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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-01-12 13:46:25

Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme are in the ring with a giant check and drum of 24 balls with the names of the participants in the tournament.

The winners go into a gauntlet with the winner earning $100,000.

Match Number One: James Storm and Christian York versus Gunner and Crimson

Storm and York win after Storm hits Gunner with Last Call.

After the match, Christy interviewed York and Storm. York reminded Storm it is every man for themselves in the gauntlet. Storm pointed out how much beer he can buy with $100,000.

Match Number Two: Jessie Godderz and Mr. Anderson versus Douglas Williams and Kid Kash

Anderson and Godderz win after some tension between the partners. Anderson gave Godderz a Mic Check and then pinned Kash with an inside cradle.

A lot of comedy in this match.

Match Number Three: Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe versus Chavo Guerrero and Rob Van Dam

Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels win after Joe gives Van Dam a muscle buster when he stops Van Dam from hitting a Five Star Frog Splash.

Match Number Four: Robbie E and Zema Ion versus Bobby Roode and Joseph Park

Park says that he is honored to team with a former World Champ and he suggests they be called Law and Order.

Roode hates the name and he tells Tons of Fun to sit in the corner and watch. He doesn't need Park's help

Park and Roode win when Park freaks out and takes care of Robbie and Ion. He 'goes back' to Joseph and Roode tags in and covers Ion for the win.

After the match, Park wants a hug but Roode refuses.

[Park had LA Law sounding music and an entrance video]

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