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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-21 23:44:00

Welcome to PWInsider's coverage of FWE's FWE Rumble 2 in Corona, NY.

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FWE seems to have broken the ELMCOR curse as it appears they drew 650-750 here, easily the biggest crowd ever in the venue.

Rob Van Dam was easily the biggest draw on the show as he had a massive line for autographs.

The show opened up with AJ Pann introducing Matt Striker, who joined their announcing team just one day after being let go by WWE.  Striker received a nice pop.   He thanked FWE for being the first to step up and give him an opportunity.  The fans chanted "Thank you Striker."  He said he hasn't heard those words in eight years and thanked the fans.  He said he wanted to thank the people at WWE for giving him a chance and an opportunity.  He said that he's happy to be here.   He said he'll be able to mention Japan, call the names of the moves, and to mention people's past.  He said that he was going to call matches the way they are supposed to be called.  He said that he thanks WWE for the opportunity they gave him, but he also thanks FWE and that's where we all are.  FWE and "we wrestle."

Petey Williams vs. Brian Kendrick

They each received nice reactions and the crowd chanted for each man.  They battled back and forth, exchanging holds on the mat.   Kendrick sent Williams into the corner and he went up and over.  Brian scissored him down to the mat for a two count.

They went back and forth, working on each other's arms.  Williams grabbed a side headlock.  He was sent into the ropes and shoulderblocked Kendrick down.  Kendick came back with several hiptosses and a dropkick for a two count.

Williams went to the outside, where Kendrick went for a dive and missed.  Williams tossed him back into the ring.  Williams scored a two count.  He tried Kendrick to the tree of woe and stepped on his nether-regions.  Williams scored several two counts.  Kendrick was locked in a side chinlock but fought his way back up.  Williams snapped him back to the mat.

Williams charged Kendrick, who kicked him off several times.  Kendrick nailed a flying forearm and a leg lariat.  He missed a charge in the corner but nailed a leg lariat coming out of the rebound for another two count.   They went back and forth until Williams caught him with a Sharpshooter to try and force a submission.  Kendrick battled to the ropes to force a break.

Kendrick shot Williams out of the ring to the floor and then hit a tope.  Kendrick nailed a missile dropkick and then went for a flying bodypress.  Williams moved out of the way and went for the Canadian Destroyer.  Kendrick blocked but was nailed with a DDT for a two count.

Williams tried to get Kendrick in position for a move but Kendrick nailed him.  He went for Sliced Bread #2 in the corner but was caught and placed on the ropes by Williams.  He then nailed a double stomp on Kendrick for a two count.

Williams drilled Kendrick with a suplex for a two count..  They went back and forth.  Williams attempted a backslide but Kendrick escaped and nailed a superkick.  Williams came back and nailed the Canadian Destroyer for the pin.

Your winner, Petey Williams!

Really good back and forth wrestling match.  Kendrick looked crisp and Williams was as smooth as ever.  A fine start to the show.  The crowd really loved the wrestling.  Both men got a nice ovation.

The Young Bucks vs. Jigsaw & Tony Nese

Big pop for Jigsaw, who started out with Matt Jackson.   They went back and forth with Jigsaw controlling him on the mat early.    Jigsaw locked him in a Gori Guerrero Especial, then sent him into the ropes, nailing Matt with a dropkick.  He continued controlling the match, nailing a rana and controlling the flow.

Jigaw tagged in Nese, who continued working over Matt, including a dropkick.  Nick Jackson tagged in and caught Nese with a kick to the mid-section.  Nese came back with a series of kicks, culminating with a spinkick.  Nese nailed a dive to the outside.

The Young Bucks cut him off with a dropkick as he was on the apron and they beat him down on the mat with punches.  The Bucks began controlling the match, tagging in and out as they worked Nese over.  Nese tried to escape and finally made the hot tag when he tricked the Bucks into nailing each other.

Jigsaw tagged in and nailed a flying bodypress off the top on both.  He nailed a rana on both and then hit a dive over the top to the floor.    Nese then hit a backwards dive over the top on everyone. 

Back in the ring, Jigsaw and Nese were caught by the Bucks.  They doubleteamed Jigsaw, culminating with a kick to the head.   Nese and Jigsaw made a comeback, leading to a series of superkicks.  Nick then superkicked Jigsaw as he was setting up Matt for a move, letting Matt hit a Code Red for a two count.

They knocked Nese out of the ring.  They powerbombed Jigsaw into the corner as Matt kicked him in the back of the head.  They then nailed a spike tombstone on Jigsaw for the pin.

Your winners, The Young Bucks!

An awesome tag match.  Lots of great back and forth action and a really inspired sequence involving the superkicks.  Jigsaw looked awesome here, the best I've ever seen him look.  Nese is just so great.  He's so going to be a star one day.  Bucks were awesome.

Maria Kanellis & Ivelise Velez vs. Winter & Angelina Love

Love tried to do a test of strength with Velez early since she was so much taller.   Velez tried to take her down with a waistlock.  They went back and forth.  Maria tagged in and then tagged back out, preferring to make out with Mike Bennett instead.  Velez was not impressed.

Winter chased Kanellis out of the ring when she finally did enter.  Kanellis threw her into the ring post.   Velez choked Winter in the corner while Kanellis argued with the referee, distracting him.   Kanellis choked her against the ropes and locked in a side chinlock.

Winter finally used a stunner to break free.  Love tagged in and bulldogged Kanellis for a two count.   Love slammed Velez for a two count but Kanellis broke it up.  She ended up tossed over the top onto the apron, then knocked off to the floor.

Angelina and Winter worked over Velez and scored the pin.

Your winners, Angelina Love & Winter.

They did a lot of gaga early.  The crowd didn't seem to get into it beyond chanting to entertain themselves.

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