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By Mike Johnson on 2015-02-07 17:19:43
ICW champion Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy

Galloway showed a ton of charisma here and really worked hard. He controlled Hardy early. Hardy tossed him to the floor. They brawled on the floor. Drew nailed Hardy with the mic. Drew sang, "New York, New York" and then said, "Up yours, NY!" Hardy nailed him with a trash can. They brawled back to the ring. Drew worked over Hardy in the corner and went for a superplex. Hardy stopped him and they continued brawling. Hardy hung him from the tree of woe but Drew pulled himself up and suplexed Hardy back into the ring. Drew pulled out a steel chair and nailed Hardy with it. It's ICW rules, so no DQ or countout. Drew set up a chair in the corner but Hardy sent him into the chair.

Hardy came off the ropes with an elbow to the back of the neck and called for the Twist of Fate. Drew slipped out and went for a big boot but Hardy ducked and the referee was wiped out. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate but the was no one to make the count. Drew used a chair on Hardy. He went for a move but was caught with The Sidewinder for a two count. Hardy set up a chair but ended up being nailed with a drop toehold into it.

Galloway was back in control and took out a second referee with a clothesline. Galloway began verbally ripping apart Hardy and told him looking at the belt was as close as he was going to get to winning it. Hardy nailed Twist of Fate and scored the pin. They announced Hardy as the champion. Drew nailed Hardy and he original referee counted Hardy down. Drew was announced as still champion. OK that was confusing.

FWE Tri-Borough champion Paul London vs. Matt Sydal

London did his 15 minute entrance. Some back and forth wrestling and near falls before they faced off. Lots of back and forth chants. They went back and forth with shoulderblocks until London nailed a dropkick and drilled Sydal with some chops in the corner. They each tried to nail sliding kicks but they avoided the other.

Sydal caught London with an armdrag and cinched in an armbar. They exchanged holds and London caught him in a rear chinlock, then nailed an inverted atomic drop. He sent Sydal to the floor and nailed a stiff sliding kick. he worked over Sydal, who came back with a series of kicks to his legs. London came back and beat Sydal in the corner with a series stiff shots.

Sydal caught London and tossed him over the top. Paul tried to skin the cat but Sydal dropkicked him to the floor while he was upside down. Sydal came off the apron with a double knee strike. Sydal brought him back to the ring and worked over London's knees. He worked over London for a long time. Paul made a comeback with a springboard kick.

London went to the top and went to come off but clotheslined himself on the ropes. He followed up with a slingshot into the ring into a rollup for a two count, but was unable to get the pin. Sydal took control with stiff shots and kicks. London went for a kick but was caught and swept down, then hit with a standing moonsault press for a two count.

Sydal went to the top but London met him. London drilled him with a rude kick. He avoided a top rope rana and nailed a shooting star press for the pin.

Your winner, Paul London!

Joey Ryan came out and challenged Paul for a shot, and then laid him out with Candice to set up an angle for the future.

That's all from Queens!

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