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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-28 22:55:00

World champion Sheamus vs. Big Show

Riddle me this - why is the champion coming out first, especially when he's the babyface?

Show shoulderblocked Sheamus early.  The story is that Sheamus is out of his element since for once, he's in there with someone more powerful than he is.  Show worked him over early and killed him with a chop in the corner.

They showed Dolph Ziggler backstage watching and noted he has promised to cash in his Money in the Bank tonight.

Show continued working over Sheamus but was caught with a shoulderblock to the knee.  Show rolled out of the ring to the floor to check his knee.

As he returned to the ring, Sheamus worked over him with big shots and nailed a series of shoulderblocks into the corner.  Out of nowhere, Show caught the champion and dumped him to the floor. 

Show went to the floor and tossed Sheamus hard into the ring barriers.  Show brought him back into the ring and continued beating down Sheamus.  Show chopped Sheamus hard in the corner.  Sheamus crumpled down and was kicked away .

Show began mocking Sheamus, calling him "Fella".  You could literally see blood blisters rising on Sheamus' chest from Show's chop.  Show dragged him to the outside and threw Sheamus over the announcing table.  He nearly wiped out Jim Ross in the process.

Show dragged Sheamus back into the ring and dropped him down with a big elbow across the chest.  Sheamus mounted a comeback and they exchanged strikes but was kicked down and covered him for another two count.  Sheamus looked like he was beaten half to death and exhausted.  He tried to pull himself up with the ropes but was nailed with a headbutt and taken back down.

Sheamus pulled himself up and drilled several strikes and punches.  Show fired back and finally caught Sheamus in a bear hug.  OK, at this point, it's going on a little too long unless they get going.  Sheamus began fading hard but nailed several shots across the back. 

Sheamus broke free and went for a slam but collapsed under Show's weight.  Show came off the ropes with a Vader splash for a two count.   Show called for a chokeslam but when he lifted Sheamus, it was turned into a DDT.  Sheamus covered him for a two count.

Sheamus ended up on the outside when Show kicked up and hurt his back taking the brunt of the fall.  He went to the top and nailed Show with several shots across the chest.  Sheamus charged and was nailed with a chokeslam but kicked out at the last second.

Show went for the Colossal Clutch but Sheamus escaped.  Show missed an elbow and Sheamus went for a Texas Cloverleaf.  Show kicked his legs off and sent Sheamus out of the ring to the floor.  Show followed and worked over Sheamus.  He tried to send Sheamus into the post but the champion escaped and nailed Show into the post several times.

Sheamus went to the top for the battering ram but Show caught him by the throat.  Sheamus went back to the knee from earlier and used a clothesline to take down Show.  Sheamus nailed White Noise on Show for a two count.  That was a hell of a visual.

Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but Show caught him and nailed the KO Punch.  Show covered him but Sheamus kicked out.  They acted like it was the first time anyone has ever kicked out of the KO punch.  

Show set up for another KO but Sheamus ducked and nailed a Brogue Kick.  Show kicked up at the last second.  So, they each kicked out of the other's finisher.

Sheamus went for another Brogue Kick but Show nailed the KO Punch and scored the pin.

Your winner and new World champion, The Big Show!

They went a lot longer than you would have expected and the story at the end with each of them hitting their big moves only for the other to kick out was decent. The latter part of the match was solid with some good kickouts. However, there was a little too much Show domination early on in my opinion.  OK overall. They needed something strong.

No Ziggler cash in.  Perhaps he cashes in during the Cell and then works against Cena.

Eve Torres tried to talk to Booker T but he was concerned about Sheamus and blew her off.  Teddy Long told her he knew she was trying to make him look bad.  This led to Zack Ryder dressed as a witch claiming he was being Eve for Halloween.  Santino showed up as Lady Gaga as well.  This led to Ron Simmons showing up and saying "Damn!"

Vince McMahon was on the phone.  CM Punk showed up and demanded he call off the match.   Vince asked him if he was afraid of Ryback and Punk said he wasn't.  Vince told him to go and prove he was the best in the world then.  Punk looked aggravated and walked off.

WWE Divas champion Eve Torres vs. Layla El vs. Kaitlyn

Eve tried to escape from both women working her over but walked into a Kaitlyn clothesline on the floor.    Layla covered Eve, which pissed off Kaitlyn.   They ended up going back and forth.

Layla was sent to the floor.  Eve locked a submission in on Kaitlyn.  Layla returned and nailed a high cross bodyblock off the ropes.  Layla and Eve battled while in a split, so Kaitlyn nailed a double noggin' knocker onto them and locked an armbar submission on Layla.

Kaitlyn used a gutbuster on Layla, who came back with a kick to the head.  Eve tossed Layla out and covered Kaitlyn but Layla broke it up.   Layla was tossed throat-first into the ropes.   Kaitlyn used a springboard bulldog on Eve and then a series of shoulderblocks in the corner. 

Kaitlyn used an over the shoulder backbreaker on Layla but Eve came off the top and nailed her, then covered Layla.

Your winner and still Divas champion, Eve!

They worked about as hard as you'd expect but were in a hard spot on the card.

Hell in A Cell - WWE champion CM Punk vs. Ryback

Ryback led a "Feed Me More" chant at the bell.

The referee is Brad Maddox, who screwed up the Raw match with CM Punk a few weeks ago, so that may be the angle.

Punk immediately went to the floor, stalling.   He returned to the ring and they went to lock up.  Punk ducked and scrambled out of the ring, standing as far away as he could on the floor.  Paul Heyman screamed encouragement.

Back in the ring, Punk slipped out of the corner while being backed up and nailed a right hand.  No response.  Ryback began manhandling Punk, slamming Punk down on the mat and then whipping him hard in the corner.

Punk caught Ryback in the corner and tried to go for a tornado DDT but was shoved off.  He bounced out of the ring and into the cage.  Punk tried to get to the door and open it but Ryback grabbed him and slammed Punk into the cage several times.

Punk rolled into and back to the outside, then went under the ring.  Heyman tried to distract Ryback, who told Heyman that Punk was "dead,"  He went under the ring to get Punk but was shot with a fire extinguisher and blinded.  Punk began working over Punk in the corner on the floor.

As Ryback tried to clear his eyes, Punk grabbed a chair.  He went to nail Ryback with it but it was kicked into his face.  Ryback pressed Punk over his head into the ring.  He then pressed and slammed Punk. 

Punk ducked out of the way of a charge.  Ryback caught himself on the ropes.  Punk nailed a springboard clothesline into the ring, then nailed a double axehandle off the top.  Punk nailed another one and returned to the top but this time was caught and slammed into the buckles.  Ryback nailed a series of shoulderblocks but was caught with a heel kick to the face.

Punk hit a tope to the outside, driving Ryback into the cage, then nailed a neckbreaker on the floor.  Punk nailed Ryback with a chair, then went for another neckbreaker.  Ryback broke free and shoved Punk away.  He charged Punk, who slipped away and Ryback drilled himself into the ring steps.

Punk rolled Ryback into the ring and locked on  a side chinlock.  Ryback pulled himself to hit feet and dropped backwards.  Punk was able to cut off Ryback with a running knee in the corner.  He came off the top with a flying elbow, then went back to the floor, grabbing a Singapore Cane.

Punk began working over Ryback with a series of shots, but Ryback absorbed them and ripped the cane out of his hands.  He nailed a clothesline and backdrop on Punk, then nailed a spinebuster.  

Ryback set up for the Meathook clothesline and nailed Punk.  He set up for Shellshock but the referee stopped him and hit a low blow.  Punk rolled up Ryback and the referee helped hold him down as he counted a fast three count.

Your winner and still WWE champion CM Punk!

They tried to get out of the cage but they couldn't escape fast enough.  Ryback destroyed the referee and threw Punk hard into the cage.  He killed the referee with a clothesline then pressed and threw him into the cage hard.

Punk tried to crawl out of the cage but Ryback caught him.   He tossed Punk into the cell but Punk climbed up to the top with Ryback in pursuit.   Ryback caught him and nailed Shell Shock on top of the Cell.  Ryback led the crowd in a "Feed Me More" chant on top of the Cell to close the PPV.

The finish leaves a lot of room for a rematch but the real question is whether they missed their window to move Ryback to the next level or not with this finish. It was a pure screwjob and there's no way I can suggest ordering the replay with a clear conscience. The match itself was fine but what a flat, cheap way to end it.

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