top turnbuckle. Strong hits the gutbuster, Elgin breaks the cover at 2, drills Strong with a series of roaring elbows, and hits a DVD for 2. Elgin hits a buckle bomb, but Moose comes out of the corner and KILLS Elgin with a spear for 2. Moose hits the Pounce, runs up the ropes, and takes Elgin out with a dive to the floor. Moose is back inside and sets for the spear, Strong leapfrogs, Elgin takes Strong out with a roaring elbow, then pops Moose up for a powerbomb, powers Moose up and hits another powerbomb, but Strong takes Elgin out with a sick kick and vertical suplex backbreaker, two high knees to Moose, and another sick kick finishes Moose.

Winner: Roderick Strong

AWESOME MATCH! Easily the best thing on the show so far. Veda Scott slaps Moose in the face a couple of times because he lost and then had the audacity to follow the Code of Honor, and Moose and Stokely Hathaway start to leave, but Moose turns back and gets ready to spear Veda. Before he can, Cedric Alexander runs in with the wrench and lays both Moose and Stokely out, then smiles at Veda and hands her the wrench, which she smiles and takes as officials run down to check on Moose and Stokely.

Adam Cole, Mike Bennett & Matt Taven vs AJ Styles & The Young Bucks

I apologize in advance if I'm not able to keep up with each and every move in this one, but this is gonna be a pain to call. Bennett & Taven are the IWGP Tag Team Champions at this point, and AJ is the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Bullet Club gets the early advantage on the Kingdom, but Maria Kannelis jumps up on the apron to distract AJ and the Bucks so the Kingdom can jump them. That doesn't work and the Bullet Club disposes of the Kingdom to the floor, but their attempted triple moonsault results in all three of them getting superkicked in the face. Bullet Club quickly heads back inside and takes the Kingdom out with a triple dive, but then Matt Jackson gets powerbombed on the apron and winds up caught in the Bullet Club's side of the ring. Taven hits a lionsault for 2, but Matt responds with a twisting Ace Crusher out of the corner and he makes the hot tag to AJ, who is in the ring for the first time with a springboard forearm to Taven, shots for Cole and Bennett, and a snap powerslam to Taven for 2. Nick Jackson comes out of nowhere to superkick Bennett as AJ hits an over the knee neckbreaker on Cole for 2. AJ with a leaping forearm in the corner to Cole, followed by stereo superkicks from the Bucks, and a Nick swanton followed by AJ hitting the atomic facebuster for 2. Cole backdrops out of the Styles Clash, then Bennett and Taven hit a big boot/backpack driver followed by a shining wizard from Cole for 2 on Matt. The Bucks and Taven & Bennett take each other out, and we're down to AJ and Cole. Cole superkicks AJ's knee out and hits the second rope Canadian Destroyer, but then is stereo superkicked by the Bucks. AJ and Matt hoist Bennett and Taven up in Tombstone position so Nick springboards off the top rope for a double assisted Tombstone. AJ drags Maria into the ring, Maria slaps AJ, and they hit a double superkick/Pelle kick combo that knocks her OUT. AJ powerbombs Cole into a double enziguiri from the Bucks and hits his nasty looking implant DDT for 2, Cole big boots AJ, takes the Bucks out with superkicks, but then Matt gets Cole up and AJ pops Nick up into another Indy Driver, then Matt hands Cole to AJ, the Bucks double superkick him in the face, and AJ hits a Styles Clash for the win.

Winners: The Bullet Club

That match was INSANE, and the finishing sequence was off the charts. Just go out of your way to see this. Bennett and Taven looked pissed at Cole for losing the match.

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