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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-18 18:43:05

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Scott Steiner.

Steiner attacked Smith before the bell and stomped him in the corner.   He choked Smith with his boot.  Steiner smashed him into the buckles and began screaming at the referee when he tried to admonish him.

Steiner nailed a series of forearms and chops in the corner.   He whipped Smith into the ropes and nailed an elbow, then choked him against the ropes.   Smith ducked a clothesline and nailed Steiner with a shoulderblock.  He then nailed him with a delayed suplex.  That was impressive, but only good enough for a two count.

Smith nailed another suplex for a two count.   Steiner kicked him low but the referee missed it.   Smith rolled out to the floor, where Steiner followed.   Smith was whipped into the railing.   They brawled into the crowd, where Steiner nailed him with a chair to the back.

They continued battling outside.  A ring bell got tossed into the ring.  Steiner chased the referee out and worked over Smith.  He clotheslined Smith down and smashed him into the buckles.   He tossed Smith to the floor.  For some reason, they switched referees mid-stream.  Steiner nailed a belly to bell suplex and worked over Smith.  He cinched in a rear chinlock.

Smith began fighting his way out of the hold with a series of elbows.  Steiner caught him with an overhead throw suplex into a bridge for a two count.  Steiner chopped him in the corner.    Smith made a comeback and nailed several suplexes for a two count. 

Smith went to the top and missed an Alabama Jam.  Both men were down as the referee counted them.   Steiner drove him to the mat with a DDT and scored the pin.

Your winner, Scott Steiner!

A lot better than I expected going in.  Steiner worked really hard here and so did Smith.  Steiner absolutely had the biggest "star aura" of anyone on the show as kids were running to him as he came out and he'd spook them by being his crazy self.  Very good and entertaining.

PWS champion Kevin Matthews vs. Homicide

They faced off and muscled each other into the corner.  Matthews broke clean.  Matthews then disrespected Homicide by patting him on the cheek.  Homicide went after him but was cut off and stomped by Matthews.  Homicide made a comeback and sent him to the floor.  He teased a tope con hilo but Matthews backed off, so Homicide hit a flip dive off the apron to the floor.

They battled for a bit on the floor before returning to the ring.  Homicide named a tornado DDT for a two count.  Matthews worked him over and locked in a chinlock.  Homicide fought his way out with a series of rights and went for the Gringokiller.    Matthews was able to slip out.  Homicide went for the lariat but was kicked in the gut.  Matthews went for the powerbomb but Homicide turned it into a rana.  He nailed Matthews with a Facewash in the corner for a two count.

Homicide came off with a flying knee to the head for a two count.   Homicide missed an elbow off the second rope.   Matthews locked in a Gori Guerrero Especial and then drilled Homicide down to the mat for a two count.  

Matthews called for the Cop Killer but Homicide slipped out.  Homicide ducked a clothesline and the referee was wiped out.   Homicide nailed the Ace Crusher but there's no referee.  Shelly Martinez ran out trying to wake the referee, playing off her association with Homicide from LAX.  Homicide tried to wake the referee but Matthews caught him with a DDT for a two count.

Homicide locked in an STF as Martinez cheered him on.   Devon Moore hits the ringside area and menaces Martinez.  He went to the top and hit a shooting star press on them, then puts Matthews atop Homicide.  Another referee hits the ring but Homicide kicks out at two.

Homicide sent Matthews into the corner and went for the Ace Crusher off the ropes but Shelly turned on him and tossed powder in his face.  The crowd reacted shocked to that.  Matthews powerbombed Homicide across his knees for the pin.

Your winner, Kevin Matthews!

Shelly Martinez told Homicide after the match it was just business. He said he understood and hugged her. He then grabbed her and gave her the Cop Killer to close the show.

They worked a long match with a lot of twists and turns in the same vein as a WWE PPV main event.  Good bout.

That's it for tonight from PWS.  We will be back tomorrow with coverage of WWE Extreme Rules 2013!

Still to come:

*PWS champ Kevin Matthews vs. Homicide
*Davey Boy Smith Jr. (Harry Smith) vs. Scott Steiner
*Also appearing are Shelly Martinez, and more.

 The promotion will also be running 6/8 in Monroe, NJ.

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