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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-16 19:30:00
They pushed the new shirt to help the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Kudos to WWE for doing it.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Kane came across their doctor and were both declaring they were the Tag Team champions.  AJ screamed at them to shut up and said she spent great expenses to help them deal with their anger management and they win the belts but still can't be happy to each other.  Bryan congratulated Kane.  Kane walked off.  Bryan was protesting that Kane walked off when Kane returned and doused Bryan and AJ with Gatorade.  He said he was going to Disneyland.  That was kind of funny.

World champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

Booker T came out as they rang the bell.  He said he had concluded his investigation and went over all the evidence.  He went through countless hours of video footage.  He said that the Brogue Kick was a devastating, dangerous move but when someone signs up to be a WWE star, there are risks involved.  He announced the Kick was legal.

Del Rio argued to David Otunga, who ended up eating a Brogue Kick and was taken out.

Del Rio and Sheamus battled with Sheamus getting the better of the exchange.  Del Rio nailed some headbutts but Sheamus came back with a neckbreaker.   Del Rio nailed Sheamus with a series of kicks.  He charged Sheamus, who moved and Del Rio took a crazy back first bump through the ropes to the floor.  Sheamus came off the apron with a shoulderblock.

They battled back to the ring and into the corner.  Del Rio jumped off the ropes, snapping Sheamus' arm in the ringpost and then smashed him into the announcer's table.    Del Rio covered Sheamus for a two count, then locked on an armbar to wear down the champion.

Sheamus tried to fire back but was kicked in the chest and then nailed with a knee to the back of the neck.   Del Rio launched him shoulder-first into the ringpost and yanked at the arm, continuing to soften up the arm.  Del Rio came off the ropes but was nailed by Sheamus.

Sheamus fought off Del Rio's attempts to go after the arm and nailed several hard shots for two counts.  Del Rio charged Sheamus but was backdropped over the top to the apron.  They battled on the apron and Del Rio was sent into the corner post.  Sheamus beat him across the chest with hard shots.

Sheamus went for White Noise but Del Rio slipped through and nailed a Back Stabber for a two count.  The crowd began chanting for Ziggler.  Sheamus countered a rolling armbreaker attempt with White Noise and signaled for the Brogue Kick.  Del Rio ducked the attempt and nailed a leaping enziguiri in the corner for a two count.  

Del Rio drilled Sheamus with a kick.  Sheamus missed the Brogue Kick.  Del Rio went for the Rolling Armbar but Sheamus slipped out and went for the Texas Coverleaf.  Sheamus charged Del Rio who ducked and Sheamus' bad arm was caught in the ropes.  Alberto kept working it over.

Sheamus tried to go for White Noise but he was hurt and Del Rio snapped his arm and locked on the rolling cross armbreaker in the middle of the ring.   Sheamus powered out and slammed Del Rio down.  He went for the Brogue Kick but Del Rio ducked and locked on the armbreaker.  Sheamus teased tapping but made it to the ropes with his legs.

Del Rio began getting frustrated and screamed to himself.  He missed a enziguiri in the corner.  Sheamus nailed the Brogue Kick and got the pin.

Your winner and still World champion, Sheamus!

Solid match.  They told a really good story with the arm being worked on and Sheamus having to come back from that and overcome the damage.     WWE champion CM Punk vs. John Cena

Paul Heyman introduced Punk.   They locked up and jockeyed for position.  Punk was wearing New York Yankee style tights to piss off Boston.  They had some nice back and forth wrestling early.

Punk was grandstanding early.  Cena tried to get under him for an Electric Chair but Punk turned it into a DDT.  Punk locked in a side chinlock and worked over Cena on the mat.

Punk used a drop toehold and locked on a Great Muta style chinlock.   Cena made it to the ropes and went to the floor.  Punk nailed a dive through the ropes to the outside.  They battled on the floor.  Punk was tossed into the first row right next to Cena's father and suplexed back over the rail to the ringside area.

Back in the ring, Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but Punk cut him off and cinched in a Camel Clutch style real chinlock.  Cena stepped up but Punk jumped off with a series of elbows to the back of the neck.    Punk began jabbing away at Cena.

Cena made a comeback with a series of hard shots and a clothesline.  He went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Punk kicked him off.  Punk scored several two counts and went to the top for a bodypress but Cena rolled through and went for the AA.  Punk grabbed the ropes so Cena dumped him over the top to the floor.

Cena looked at Punk as if to say "What the hell" and hit a dive through the ropes to the floor.  Heyman looked shocked.  Cena nailed a big slam and went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Punk countered and turned it into the Anaconda Vise.

Punk worked over Cena in the hold.  Cena finally powered out.   Cena made a comeback with a series of punches.  Punk fired back and they did a back and forth series of strikes.  Punk nailed a kick to the head and nailed the running knee lift in the corner.  Punk nailed the flying elbow for a two count.

Punk went for the GTS but Cena grabbed his leg as he went down and turned it into an STF.  Punk battled to get to the ropes and finally did.    Punk nailed the GTS out of nowhere but Cena kicked out.  They showed this awesome shot of a maniacal looking Heyman at ringside.

Punk nailed a roundhouse kick to the head, then drilled him with a kick to the gut and a running clothesline.   Punk slapped him across the face and went for the GTS.  Cena slipped out and went for the AA and couldn't get it but nailed a sideslam, the Five Knuckle Shuffle and an AA.  Punk kicked out at the very last second

Punk rolled out of the ring but Cena returned to the ring and tossed him back in.  Cena went to the top for a flying legdrop but Punk moved out of the way.  Punk nailed a Roundhouse kick but Cena kicked out at the last second.  

Punk began paint-brushing Cena with slaps and kicked him in the head for another two count.   Punk went to the top for a moonsault but Cena rolled out of the way.   Cena went for the AA but Punk slipped out and nailed the GTS for another near fall.  Great stuff.

Punk pulled out The Rock Bottom for a two count.  He had this great look on his face, wondering what the hell he had to do.  Cena caught him with the AA but Punk kicked out at the last second.    Cena put Punk on the top rope as the crowd chanted "This is awesome."  Punk fought him off with a series of back elbows but Cena returned and nailed a back suplex off the ropes for the pin - but it looked like both men's shoulders were down.

They announced Cena as the new WWE champion and he ran over to some servicemen in the crowd and celebrated with them.

Cena went to the ropes to celebrate and the referee took the belt away.  He brought the belt to Punk. 

The ring announcer announced that both men had their shoulders pinned to the mat, so the match was a draw and Punk was still the champion.

Cena began protesting, claiming that they can't let it end on a draw.  Punk clobbered him with the belt.  He stood over the KO'd Cena, held the belt up and yelled "Respect!"

Punk and Heyman walked out as Cena was checked out by trainers in the ring.

GREAT main event and the finish adds more controversy to the rivalry. 

Overall, a very good show.  I wouldn't say this was a classic PPV by any means but it was filled with solid to very good wrestling all the way through.


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