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By Mike Johnson on 2015-04-26 23:00:00

WWE Tag Team champions Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (with Natalya) vs. The New Day (with Xavier Woods)

This was bumped up from the Kickoff show, obviously.  The crowd was all over The New Day and gave Kidd and Cesaro a massive roar for their entrance.  I think we know who the favorites are.

Kidd and Kofi Kingston started and they had a nice exchange early.   Kidd took control with some kicks and a backslide but Kingston was able to tag out to Big E.  Cesaro tagged in so now instead of battle of finesse it was the battle of power.  Big E nailed Cesaro but was caught in mid-air and slammed down.  The champions kicked E. in the corner.  E was able to maneuver Kidd into his corner, where Kingston tagged back in.  He tossed Kidd to the floor and prepared to nail a dive but Kidd scrambled in and nailed Kingston and E to the floor.  He nailed a tope con hilo to the outside on Kingston but was nailed and wiped out with a clothesline from E.

Back in the ring, New Day continued to work over Kidd, tagging in and out.  Xavier Woods was doing a good job at being completely annoying on the outside, which is what his role should be.  Kingston cinched in a keylock as the crowd chanted for Tyson.  Kidd tried to fight back but ate a dropkick for a two count.   E. went for a big splash but Kidd rolled out of the way.   E. charged Tyson, who ducked down and let his momentum send him through the ropes to the floor.

Cesaro makes the hot tag in and nailed a press slam, sending Kingston into the buckles.  He ripped Kofi with a series of uppercuts but Kingston kicked up at the last second.  Cesaro grabbed him for a catapult but Kingston landed on his feet and went for a flying bodypress.  Cesaro, undaunted, caught him and slammed him down for a two count.  Kingston went to the top but Cesaro drilled him with an uppercut.  Cesaro nailed a superkick and Tyson nailed a springboard elbowdrop for a two count.  It was awesome.

Kidd went for the Sharpshooter but Kingston fought out.  E speared Kidd off the apron to the floor as Kidd was battling with Kofi.  That spot never ceases to look awesome.  Cesaro was shoved off the apron to the floor.  The New Day double-teamed Kidd but Cesaro broke it up at the last second.  He and E battled and crashed over the top to the floor.  This is really entertaining.

Kingston went for a move but Kidd avoided and locked on the Sharpshooter.  Kofi tried to fight for the ropes but was pulled back in.  E grabbed Kidd and nailed a BIG overhead belly to belly suplex.  Kidd still caught Kofi with a double stomp.  Cesaro tagged in and nailed the bg swing into the dropkick.  Xavier distracted the referee, so Natalya slapped him.  This led to a ton of fast chaos and Kingston rolled up Kidd and hooked the tights for the pin.

Your winners and new WWE Tag Team champions, The New Day!

I sort of suspected this was coming (see The Tipsheet) and I think it was the right call for a lot of reasons I'll discuss in the Post-Game Show.  The match itself was just great with some awesome exchanges and some really good back and forth momentum.  I'm really glad to see this was bumped up to the main PPV because all involved earned it.

The Kickoff panel reviewed some of the events of the evening.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed The New Day.  Woods said their New Day is now.  They got heat by trying to get the crowd to chant "New Champs" after they chanted "New Day."

The car with Harper and Ambrose pulled back in.  Harper was kicked out and into the arms of New Day.  Ambrose dove off the car onto all of them.  He and Harper continued brawling backstage and found their way back into the Arena.  Harper entered from one way and Ambrose entered from another and dove down on Harper from points unknown.

They brawled into the ring, where Ambrose nailed the rebound clothesline.  They each went to opposite sides of the ring outside and began tossing a TON of chairs into the ring.   Some in the crowd chanted "ECW."  They brawled into the ring and tossed chairs at each other.  Harper powerbombed Ambrose on some of the chairs for a two count.  Harper buried Ambrose under all the chairs.    Harper climbed to the top rope but Ambrose came to life and slammed Harper on the chairs,  Ambrose nailed Dirty Deeds and scored the pin.

Your winner, Dean Ambrose!

Really fun conclusion to the Chicago Street Fight.  I thought this was pretty different and original with a unique twist that didn't seem too cute for it's own good.    The match itself was more plunder then storytelling but this was Extreme Rules after all, so it was the right night for it and we are talking about two guys who are crazy and want to kill each other, so it fit.

Russian Chain Match: WWE United States champion John Cena vs. Rusev (with Lana)

They pushed this as the first Russian Chain Match ever televised on WWE TV, which is likely true.  It's a good thing they didn't say ever, since there's a few in the WCW PPV section of the WWE Network  that I can think of off the top of my head.  The crowd was already chanting "USA" at Rusev when Cena's music hit and then they booed Cena and sang that he sucked.  That cracked me up.

They did a tug of war over the chair to start.  Rusev gave up and drove Cena into the corner with a splash.  He and Cena each touched a corner and then Rusev nailed the second one, but Cena stopped him.  They have green and red lights on each corner post so fans know who hit what corner.  You need to hit four in succession to win.

Cena was sent to the floor and Rusev used the chain to pull him up and string him over the ropes so Rusev could work over his ribs and kidneys as Cena was trapped outsde.  The dueling chants for Cena began.   Rusev suplexed Cena into the ring.  They battled to the floor, where Cena pulled Rusev shoulder-first into a ring post several times.  He touched the first two ring posts and tried to drag Rusev to the third but Rusev wrapped his legs around the ropes to kill Cena's momentum.  Rusev used a heel kick to nail Cena.

Rusev nailed Cena in the mid-section with the chain several times, trying to weaken the champion.  He then drove the chain across Cena's back.   Rusev started to hit the corners but Cena pulled him to prevent Rusev from nailing the fourth and final buckle.   Rusev went right back to attacking the ribs of Cena.  He drilled Cena with a big right hand to take him out and went to the top rope, but Cena yanked him off and into the ring, landing on the chain.

With Rusev out in the center of the ring, Cena touched three turnbuckles but was stopped from hitting the fourth.  Cena nailed a shoulderblock but when he went for a second, was caught and hit with a Fallaway Slam.    Rusev started touching the buckles.  The crowd was chanting for Lana, who played up to them, so Rusev sent her to the back,  Looks like a break-up is in the cards.  This led to Cena taking advantage of the distraction and cleaning house.  He nailed the Five Knuckle Shuffle but was caught and nailed the Alabama Slam.  Rusev went for the Accolade but Cena was able to avoid it and lock on the STF, using the chain.

 Rusev went to the outside to break it and nailed Cena with a kick, then locked out in The Accolade.   Cena stood up with Rusev on his back and ran him backward into the buckles twice, giving Rusev two corners.  He tapped a third but Cena pulled him into the AA.   You could hear some "USA" chants but not a huge amount.

Rusev and Cena each touched corners on opposite ends.  They each ended up with three and were back to tug of war over the chain again.  Rusev went for a move but was caught with the AA and Cena touched the fourth corner to get the win.

Your winner and still WWE United States champion, John Cena!

OK but nothing special in terms of what they did in the ring.  They worked up the stipulations of the match about as well as you can in a bout like this but this wasn't anything out of the ordinary and honestly, it was below the level of their Wrestlemania bout and even some of the recent Cena matches on WWE TV. Having a chain match and then not using it to punch each other really limited what they could do as well.

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