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By Mike Johnson on 2015-03-07 23:00:00

Stephen DeAngelis introduced a guest ring announcer, Rocco, from a New Jersey radio station.  The crowd chanted, "F*** you Rocco" and "You suck d***" before he even came to the ring.  He began talking and was pretty bad.  The crowd chanted for him to shut the f*** up.  He tried to get the crowd to chant his name.  They crapped all over him.  I hope this is leading somewhere.  Out came former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts who said that the audience put him in his place just like they are for him now.  He offered to take over.

Roberts said that he was at Wrestlemania and called the announcements of all these major names and felt nothing but tonight, he's feeling nervous and he knows the fans are going to give it to him and he's OK with that.  The fans chanted, "Bring back Rocco."  He said that's what he likes, that the fans let people know what they like and don't like.  He said that the problem today with pro wrestling is that.  He said the last few years in pro wrestling, he lost his passion and there were a lot of politics.

A little kid was sitting on his dad's shoulders and gave him the finger.  The crowd popped for it.  Roberts ripped the WWE for sending garbage out to the ring every week on Monday.  He said the fans deserve better and that's why they d here.  They are here for a good f***ing show.  The crowd popped for the F word.  He said he's loved professional wrestling his entire life and wondered if he should leave it, but then he saw that Tommy Dreamer, who loves pro wrestling, was running shows.  He knows what the fans love and there's no politics and no glass ceiling here.  If you suck, you are gone.

He said the business is healthy on the surface but inside it's dying a slow death.  The wrong people are making the decisions and the fans deserve better.  He said he was tired of talking so, he announced the next match.

Team 3D vs. The Addiction

There was electricity and a big fight feel once the former Dudleys came out.  The Addiction attacked them before the bell.  They controlled the the early portion of the bout, working over Devon with double-team maneuvers.   Devon tried to fight his way out but Kazarian drilled him from behind.

Bubba was smashed through a table and was out on the floor.  Kazarian took the mic and started saying that this is just proof that Devon was Bubba's b**ch.  They ripped on the Dudleys and said this is the end of the Dudley story.  This fired up Devon who made a comeback on both and nailed a sideslam on Kazarian.

Bubba returned to the ring for some clubbering and he and Devon set up for the Wazzup headbutt.  They called the tables and brought one into the ring.  Rosita hit the ring and low-blowed the Dudleys.  She trash-talked them but Velvet Sky made the save.  There was a Catfight.  They set up for the Wazzup headbutt on Rosita and Devon stayed there like he was enjoying the taste of where he landed.  I don't even know what else to say.  The crowd loved it and chanted for Devon to keep going....except in a crude way.

Sky disposed of Rosita.  The Dudleys finished off Addiction with a 3D through a table on Daniels for the pin.

Your winners, Team 3D!

The crowd chanted, "You still got it."  Bubba took the mic and said, "It might not always be pretty but it was damn entertaining."  Devon took the mic and told Rosita, "I'll eat out with you anyday."

Velvet Sky took the mic and said, "As you all know, I was recently fired by a company."  The crowd chanted, "F*** TNA."  Bubba took the mic and said, "What?"  The crowd chanted it again.  Sky joked, "I'd rather not, thank you."  She said she was fired from a company that she dedicated the last eight years of her life to and she had never had the chance to say goodbye.  She said she wanted to say that to all the fans that supported her and said thank you to everyone who's suppported her over her career.

Devon closed it out with a big "Testify!"

South Philly Streetfight: Tommy Dreamer vs. Eric Young.

Young asked if this was the world famous Arena.  Uh, you've been here before.  He said he hated all the old tapes he watched from here, that the fans ruined wrestling and that they think they are someone and part of the show but they really are nothing.  He said that brings him to their appointed leader, Tommy Dreamer.  He said the fans want to cheer and support Dreamer but they are all going to lead him to getting beaten.  He said that the fans see themselves in him and he agrees.  He said that when he beats Dreamer down, he's beating down all "you fat marks" and he's going to burn this place to the ground.  Uh, I already lived through one fire incident here, so ixnay on the fire, OK?

They brawled on the floor as soon as Dreamer got to the ringside area.  Young got the better of Dreamer and tossed him from the ring back to the floor.   He placed a chair over Dreamer's face and ran him into the ringpost.  Young got a stop sign and stomped it on Dreame's face.  Young continued to work over Dreamer but missed a flying elbow off the ropes when Dreamer rolled out of the way.

Dreamer and Young battled back and forth with punches.  Dreamer got the better of the exchange, and whipped him into the corner nailing a big boot for a two count   Dreamer grabbed a Singapore Cane from under the ring but Young nailed a dropkick through the ropes.  Dreamer ducked a cane shot and used it for a Russian legsweep.  Dreamer caned Young, then whipped him into the corner.  Young did the Flair Flop and was nailed several times with the cane, before crashing off the apron to the floor.

Dreamer went under the ring and retrieved a number of weapons.  Young came up bleeding a gusher and was beaten with the cookie sheers.    Dreamer used a cheese grater to the face, then to his groin.  Dreamer bit Young's bloody face.  Ugh. Dreamer pulled a barbed wire board out from under the ring.  He set it in the corner.

Young cut off Dreamer and went for a piledriver.  Oh, no, Dreamer's pants are going to split!  No, Dreamer escaped and went for the Spicoli Driver.  Young slipped out and nailed the referee.   Dreamer gained control and nailed a catapult into the barbed wire board.  That looked awesome.  Dreamer nailed a piledriver but there was no referee to make the count.  Another hit the ring for the count but stopped and took his shirt off to reveal he was EC3.  The crowd chanted, "F*** TNA."

Dreamer nailed EC3 and went for the Spicoli Driver but Young kicked him low and hit a piledriver.  The referee counted three.

Your winner, Eric Young!

EC3 and Young kept beating on Dreamer.  Some students hit the ring but were beaten and thrown out.  The crowdikrst again chanted, "F*** TNA."   The lights went out and when they returned, it was Rey Mysterio Jr. making his first appearance here since March 1996.  He cleaned house on Young and EC3 and drilled both with a 619.  The crowd chanted, "Welcome back" and then chanted Rey's name.  The crowd then chanted, "Si!"

Mysterio took the mic and said that he would have been one pissed off little Mexican if Dreamer hadn't invited him here tonight.  He said that the first city to welcome him to pro wrestling here was Philly.  He said the first company to witness Rey in the States was ECW.  The crowd chanted for that company.  He said that he wanted to say thank you and led a "Muchas Gracias" chant.

Dreamer said that the Rey Mysterio, Konnan and Paul Heyman brought Lucha Libre to the United States.  He said that we are La Familia for life and no matter what you can always go home to the best fans in the world.  He thanked the fans.

Great brawl.  Young REALLY worked his ass off here.  The Mysterio surprise was great.

The Young Bucks vs. Bobby Roode & Austin Aries

Slow start as they were feeling each other out.  Bobby and Aries took turns tagging in and out, working over Nick Jackson's arm.   Matt Jackson tagged in but Aries gained control and he and Roode continued controlling the slow, early minutes of the bout.  After several minutes, the Bucks finally knocked Roode to the floor and caught Austin with a double team dropkick.  The crowd reacted to that big-time.  Aries cut off the momentum and nailed a slingshot splash on Nick  Roode and Aries worked over Nick in their corner.

 Roode and Aries continued the assault, working Matt over.  Nick finally made the hot and began hitting all sorts of hot offense.  He hit a dive to the floor but Aries followed suit.  They all brawled on the floor.  They made their way back to the ring at which point, it became all sort of crazy Bucks sequences.   The Bucks went for the Meltzer Driver but Roodek knocked Nick off the apron and supericked Matt.  Roode worked over Matt and locked him in the Crossface.

All four battled on the top.  The Bucks knocked Roode and Aries to the mat.  They went for stereo 450 splashes but Roode and Aries got their knees up.  They started killing the Bucks will all sorts of big-time offense.  The Bucks fought back with the Super Kick Party.  Aries killed them with forearms but they came back with superkicks galore.  They nailed the Meltzer Driver on Aries and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Young Bucks!

A hell of a main event.  What a work ethic all four of these had.

They all showed respect to each other. The Sandman's music played and he came to the ring. Big beer bash to close us out.

Overall, the top end of the card really delivered.  The undercard ranged from solid to good to stuff that didn't click but I got the impression fans live left really happy. 

That's all from Philly!  Good night everyone!

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