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By Mike Johnson on 2012-07-15 22:52:00
Epico & Primo vs. Primetime Players

Washington was mic'd so you could hear what he was saying to his clients early.   That was getting real annoying but also probably that's the idea.

Primo and Epico controlled Titus O'Neal early.  Darren Young tagged in and backdroped Primo, who ended up doing a handstand in the corner and turned it into a rana. Primo nailed a tope to the outside.  Titus was sent over the top to the floor.  Epico nailed a tope con hilo to the floor.

Back in the ring, The Players worked over Epico.  Titus ran him backfirst into the ringpost outside.   Back in the ring, O'Neal powered up and slammed Epico.  Young was picked up and dropped on Epico.  Washington was actually using a Pick to clean up Young's hair.  That was pretty funny.

O'Neal slammed Epico but Primo broke up the pinfall.  Rosa danced to distract the Players and that allowed Epico to nail O'Neal with a stomp.  Primo and Young tagged in.  Primo came off the top with a flying chop.   He nailed a twisting senton splash for a two count.

He dropkicked Young into the ropes and dove out of the ring with his weight crashing across Young.  He dove off the top but Young pulled his knees up,   Young grabbed him but was caught in a forward roll for the pin.

Your winners, Epico and Primo!

Solid match.

After the match, Washington said it didn't matter because they were still the number one contenders. They caught the Tag champions laughing about the loss on camera and confronted them. Washington got doused with a drink and teased he was going to fight but was held back by his team. I don't get how that did anything for the Players.

Matt Striker interviewed AJ.  She said she is taking her responsibilities as a referee seriously.  She said that just because CM Punk broke her heart in front of the entire world and made her act out in rage and slap him doesn't mean she doesn't know what an amazing human being he is.  She said Daniel Bryan was her first love and you always remember that even when they are a two faced person who lies to you to further their career.   She said that she doesn't know whether to kiss them or hurt them when she is near them...then composed herself and said the match is next and walked off.

 WWE champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan with AJ as the referee: No DQ

So, MITB is closing the show.  Big Punk chant before his music hit. 

Bryan went for a kick but Punk shot in and grabbed his leg.  They went into the ropes.  Bryan and Punk nailed a series of kicks on each other.  Bryan went to the floor.  Punk followed and nailed a series of chops on the floor.  Bryan reversed a whip into the railing and Punk nailed it.  Bryan nailed a series of shots and brought him back into the ring.

Bryan measured Punk with a series of kicks to the chest.  He worked over Punk with chops.  They battled back with strikes and kicks.  Punk came off the ropes with a legdrop but missed.  Bryan measured and drilled Punk with a series of kicks, screaming, "Yes" each time.  He punted Punk in the stomach.  That is like the third match featuring that tonight.

Bryan grabbed Punk by the face, then locked in a side headlock.  Bryan was sent into the ropes but shoulderblocked Punk down.  Punk nailed a dropkick but Bryan went to the floor.  Punk nailed a dive to the outside.  He worked over Bryan and brought him back to the ring.  As AJ returned to the ring, Punk was shoved into the the ropes and knocked her to the floor.

Punk and the officials checked on her.  Bryan came off the apron with an axehandle.  He checked on AJ, who was then walked to the back.  Another referee took her place as Bryan worked over Punk, including a running knee off the apron to the floor.

Bryan picked up Punk and dropped him across the ring steps outside.  Dueling chants.  Punk backdropped a charging Bryan over into the timekeeper's area.   He set Bryan up on the rail and nailed a flying clothesline.  The fans chanted for tables.  Punk pulled one out but Bryan attacked Punk and nailed him with a slam on the floor.

Bryan grabbed a Kendo stick and tried to nail Punk with it but he rolled out of the way and into the ring.  He dared Bryan to enter the ring.   He drilled Punk with a shot.  Punk got the stick but was kicked before he could use it.  Punk was backdropped to the outside.  He went for the flying springboard clothesline but was nailed with the cane in mid-air.  Bryan caned the hell out of Punk.

Bryan kicked Punk over and over.  He suplexed Punk and went to the top for the flying headbutt.  Punk rolled out of the way and there was no water in the pool.  Punk recovered and they battled back and forth with strikes.  Punk nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.

Punk nailed the running high knee and went for the bulldog but Bryan shoved him off.  Bryan missed a knee of his own and was caught with a powerslam for  two count.  Punk called the GTS.  He went for it and Bryan turned it into a rana for a two count.  Bryan drilled Punk with a kick to the head.  Bryan nailed a cane shot and locked in a bow and arrow.  Punk freed his arm and grabbed the cane, whacking the hell out of Bryan with it.  Punk covered Bryan for a two count.

Punk went to the top but was drilled with a forearm.  Bryan drilled Punk into the ring with a superplex but also knocked himself woozy.  With both men down, AJ returned to the ring as the referee.  She skipped around the ring as both were out then went under the ring for a steel chair.

Bryan asked her for the chair and Punk stared but she finally dropped the chair in the center and let them fight over it.  Bryan got the chair first and worked Punk over with a series of shots across the back.  He covered Punk, who kicked up at two.     Bryan began telling her that she needed to count to three.  Punk rolled him up from behind for a two count. 

Bryan nailed Punk and told AJ this was for her and began drilling Punk with kick after kick.   He beat the hell out of Punk.  AJ was disturbed by it.  Bryan charged Punk was caught with a leaping clothesline by Punk.   Punk grabbed the chair and laid Bryan out with three shots across the back.  He wedged it in the corner and was going to run Bryan into it but AJ stepped in front of the chair in the corner.

Punk finally went to grab the chair but was dropkicked into the chair by Bryan.   Bryan went to grab the cane but AJ stepped on the cane.  Bryan begged her for it and she laughed at him.  Punk caught him with a kick to the head.  He slammed Bryan with the chair under him.  Punk went to the top for the flying elbow but Bryan moved and Punk nailed the chair.

Bryan locked in the Yes Lock, using the Cane as additional pressure across Punk's face.   Punk finally slipped  free.  He caned Bryan's leg and nailed a Catapult into the corner.  Punk nailed Bryan with the GTS.  He covered Bryan for a two count.

Punk and AJ went face to face after the pinfall attempt.   Punk rolled outside and went for the table from earlier.   He slid it into the ring.   Punk rolled Bryan onto the table and nailed him with several shots.  Punk went to the top for the elbow but Bryan nailed him and worked over Punk with a series of forearms.   Bryan went to the top for a rana but Punk slipped out from underneath and crotched Bryan.

Punk nailed a series of elbow strikes to the chest and nailed a belly to back suplex off the top through the table.  Punk covered Bryan and scored the pin.

Your winner and still WWE champion, CM Punk!

After the match, Punk was handed the title by AJ.  He immediately went to the ropes to play to the crowd as she looked heart-broken over their situation.  She looked down at Bryan for a long time as he was out on the mat. 

Really good match.  Obviously you are going to get some great ring work with these two but the AJ stuff didn't overpower the story at all.  This is a good thumbs up show already.

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