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By Mike Johnson on 2015-03-11 20:15:28

FWE Tag Team champions The Young Bucks vs. The Colony

The Bucks were in control early.  The Colony nailed a pair of dives to the outside.  The Bucks regained control and worked over The Colony.  Fire Ant tagged in and cleaned house and The Colony worked over The Bucks.    Nick Jackson nailed a facebuster on Fire Ant and scored a moonsault to the outside.

The Bucks controlled Fire Ant and tagged in and out, working him over.  Silver Ant finally tagged in to make the save and hit a big dive to the floor.  They nailed a double dropkick on Nick Jackson.  Matt drilled Fire Ant with a big forearm and nailed an awesome moonsault to the floor on Silver Ant.  The Colony came back to his the old Powerplex finisher from Power and Glory.

Fire Ant nailed a double cutter on The Bucks.   The Bucks came back with a lot of double team maneuvers on The Colony.  The Bucks teased a Meltzer Driver but the Colony fought it off and Silver Ant locked Matt in a Boston Crab.  Nick Jackson went for a superkick but was caught and locked in an ankle lock  Matt went for one but was trapped in one as well.  They rolled through and nailed a series of superkicks.  The Bucks nailed the Meltzer Driver and scored the pin.

Your winners and still FWE Tag Team champions The Young Bucks!

All the usual stuff you'd expect from the Bucks.  Very fun, competitive bout.

FWE Tri-Borough champion Paul London & Veda Scott vs. FWE Women's champion Candice LaRae & Joey Ryan: All titles on the line.

Lots of fun stuff here.  LaRae did all her spots on London including the reverse rana and the suplex.  Ryan nailed the boobplex on Veda.  Ryan used LaRae as a battering ram but London dropkicked him, so Ryan nailed an accidental Samoan Drop.  The heroes got the pin, so Veda won the title and Paul retained his.   Lots of tomfoolery and some decent wrestling.

FWE champion John Morrison vs. IWGP champion AJ Styles: Best of Three Falls

They locked up and went back and forth trying to get the advantage.  They grappled but neither man was able to keep the other at bay.  They went back and forth and finally faced off.  Styles finally scored with a dropkick as he and Morrison went back and forth rebounding off the ropes.  Morrison went to the floor.  Styles followed but was nailed with a savate kick and slammed into the guard rail.

Morrison brought Styles back into the ring and nailed a springboard kick.  He drilled Styles into the turnbuckles and drilled him with punches.  Styles fired back but missed his leaping forearm in the corner.  Styles went for his inverted DDT but was caught and nailed with a Northern Lights suplex.  Morrison nailed a springboard legdrop and scored the pin.

The winner of the first fall, John Morrison!

As the second fall started, Morrison continued the beating.  Out of nowhere, Styles caught him with the Calf Killer and scored a submission.

The winner of the second fall, AJ Styles!

As the third fall started, Styles drilled Morrison with some stiff kicks and worked him over.  Morrison regained control and nailed a series of elbows to the face.   He cinched in a side chinlock.    Styles made a comeback and nailed a rough looking suplex into the ropes.  Styles went to the top but was shoved off to the floor.  Morrison vaulted over the top and drilled Styles.

Back in the ring, Styles worked over Morrison who came back with a Russian Legsweep and some nice offense for a two count.  Morrison went for a suplex but Styles blocked it and nailed a hangman's neckbreaker   Morrison came back to nail a running knee off the ropes for a two count.  Morrison went for a move off the ropes but was caught and nailed with a driver off the shoulders.  Styles went to the top and nailed the springboard forearm.

Styles went for a Human Torture Rack and spun Morrison into a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.   Styles locked in another leg submission.  Morrison broke free and nailed a series of punches and forearms.  Morrison wenr for a kick but was caught.  He nailed Styles, who came back with the Pele Kick.

Both men were out, so the referee began counting.    They returned to their feet and battled back and forth.  They had a million and one near falls.    Styles caught him out of nowhere with the Styles Clash and scored the pin!

Your winner and new FWE champion, AJ Styles!

Real good match to cap off the show.

A fun night of wrestling overall!

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