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By Mike Johnson on 2012-07-08 20:27:00

Christy Hemme interviewed Austin Aries, saying he was responsible for both remaining title matches.  He said that he wishes everyone in the XD a lot of luck but he's leaving that behind him.  He said that he's looking to the future and that's Bobby Roode and the TNA title.  He said that Roode keeps calling himself the most dominant champion in TNA but we'll see if that's true.  Aries said that he's been winning matches with brainbusters while Roode has been using beer bottles and title belt shots.  He said he was going to win the belt for everyone watching including his mother and give them a champion to be proud of.  Aries said he was going to change the course of not just TNA but pro wrestling tonight.  Solid promo.

Ultimate X Match: Mason Andrews vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Kenny King vs. Zema Ion

Ion tried to get to the cables right away but the others grabbed him.  He tried to come off the ropes but all three dropkicked him.   Ion dragged Andrews out.  King was caught with a Dutt rana.

Dutt went to the top for the cables but King grabbed him.  Ion came from behind and shoved King off.  Andrews dropkicked Ion but was slammed into the buckles.  Ion hit a tornado DDT off the ropes.

Ion went to climb up but was tied to the tree of woe.  Andrews went for a tornado DDT on King, who turned it into a Northern Lights suplex into Ion, who was still hanging.  King went to ascend to the cables but Dutt caught him.  They battled back and forth outside on the apron but King nailed him and sent him to the floor.

King tried to make his way across the cables but Dutt nailed a springboard dropkick to take him out.   Dutt went for a standing shooting star press but his wrist came down bad and it looked like his hurt it.  He was quickly removed from the ring.  Talk about bad timing as he was looking awesome so far.  He was taken to the locker room.

Andrews was caught by Ion with a dropkick.  Ion went to the cables but was pulled down by King and Andrews.  King legdropped Ion.   Ion rolled to the outside.  King ascended to the top but was cut off by Andrews.  He nailed a Russian legsweep off the ropes into the mat.

Ion used them being out to ascend the cables but was taken out by King.  King went for a twisting splash to the outside but Ion moved out of the ring.   Ion worked him over but Andrews nailed a dive to the outside on both.  

Andrews began scaling the wires but was pulled down by  King.  Dutt returned and began making his way to the top.  King and Andrews made their way across the bottom of the wires battling back and forth.  They nailed a neckbreaker off the wires.

Ion and Dutt went to the truss above the ring and the cables.  They battled back and forth.  Dutt slipped down through and went for the belt but Ion puilled out his hairspray and blinded Dutt with it.  With no one left, Ion grabbed the belt.

Your winner, Zema Ion!

A good Ultimate X match when you consider three of the competitors had never worked one of these before.   Dutt getting hurt obviously hurt the flow of the match so once that went down, they were working hard to make sure the crowd stayed with them.  There were a lot of crazy bumps and stunts.  Another good match.

Christy Hemme interviewed the new champion.  Ion said he wanted to dedicate it to his haters and critics.  He said that he wanted to dedicate it to Jesse Sorensen, because if he hadn't broken Jesse's neck, he wouldn't have realized his true potential and how dangerous he was.  He said that he was now the prettiest X-Division champion of all time.  Obviously, he vs. Jesse is the program they are building too.

TNA champion Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

They locked up and when they went to the ropes, Aries broke clean.  The story early was that Aries wasn't going to be psyched out by the champion.  They locked up and Roode worked over his arm and drove him to the mat.  Aries reversed it and they went through a series of counters.  Good stuff early.

They faced off.  Aries used a waistlock to take him down to the mat.   Aries mocked Roode, who charged him and was slammed into the buckles.  Aries came off the ropes with a splash for a two count.   Roode came back to grab him with a head scissors.  Aries used a handstand to escape and dropkick Roode.

Roode went to the floor.  Aries came to the outside with a double sledgehammer.  The crowd chanted "Next world champ."  Aries missed a missile dropkick.  Roode began working him over with kicks and choked him against the bottom rope with his boot.  Aries was choked with a boot in the corner.  

Roode worked over Aries, who came back with an inverted atomic drop and a dropkick.  He went for the Last Chancery but Roode backed up into the ropes to break it.  Aries maneuvered him into the corner and nailed several elbows.  Aries was backdropped to the floor.  Roode went after him but Aries got out of the way.  Aries went for his big suicide dive but Roode stepped out of the way and Aries nailed the guard rail.

Roode tackled Aries for a two count, then stomped him hard in the sternum.   Roode measured and drilled Aries.   Roode covered him for several two counts.  Aries started to mount a comeback but was drilled in the mid-section by Roode's knee.  Roode tackled him into the turnbuckles then whipped him hard into the opposite corner.

Roode nailed a Fireman's Carry Driver.  Roode locked on a waistlock on the mat, trying to force the air out of him.  Aries fought back to his feet but was taken down again.  Aries finally fought Roode off and nailed Roode with the suicide dive to the floor.

Back in the ring, Aries drilled him with a missile dropkick.  Aries charged for a dropkick but was caught with a slam for a two count.  Roode charged him but taken down and turned into the Last Chancery.  Roode was able to turn it over and locked him in a crossface.  Aries turned it back into the Last Chancery but Roode raked his face in the eyes.

Aries fought off Roode and went for the 450 splash off the top.  Roode rolled out of the way so Aries rolled through.  He charged but was nailed with a spinebuster.   Aries kicked out but was sent into the ringpost shoulder-first.  Roode locked Aries in the crossface.   Aries tried to make it to the ropes but Roode rolled him over and back towards the center of the ring, making Aries begin the journey anew to the ropes.  Aries finally made it to the ropes to break the move.

Roode grabbed the TNA title and set up to nail Aries with it.  The referee saw it and took the belt from him.  When Hebner turned to remove the belt from the ring, Roode lowblowed Aries and covered him but Aries kicked out at two.

Roode argued with the referee and shoved him.   The ref shoved him back, and Roode shocked, was caught with a running dropkick.  Aries went for the brainbuster but Roode slipped out and shoved Aries into the referee, knocking the ref down.

Roode grabbed the TNA title and drilled Aries in the face with it.   He covered Aries, who kicked out at the last second.   Roode went for the Perfectplex but Aries turned it into a small package for a two count.  He punted Roode in the head and nailed the brainbuster for the pin.

Your winner and new TNA champion, Austin Aries!

As perfect a match as you could want to establish a new top name.  Really, really strong match with some great near falls towards the end.

The Impact Zone went nuts chanting for Aries. The show went off the air with confetti raining down and Aries holding the belt on his shoulder as the building chanted for him.  


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