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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-18 20:24:38

Matt Striker & Little Guido & X-Pac vs. Justin Toxic & Dru Blood & KC Blade

Matt Striker said that last month, he wasn't himself but just like all of the fans, they all love wrestling.  He said that he wanted to ask someone in the back to be partner and asked the fans to chant ECW.  Out came Little Guido.    He then introduced X-Pac, who got a MASSIVE pop.   They may be the weirdest six man tag team ever.

Guido and Blood started out.  Guido nailed several chops and went for a Tomakaze but Blood escaped.  The veterans took turns tagging in and out and working over.  Striker held a delayed vertical suplex for a two count.

KC Blade tagged in and badmouthed Pac, who then tagged.  Blade acted like they were gonna have a test of strength, but instead mocked Pac.  Striker tagged back in and Blade kept cutting promos.  Striker finally grabbed him an armwringer and a side headlock.  Blade sent him into the ropes but was shoulderblocked down.  Striker called him an idiot and nailed him with a big right hand.

They did a deal where Striker got out of the way as Blade rebounded off the ropes so Blade kept going and ran out of gas, which made him easy pickings for a Striker boot to the face.  That was funny.

Toxic tagged in, as did Pac.   They took turns working over Toxic.  Toxic finally tricked Striker by getting him in position where Blade could clothesline him from behind,  The villains began triple teaming Striker as his partners tried to get in the ring and assist him, but were held back by the referee.

Striker finally comes out of the corner with a sunset flip on Blade for a two count.  He goes to make a tag but is cut off and dragged back into Blade's corner, where the beating continues.  Striker goes for a Famouser on Bloode but Toxic hit the ring.  Striker grabbed him and nailed a Uranage as he nailed the Famouser, which was cool.

He made the tag to X-Pac, who cleaned house on everyone.  He was left with Blade, who he clotheslined in the corner and nailed the Bronco Buster on.   Pac nailed the X-Factor and scored the pin.

Your winners, X-Pac, Matt Striker & Little Guido!

Grimm Reefer vs. Kai Katona

Katona has a cool old school Japanaese gimmick.  He was trained by Ricky Reyes.

They had a strong opening with some really good back and forth wrestling.  Katona was sent to the floor but kicked Reefer as he went for a dive, then slammed him hard in the outside.

They battled back in the ring, where Katona hit a flying clothesline and nailed several kicks.  He drilled Reefer in the corner with shoulderblocks.  Katona continued to work over Reefer, drilled him with a dropkick.

He continued nailing a series of kicks.  Reefer worked over Katona who cut him off and went to the top for a moonsault.  Reefer grabbed him in a crippler crossface.  Katona tapped out.

Your winner, Grimm Reefer!

ICW Tag Team champions Danny DeManto & Amazing Red vs. Young Bucks vs. Tony Nese & Trent Baretta

They did a lot of insane spots.  It was awesome.  Way too much for me to keep up with.The Bucks hit a double suoerkick on Nese,  Red came off the top with a missile dropkick then hit a twisting DDT on Baretta.

It led to a spot where everyone, including Red, superkicked DeManto.  The Bucks eliminated Baretta and Nese but were eliminated by Demanto and Red.

Your winners and still ICW Tag Team champions Danny Demanto & Amazing Red!

Demanto took the mic and said he would defend the belts anytime, anywhere.

Out came Matt Taven & Rhett Titus with Prince Nana.

Out came Matt Taven & Rhett Titus with Prince Nana.  They went back and forth on the mic and then had a match.

ICW Tag Team champions Danny Demanto & Amazing Red vs. Matt Taven & Rhett Titus

They had a quick match and the challengers won.

Your winners and new ICW Tag Team champions, Rhett Titus & Matt Taven!

Prince Nana said he feels bad for Red but they ended his problems but Red tried to grab him.   They stomped the hell out of Red.  Nana praised his team for winning and said it was all about them going forward in ICW.

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