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By Mike Johnson on 2014-11-15 23:35:00

Extreme Rules: Tommy Dreamer vs….

Dreamer came out with Beulah McGuillicuty, who was billed as bringing him to the ring for the final time. She got a nice “Beulah” chant when they announced her opponent.

Out came TNA World champion Bobby Roode to face Dreamer, replacing EC3.

Roode took the mic and said he had a funny story. He was sitting on his couch at home and his phone rings and it’s Dixie Carter. She informed him that EC3 tore his bicep was unable to fill his obligations, so Bobby is contractually obligated to fulfill his duties. Roode said he and Dreamer are good friends and he has a lot of respect for what Dreamer has done in this Arena, for Roode, for the boys in the back and for all of the fans, so he’s putting the title on the line tonight whether TNA likes it or not, because “no one deserves a title shot more than you Tommy Dreamer.” He said that there’s nothing more important than him than the title and he attacks Dreamer and stomps the hell out of him.

Roode controls Dreamer early and worked him over. Dreamer made a comeback and they battled to the floor, where Dreamer sprayed a fan’s soda in the champion’s eyes like mist. Dreamer tossed Rude into the ring steps and the ringpost. Dreamer had a fan hold up a chair and ran Roode into it. Roode cut off Dreamer and gave him an atomic drop on the railing, crotching him.

Roode worked over Dreamer on the floor before tossing him back into the ring. Roode worked over Dreamer with punches and kicks and nailed a great dropkick. Roode worked him over but missed a kneedrop. Dreamer kicked off a charge and nailed a clothesline. Dreamer peppered him with a bunch of right hands in the corner.

Roode was whipped into the corner but nailed Dreamer with an elbow as he charged in. Roode set up a chair and nailed a drop toehold onto it. Roode went for a sunset flop off the ropes but Dreamer ducked. He grabbed Roode and tied him to the tree of woe. Dreamer nailed him with a chair. He went to do the charge but the crowd chanted “E-C-W” so he stopped in mid-run. He got the crowd to chant HOH and nailed him with the dropkick.

Velvet Sky interfered, so Beulah hit the ring and we had an old school catfight. Roode grabbed Beulah but she low blowed him. Dreamer nailed Roode with a DDT but he got his shoulder up at the last second.

Dreamer pulled out a barbed wire board from under the ring but CW Anderson hit the ring and hit a spinebuster on Dreamer. Cue “Enter Sandman” and out came The Sandman!

Sandman hit the ring and cracked open a beer. CW slapped the beer out of his hand. Sandman nailed him with the cane but CW ducked a second shot and killed him with a Superkick.

”Highway to Hell” played and Spike Dudley hit the ring and nailed the Acid Drop on CW, then left. Rosita hit the ring and went for a moonsault on Dreamer but he caught her and piledrove her.

Dreamer and Roode both went for DVDRs but Roode finally scored, nailing Dreamer with one on the barbed wire board and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Bobby Roode!

After the match, Roode and Dreamer embraced. Dreamer kissed the TNA title and gave it to Roode. The crowd chanted, "Thank you Tommy."

Dreamer took the mic. Dreamer said that the last few weeks of Impact TV has been some of the greatest actual wrestling on TV. He said guys were working twice a night busting their asses for the fans and this show couldn't have happened if TNA didn't allow Dreamer to allow their guys to appear, so he thanked TNA for letting their guys shine and do what they do best in front of the best wrestling fans in the emotional.

Dreamer said he's been a fan of the business since he was 9 years old and just celebrated 25 years on 10/28. He said Dreamer was born in the ECW Arena and everything he has in this life is because of this business. He said he was a proud overachiever and hooked up with Beulah McGullicuty. He said every strong man has a strong woman by their side. During one of their many arguments, Beulah once said that she knew she would always come second to professional wrestling and accepted it. Dreamer said that he's sorry and he talks all the time, but she is his light and gave him the best gify in the world, his two daughters.

Their girls came to the ring with roses for their mom. Dreamer introduced "The Twinnovators." Dreamer introduced the girls to the crowd and said these people are the people he works for and said this is the building where he met their mother. He said for once, he is going to shut up and said the ring and mic is Beulah's.

Beulah said that she didn't plan on saying anything. The crowd chanted, "Thank you Beulah." She said that she may not have made it to the Hall of Fame, she made it in the ECW Arena and that means the world to her. She said she had the best ride ever and she will carry all the fans in her heart always. She was obviously very emotional.

The Hardy Boys vs. The Young Bucks

Matt Jackson and Matt Hardy faced off to start the bout. The crowd chanted, “F*** Matt Hardy.” Some good, fast paced stuff early on. The Hardys worked over Matt and then caught Nick trying to interfere and took him out with double team maneuvers.

It turned into the Bucks show as they hit some of their patented spots and dives. They worked over Matt for a long time, antagonizing Jeff to the point that he tried to hit the ring, which led to the referee holding him back and the Bucks doing even more damage.

Matt finally caught Matt Jackson with a Side Effect and made the tag to Jeff, who worked over Nick Jackson with a leaping forearm and the Cruncher Legdrop. Hardy hit the spinning windmill kick but was sent into the corner. He elbowed Nick Jackson as he came out of the corner and hit the twisting moonsault for a two count. Hardy went to the top for a swanton but Jackson pulled his knees up.

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy worked over Matt Jackson and nailed a Razor’s Edge like powerbomb for a two count. Jeff Hardy tagged in and cinched in a chinlock. Jeff made a comeback and the Hardys worked over Matt Jackson.

The Hardys continued to work over Jackson. Matt went for the Twist of Fate but Jackson turned it into a Northern Lights suplex. He went to tag his brother Nick, not realizing that Matt had just knocked him off the apron. Nick finally made the tag and cleaned house on Jeff Hardy. Hardy cut him off and went for the Twist of Fate but was nailed with a stiff elbow.

The Hardys tried to double team Nick but he superkicked Jeff after Jeff flew off his brother’s back. Jackson drilled Hardy with a DDT to the floor. The Bucks nailed stereo splashes for a two count.

They went to work on Matt but Nick was tricked into kicked his brother off the apron hard into the railing. Matt nailed Nick and it was The Hardy’s offensive game again as they swung Jackson upside down and backwards to the mat. The Hardys ascended to the top but Matt Jackson nailed Hardy. Nick Jackson caught Jeff with a superkick as he went up and over. The Bucks did a ton of Hardys signature spots, culminating with Nick hitting Jeff with a swanton for a two count. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.”

The Bucks nailed their powerbomb/kick in the corner combination but Matt Hardy pulled the referee out of the ring when they went for the pin. Nick did a dive out of the ring for Hardy but took out the referee instead.

The Hardys took control and nailed them Bucks with their finishers Another referee ran in but Jackson kicked up at the last second. They wiped out The Bucks with swantons and moonsaults but this time, Nick Jackson pulled the referee out. Jeff dove at Jackson but took out the referee this time.

The Bucks killed Matt Hardy with a series of superkicks, then drilled Jeff Hardy off the apron with one, crashing him down onto the table. The Buicks nailed More Bang for Your Buck and pinned Matt.

Your winners, The Young Bucks!

After the match, Matt Hardy took the mic and said that sometimes he acts like a d*** but he wants the Bucks to know that they have The Hardys' respect. He said he'd like to offer his hand and shake their hands and do this thing right. The fans chanted for a superkick instead. Hardy said he has an issue with that as they came out and busted their asses for the fans for the last 30 minutes and if they can't appreciate that, they aren't a true wrestling fan. They offered their hand and the Hardys tried to nail the Bucks but got caught and nailed with superkicks to close the show as the crowd chanted, "Young Bucks."


Team 3D hit the ring and attacked the Bucks and nailed 3Ds on the Bucks. Bully took the mic and said it's obvious the Bucks are a really great tag team and that the fans really appreciate what the Bucks do. He said that if there is one thing that they don't appreciate, it's "disrespect in this building."

Bully said that he wants to talk to the crowd about something. A fan heckled Bully so he told him to shut up or else he was going to punch him in the face and start a riot. Ray said that he sent out a Tweet a few months ago that the fans of wrestling wanted something more and that there needed to be a revolution. He asked the fans if they had a good time tonight. They popped. He asked if HOH delivers every single time. The crowd popped. He asked the fans if they are proud to be HOH fans and the fans popped. He said when he talked about the revolution, he wasn't talking about the wrestlers, but about the fans. He said, "You want something different. You need something different. You deserve something different and that something is House of Hardcore."

Bully said that their best friend is Tommy Dreamer. The crowd chanted, "Thank you Tommy." Bully said he knows Dreamer is probably in the back eating but called for him to come out. Dreamer came to the ring.

Bully said that Dreamer has every single one of the fans' best interest in mind and wants to give the fans the brand of wrestling they are asking for, the modern day version of something we all loved 20 years ago. He said Dreamer is a man that you can proudly put down your money and say, "I'm going to the best f***ing wrestling show on the planet."

Bully said this was HOH's first time in the Arena and it sold out. The fans chanted, You sold out" and Bully said, "Shut up d***!" Bully said that when you come here, you are going to get some of the best young wrestlers, iconic wrestlers, brawlers, technical wrestlers, hot chicks and the Sandman. He said you are going to get everything. Out came the Sandman.

Ray said that he's never felt so strongly about anything in pro wrestling. Ray said thanked everyone on behalf of Dreamer, the wrestlers, the camera guys, the ring crew and everyone else for coming.

Dreamer said all he wanted to do was do 4 shows this year and these fans make him want to do 4-8 shows next year and perhaps their goal is going to be getting on TV.

Devon testified and they played Sandman's music to close the show as Dreamer invited the entire crew out to drink some beer in the ring.

Fun stuff! Really fun, strong show overall.

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