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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-03-28 23:55:26

Gene Okerlund says Randy Savage was a superstar. Hulk Hogan says he was someone you could depend on. Roddy Piper says that Randy Savage made sure you focused on him.

Big Show says that Randy would back up what he said in the ring. Ricky Steamboat says people still bring up their match from Wrestlemania III when they see him.

Summer says that when you think of Randy Savage, you have to think of Elizabeth. Chris Jericho says they were the ultimate couple in WWE.

We go through a series of Randy Savage impressions.

Sheamus says he is in the business because of Savage. Jerry Lawler says he will be remembered as one of the best. Bret Hart says he was a team player. Dolph Ziggler says that Randy was the best and he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Jerry says the next inductor needs no introduction. Without him, we might not be here tonight. He main evented the first three Wrestlemanias . . . Hulk Hogan.

Hogan says he has been thinking thinking thinking, dig it brother. He says Randy was something else. He was intense and he was crazy. He was the epitome of what you need in wrestling. He says it is his honor to induct Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame.

Hogan says Randy was not just a great competitor, he was intense. The people who were close to him know how intense he was. He was a great friend. There were times when his intensity spilled over. Randy would call him at all hours of the night to talk about things. Randy was relentless. He loved the business and he had it in his blood. Everyone looked up to Angelo Poffo. Hogan says he switched to the canary yellow tights because of Angelo Poffo.

Randy worked at his craft and he wanted to be the best. When you think about Wrestlemania 3 and his match with Ricky Steamboat, he proved he was the best. That was a special night in the Super . . . Silverdome. That was a crazy night because Andre had some back issues and he wondered if they would get through it. Would they stink up the joint or would they live up to the hype for the match. When he slammed Andre and got the win, they lived up to the hype, but Randy Savage stole the show at Wrestlemania 3.

Hogan talks about the handshake and the MegaPowers. They were a great tag team. Randy would take things to another level. They came back from commercial and Elizabeth was hurt. Randy talks about how Hogan was jealous about Elizabeth and he thought about Randy’s intensity, but then Randy shoved his finger and Hogan’s face. That got him to the same level as Hogan. He was making Hogan a better man and performer.

When you were in there with Randy, you upped your level He was like that 24/7. Whether it was lifting weights or racing boats, Randy pushed you to a level you were not ready to go. He made you better at everything. Hogan says he had some amazing moments in his career. Whether it was Wrestlemania 1 or 3, beating up the boss, or fighting the Rock. When you worked with Randy, it was intense. The crowd was always there. It was magic. Randy made you a better performer and every night, Randy made him step up. He did that for everyone.

Hogan says there wouldn’t be Hulkamania without the Macho Madness. They clicked and they ran hard. Randy made Hulkamania what it is today. Randy pushed him and when he got lazy, Randy would push him. Everybody in the WWE Universe supported him, but Randy Savage was there 24/7. He thanks the WWE for putting Randy in the Hall of Fame because he deserves to be there.

Hogan brings out Randy’s brother Lanny Poffo to accept the induction.

Lanny says he stands before the hall of fame for his brother who lived every day. He made it cool to be a wrestling fan. His match with Ricky Steamboat in 1987 was on a scale of one to ten much better than 11. His snapped into a Slim Jim with his trademark voice. He got a role in Spiderman.

When the MegaPowers exploded it was real. It is time to heal. We celebrate the Macho Man, he is finally in the Hall of Fame.

Lanny joins in the Randy Savage chants.

Lanny says his mother could not be here tonight, she is 88 years old. He asks how great did she look. He says that he knows that Randy’s wife is watching. He thanks her for making Randy the happiest man in the world until the day he died.

Last year, the Ultimate Warrior got a chance to say anything he wanted until he passed away. Randy Savage did not get that chance. Lanny wants to express what was in Randy’s heart. Randy had no biological children of his own. He was always a good uncle and a good father to his wife’s children from another marriage.

It was his work with the Special Olympics that filled that void. They were all his sons and daughters and he was their father. He loved them as much as Mr. T loved his mother. Lanny mentions Randy’s favorite poem about the Special Olympics.

Lanny says he is 60 years old and he says he would read his poem to the people at the Special Olympics and he would introduce Randy and he would be in his full regalia. When you thought it couldn’t get better, Randy would do it. WWE would always send merchandise for Randy to give away. Everyone got items personally autographed by the Macho Man.

After all of these years, Mick Jagger complains he can’t get no satisfaction, he should have spent time with Randy. Outside the ring, he was a champion of the underdog. Lanny quote from Matthew. He says the Macho Man is everything that people who wish to wear a crown. He says Lynn Poffo deserves to wear the crown.

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