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By Mike Johnson on 2014-03-09 18:02:06

Tigre Uno vs. Manik

This is Uno’s official TNA debut. He’s better known as Extreme Tiger in Mexico. Mike Tenay really talked him up as one of the most extreme risktakers in the ring.

Some really good athletic, fast paced stuff early. Uno tossed Manik into the cage but Manik caught himself on the ropes. Uno went for a sideways dive but Manik moved out of the way and Uno crashed and burned into the cage. Manik nailed a back suplex for a two count and locked on a bow and arrow. He rolled back for a two count.

Manik continued to work over Uno, who kicked up. He nailed a backbreaker for another two count. Uno leapt to the ropes and nailed a springboard into a rana, then nailed a spinkick. He reversed a takedown attempt into a DDT for a two count. Uno went to the top but Manik followed. They battled and Uno went for a sunset flip powerbomb. Manik kicked him off and nailed a missile dropkick.

Manik nailed a sit-down powerbomb for a two count. Manik went for a kick and Uno grabbed his leg as if he was going for a head and arms Tazplex, then slammed him down with a crazy DDT like move. Uno then hit his finisher in Mexico, a Twisting splash called the Sabretooth splash.

Your winner, Tigre Uno!

Really good athletic wrestling. This felt more like an old school X-Division match than anything I can remember in a long time. Lots of fast paced reversals and highspots. Real enjoyable as a showcase of fast aerial stuff. Manik is really, really underrated.

Gunner vs. James Storm: Last Man Standing

They began brawling stiffly on the floor before they even got into the ring. Gunner nailed a suplex on the floor and nailed a series of rights. He whipped Storm into the ringsteps. Storm fired back but was overpowered by Gunner. Gunner tossed the top of the ring steps into the ring and tried to pull Storm in but Storm broke free and slammed the cage door hard into Gunner’s head. He called for the referee to ring the bell, which he did and then began counting Gunner out.

Gunner pulled himself up at four but Storm charged him in the corner. Storm wedged a chair in the corner but was nailed by Gunner. Storm came back with a jump into a DDT in the corner. The referee began counting down Gunner but he got to his feet. Storm began choking him with the tag rope and then did it with a second rope after the referee took the first one away. Storm actually wrapped one like a noose and then attached it to the ring ropes as a way to keep Gunner down. Gunner freed himself but was nailed a low blow from behind. Good stuff so far.

Storm continued working over Gunner and slammed him into the buckles. Gunner psyched himself up and the shots began to have no effect. He worked over Storm and nailed a running knee in the corner and another to the face as Storm rebounded off the ropes. Gunner went for a move but Storm caught him with a knee and a facebreaker, then slammed him with the top strip of the steel steps. That was brutal. The crowd chanted, “TNA” for that.

Gunner blocked several moves but was nailed with a pair of knees to the face and tossed into the chair wedged between two turnbuckles. Gunner returned to his feet at the nine count and Storm drilled him in the gut with a steel chair. Storm nailed him across the back. Gunner made a comeback. He nailed Storm with either a F5 or a death valley driver. The camera was too close to the shot to really tell. The crowd began chanting, “This is awesome.” Really good.

The referee began counting down Storm but at seven he got to his knees and went for a chair. Gunner stepped on the chair and stopped his former partner, then nailed a Uranage. Gunner went to the top rope for a move but Storm tossed the chair in his face as he came down. That was brutal. The crowd chanted, “Holy sh**.”

The referee began counting Gunner down but he got up at eight. Storm drilled him in the back and demanded the referee start over, so he did. Gunner returned to hit feet as Storm set up two chairs facing each other. They battled to the top and slammed each other into the cage hard until Gunner nailed a series of headbutts to gain the advantage. Gunner saw the chairs and nailed a superplex through the chairs. This is a hell of a match,

This led to a race to see who would make it to their feet as the referee counted them down. Gunner made it up at nine and Storm didn’t answer the bell.

Your winner, Gunner!

A hell of a brawl and easily the best Gunner match to date. Really good, entertaining physical match.

The Wolves wanted to go kick some ass. MVP wanted it done later on in a controlled environment.

TNA Knockouts champ Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim.

You can win via scoring a fall or escaping the cage.

They battled back and forth with forearms. Kim nailed her with a knee as Rayne rebounded off the ropes. Rayne was choked against the ropes with a boot. Rayne shocked her with a forward roll for a two count, then went for the move where she drives Kim’s head into the mat but Kim slipped out.

Kim climbed the cage. Rayne followed. Kim slipped under her, teasing an Electric Chair. Rayne drilled her head into the cage over and over. That was original. Kim fell into the ring. Rayne went for a bodypress but missed. Kim scored a two count. Kim tossed Rayne hard into the cage and used her feet to drive Rayne into the cage as Lei’d Tapa yelled as Rayne.

Kim hit a leaping clothesline into the corner on Rayne. Kim worked over Rayne’s back, driving her backwards. Rayne used a series of knees to break it but was cut off by a kick to the head. Rayne was whipped into the corner but Kim missed a charge. Rayne worked her over as Tapa screamed at Kim to get up.

The women battled to the top rope and Kim nailed a neckbreaker off the ropes into the cage. That was pretty cool. Kim tried to escape the cage with the help of Tapa but Rayne dragged her back in. Rayne was tossed into the cage but kicked out at the last second. Kim climbed the cage. Rayne followed. Kim tore at her outfit and tried to set up the Eat Defeat from the ropes. Rayne broke free and sent Kim down, clotheslining herself on the top rope as she went down.

Rayne kicked Tapa off the cage then hit a spear off the top of the cage for the pin.

Your winner and still Knockouts champion, Madison Rayne!

Good match. They had a lot of unique cage spots and really worked hard here.

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