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By Mike Johnson on 2015-02-07 17:19:43
Welcome to’s live, ongoing coverage of FWE’s return to Queens, NY at the World Resort Casino!

Robbie E. vs. Orange Cassidy

Cassidy was in his usual daze Robbie shoved him down and asked if this was a joke. Cassidy got up and was back in a daze staring off into the distance. Robbie takes him back down. Cassidy grabs E’s phor. E charged but Cassidy ducked and E went to the floor. Cassidy was worked over but made a comeback with a nice head scissors takedown and a splash off the ropes. In the end, Cassidy was rolled up for the pin.

Your winner, Robbie E!

The Juicy Product vs. Trent Baretta & Bandiddo Jr.

I was having some computer issues so I missed the first third of it, but the last two-thirds was really good back and forth wrestling with some awesome kicks and near falls. Good stuff. I literally took the wrong computer when I left so the laptop was updating like crazy and rebooted on me several times. Dopey Mike!

Your winners, The Juicy Product!

Wes Draven vs. Jorge Santi vs. MK Law

Santi won in what turned out to be a four way as heel announcer AJ Pann added a man to the bout. I didn't catch the fourth name. Good stuff.

Taeler Hendrix vs. Katarina Lea (Winter)

Not a good bout. They seemed to be having some issues with timing. Lea rolled her up for the pin and held her hair to hold her down.

Brian Meyers vs. Johnny Gargano

Some good mat wrestling earlier. Meyers played the babyface since he was from the area. He's really crisp in the ring these days. Gargano played subtle heel early. He hit a nice tope to the outside for a two count. They went back and forth with chops and punches. Meyers went to the top and dropped a nice flying elbow for a two count. Gargano scored a surprise win. Solid. I'd love to see these guys work again and have a little more time.

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*FWE Tri-Borough champion Paul London vs. Matt Sydal in their first-ever meeting.

*Drew Galloway (fka McIntyre) vs. Matt Hardy.

*Tommy Dreamer vs. Joey Ryan.

*The Addiction, Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs. Adrenaline Express.

*FWE Ladies champion Candice LaRae vs. Veda Scott.

*The Juicy Product vs. Trent Baretta & Bandido Jr.

*Katarina Leigh (Winter/Katie Lea Burchill) vs. Taeler Hendrix.

*Johnny Gargano vs. Brian Meyers (Curt Hawkins)

*Robbie E. vs. Orange Cassidy. will have live, ongoing coverage!

For ticket and iPPV information, as well as details on the promotion's new Best of the Young Bucks DVD, their March event in Brooklyn headlined by John Morrison vs. AJ Styles in their first ever encounter and more, visit

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