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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-11-18 23:02:56
Last week, Hunter and Stephanie were not on Raw so there was a question about who was in charge. After finding out that everyone was in charge, we saw Alberto Del Rio attack John Cena. We also saw Big Show attack Randy Orton. We also saw 12 men battle at the end of Raw. Now that Stephanie and Hunter are back in the Country, we can see what they will do.

We are in Nashville, Tennessee and your announcers are Michael ‘Vince Gill’ Cole, John ‘Willie Nelson’ Layfield, and Jerry ‘Lee Lewis’ Lawler.

In case you wanted that twelve man tag match at Survivor Series, you will get it for free tonight.

It is Country Game Time as Triple H comes to the ring with a Principal Owner of WWE and Mother of the COO’s children, Stephanie McMahon.

Hunter says that it is good to be back. Despite everybody’s accusations of their alleged abuse of power, last week was a prime example of how vital they are to this show. Hunter says that without Authority, then Chaos rules. That was what we had last week. Hunter says that they couldn’t have been more disappointed about how Raw turned out last week.

The people who have avoided them, Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero, will be dealt with tonight.

Stephanie says that they are well rested and they are back. Stephanie mentions that Survivor Series is on Sunday and . . .

Randy Orton makes a Bee Line to the ring.

Randy says that they want to blame everybody else, but he blames Hunter and Stephanie. They did not spell out who was supposed to be in charge. They did not tell the Shield to have his back. They gave Big Show a title match. He blames them for being choke slammed through that table last week. Orton says that he is the most valuable asset of this company.

Randy says that they should be protecting their most valuable asset more.

Stephanie says that he is probably right.

Orton says that he is jacked up over last week so he wants to know what they are going to do.

Hunter asks Randy who he thinks he is.

Orton says that he is the WWE Champion and the face of the company.

Hunter says that he is the face of Their Company.

We get a feeble excuse me from Vickie Guerrero and Brad joins her. Brad says that he likes to take responsibility for his actions, but last week was all Vickie’s fault.

Hunter says that it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, they all have to pay tonight.

Stephanie says that with all of the handicap matches last week, they are desensitized to the damage that those matches can do to the Divas and Superstars. Therefore, Vickie and Brad will be in individual matches.

Vickie will face AJ Lee. Hunter says that even though it was all Vickie’s fault, he will have a match tonight . . . maybe right now, dressed exactly how he is. Brad will face Randy Orton. Hunter says that to make it fair, it will be No Disqualification.

Brad tries to go to the back, but Kane stops him and brings him back to the stage.

Match Number One: Randy Orton versus Brad Maddox in a No Disqualification Match

Brad goes to the floor and he does not look happy at his punishment. Brad returns to the apron but then he goes back to the floor. Brad takes a mic and he hides behind the announcers. He goes into the Roberts Cubicle but Orton stops Brad. Brad hits Orton with a mic and then he sends Orton into the ring post.

Brad returns to the ring and he hits a DDT for a near fall. Orton looks at Maddox and Brad is thrown over the top rope to the floor. Orton sends Maddox over the announce table and Randy rearranges things at ringside.

Orton sends Maddox into the ringsteps and then he connects with a forearm. Orton sends Maddox into the ring post and then he puts Brad on the ringside barrier for an IEDDT. Randy drags Brad to the ring and then he picks up the mic and rolls Brad into the ring.

Orton pins Brad’s arms with his legs and he hits Brad repeatedly with the mic and then the referee stops the match.

Winner: Randy Orton (by referee stoppage)

Curtis Axel walks in the back and so does Big E Langston. They wrestle when we come back from commercial.

We are back and this month, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, and Booker T will be on the Kickoff Panel.

We take a look back at the destruction of Brad Maddox by Randy Orton and the aftermath of Brad being stretchered out of the arena.

Brad is being stretchered out of the arena and they go past Vickie and she is as white as a ghost.

Match Number Two: Big E Langston versus Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Title

Axel with a waist lock but Langston with a waist lock take down and he holds on to Axel. Axel with an elbow and punch followed by a kick. Axel with a chop and punch. Axel with a hurdle leap frog but Langston with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Langston with a back breaker for a near fall.

Langston with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Axel rolls to the floor and Langston forces him back in. Axel retreats to the corner and the referee warns Langston. Axel has a kick blocked and Langston with a short arm clothesline. Langston with a punch to the midsection. Langston with a back drop for a near fall.

Axel drops Langston’s throat on the top rope and then he hits Langston with the Axe to the back of the neck. Axel with punches to Langston and he gets a near fall. We go to commercial.

We are back and Axel with a reverse chin lock and Langston escapes and then he hits a running shoulder into the corner. Axel with a drop kick for a near fall. Axel with forearms to Langston and he gets a near fall. Axel with a front face lock. Langston powers out of the front face lock and he sends Axel to the corner.

Langston with two clotheslines and then he avoids a clothesline from Axel and Langston with a belly-to-belly suplex followed by an Ultimate Warrior Splash for a near fall. Langston goes for the Big Ending but Axel gets to his feet. Axel tries for the neck breaker driver. Langston with a body block and the straps come down and Langston hits the Big Ending for the three count.

Winner: Big E Langston

After the match, Langston celebrates his victory.

The Shield and Randy Orton are in the back and Randy says that they better not have a new WWE Champion on Sunday. The Shield WILL have his back. Reigns says that if that is what the Authority wants, they will have his back. However, Orton better have their backs.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for Divas Musical Chairs. All of the Divas are dressed in their best Raw Country outfits. Jerry Lawler is the host of this event and we have Total Divas and Not Quite Total Divas.

The music starts and it looks like Natalya is the first one eliminated. The next person eliminated is Alicia Fox and she has some words for Naomi. Things get ugly when chairs are pulled away and we have a 14 person brawl and the Not Ready for Total Divas Divas are on the floor.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Big Show versus Ryback

They lock up and Ryback pushes Show towards the corner and Show is impressed. They lock up again and Show sends Ryback to the mat and Show with punches to Ryback in the corner. Show chops Ryback. Show with a Shhhh Chop to Ryback and Ryback goes down. Show with a head butt followed by a shoulder tackle and Ryback goes to the floor.

Ryback returns to the ring and they lock up but Ryback with knees and punches. Show with a shoulder tackle. Show with another chop but Ryback with a shoulder to the upper thigh and Show is down. Ryback with kicks and forearms to Show. Ryback with a leg drop and he gets a near fall.

Ryback punches Show and then he hits a splash for a near fall. Ryback with a front face lock. Ryback with a side head lock and he rakes the face. Show with punches to Ryback but Ryback with a kick and a DDT for a near fall. Ryback with a side head lock but Show with a belly-to-back suplex to get out of the hold and both men are down.

Show with clotheslines to Ryback followed by an Irish whip and running butt splash into the corner. Show goes for the running shoulder tackle but Ryback with a spinebuster and then he sets for the lariat. Show grabs Ryback by the throat but Ryback with a knee. Ryback with a lariat and he says that it is over.

Ryback goes for the marching musclebuster and he gets Show up and hits it. Show kicks out at two. The straps come down and Ryback goes for a second one but Show sends Ryback into the ropes and Show with a punch and Ryback is down.

Show gets the three count.

Winner: Big Show

After the match, Randy Orton tries to attack Show from behind but Show with a spear and Orton goes to the floor.

Zack Ryder is in the back with Florida Georgia Line but 3MB have gone Country tonight and they are the Rhinestone Cowboys. Drew says that he hopes they can follow them tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Randy Orton is getting ice for his ribs. He asks the medical staff where was the Shield and the Authority. Orton wants more ice and then he throws it against the wall. Randy wants to be left alone.

Zeb Colter is in the ring with Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger. He wants everyone to say We The People.

Match Number Four: Kofi Kingston and Miz versus Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)

Cesaro and Miz start things off and they lock up. Cesaro with a wrist lock and he takes Miz to the mat. Miz with a wrist lock take down. Cesaro with a forearm and European uppercut. Miz with an Irish whip and Awesome Clothesline. Miz goes up top and hits a double sledge for a near fall.

Miz with a side head lock. Cesaro catches Miz on a leap frog attempt and Cesaro with a back breaker. Cesaro sends Miz to the floor and Swagger tags in. Swagger with a clothesline to Miz on the floor. Swagger rolls Miz back in and gets a near fall. Swagger with shoulders and the referee warns him. Cesaro hits Miz and that allows Swagger to hit the double jump Swagger Bomb followed by a leap frog double stomp from Cesaro for a near fall.

Miz with punches to Cesaro but Cesaro with a European uppercut. Swagger tags in and they hit a double back elbow and get a near fall. Swagger with an arm bar. Kofi tags in and he hits a springboard double sledge to Swagger and then he knocks Cesaro off the apron. Kofi with chops and drop kicks followed by a leaping clothesline. Kofi with the Boom Drop and then he sets for Trouble in Paradise, but he gives Cesaro a pendulum kick.

Swagger catches Kofi on a springboard move and Swagger with a power slam for a near fall. Swagger tries for a clothesline but Kofi floats over into a DDT and both men are down. Miz refuses the tag when Kofi reaches into the corner.

Swagger with a KneeDT and he applies the Ankle Lock and Kofi tags out.

Winners: Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger

After the match, Miz yells at a few fans at ringside.

We see Vickie knocking on the Trainer’s Room’s door and she acts like she is injured. We go to commercial.

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