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By Mike Johnson on 2012-06-10 19:30:48
Jeremy Borash interviewed Crimson.  Crimson's heel demeanor is great.  He said that he didn't know who had accepted his open challenge but it didn't matter because unlike a perfect game where you need nine innings, he has been perfect for over 470 days.  He said that would continue tonight and said let's go see who my opponent is. 

Crimson's Open Challenge

Crimson took the mic and said that he's been undefeated for 470 days.  He said that they claim everything in Texas is bigger and he agrees since he's looking at the biggest group of losers he's ever seen in his life.  Crimson said he came here to fight.  He said that no one in the back wants to fight him, so he'll fight one of their Mavericks, Cowboys and Rangers if he to.  Crimson said he was going to wait until someone accepts his challenge.

The crowd was chanting "Goldberg".  I don't see that.  It was James Storm accepting.

Storm clotheslined Crimson out of the ring immediately.  He suplexed Crimson back into the ring and began beating him with a series of right hands.   Storm kept wearing his jacket in the ring.  He began chopping the hell out of Crimson in the corner.  Crimson nailed him the second he turned his back.

Crimson began choking Storm with his own jacket.  The crowd chanted, "Let's go Cowboy."   Storm made a comeback with a series of rights and a leaping forearm.  Storm nailed an inverted atomic drop and leapt into a move that drove Crimson's head to the mat.  Storm began playing to the crowd and nailed the Last Call superkick.

The streak has ended.

Your winner, James Storm!

A short match and more of a spectacle but Crimson did well on the mic and the scene was well done.  An interesting way to bring Storm back into the storylines.  The crowd loved this.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Austin Aries.  He said that in less than a year he went from someone fighting for a contract to the most dominant champion here.  He said that next, he wants to be the man to set the bar in TNA.  Aries said he wants to be the main event and he's going to do anything he can to get there.

The number two moment in TNA history was Hulk Hogan signing with the company.

TNA President Dixie Carter came to the ring, all smiles.   Someone had a sign that said "Dixie does Dallas."  The crowd chanted a thank you but Carter thanked them instead.  She said it's a very surreal moment for her.  They said it was the largest crowd in TNA history for the United States.  There was a big "TNA" chant.  Carter said that they have the best wrestlers in the world working for the company and asked the roster to come out on the stage.  Everyone came out, including backstage types.

Carter thanked everyone and said that in honor of their decade in the business, they welcomed the first inductee in the TNA Hall of Fame.  It was Sting.  You can't argue that one as a first choice unless you want to argue the merits of Jeff Jarrett as the first one in.  They did a great video package on him.  Sting came out.  The crowd chanted, "Thank you Sting."

Carter said that everywhere they go, that's the response Sting gets.  The crowd chanted, "Yes!"  Carter said that when they were a small struggling company and they needed an icon, he came in to help them for a little while.  Every year, he keeps saying yes.  Carter said he keeps reinventing himself again and again and is doing his best work ever.  Carter said the formal induction ceremony will be held at Bound for Glory.  Then, what the heck is this?'

Sting took the mic.  He said that he wasn't prepared for this.  He said that everyone is telling him thank you but he'd like to thank Dixie and thanks to everyone on the roster.  He chanted "Thank you" at the fans.  Sting said that tonight, it will be showtime.

TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher

I guess we can't have two Brookes.

They locked up and Kim used a takeover to get out of it.  They went face to face and Kim shoved her away. Kim used a rollup for a quick two count and nailed her hard and cheap.

Tessmacher used a takedown and went for a suplex but Kim rolled out of the ring.   Tessmacher went for a sliding dropkick to the outside but Kim avoided and slammed her into the apron several times.

Back in the ring, Kim nailed several chops.  He went Tessmacher into the corner, where she came off with a flying clothesline.  Tess went for a move but was caught and dropped throat-first over the ropes.  Kim choked her in the corner.

Kim chopped away at her.  Tess tried to go up and over but was caught and nailed with a shoulderbreaker.   Kim slammed her into the mat.   Kim tied her up on the mat.  She scissored Tessmacher's neck and twisted it, trying to force a submission.  There was a "Let's go Tess."

Kim drilled her with a series of rights and slammed her face into the bottom rope, then choked her.   Kim was caught out of nowhere with a neckbreaker.   They battled back and forth with shots.  Tessmacher nailed a series of clotheslines and a flying forearm.

Kim shoved Tess off in the corner but was nailed with a dropkick.  She went for a suplex but something went amiss.   Kim nailed a necktie neckbreaker.   She sized up Tessmacher for something.  Tessmacher pulled herself up on the apron outside.  Kim shoulderblocked her off the apron to the floor.

Kim brought her back into the ring and went for a move but Tess caught her with a forward roll and scored the pinfall.

Your winner, Miss Tessmacher!

There were a few miscues but they worked a harder athletic style than you'd see from most women on a national level these days.  They were really trying to put together something special and worked hard. 

Christy Hemme texted Brooke.  Tessmacher was starting crying.  She said that she's never thought she would be here and to win it in her home State was special.  She said she's overcome a lot of obstacles and the best wrestling roster to be here and said "God bless Texas."

Jeremy Borash interviewed Bully Ray.  He asked Borash if he knows who he is.  Ray said he was from God's Country, New York City.   He said he's got Joseph Park exactly where he wants him, in the middle of a wrestling ring.  Ray said he's going to have an all out assault.  He showed the contract.  He said that he if he breaks his arms or legs, he won't be held responsible because anything goes.  Ray said that maybe Abyss wasn't left for dead after all, but if he shows up tonight, he swears to God he won't be wrong twice.  Usual good promo.

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park

Park, wearing a jumpsuit, was scared to death.  His range in this role is just great.  The crowd was all over Ray with Pro-Texas, anti-NYC chants.  The bell rang and Ray demanded Park take the first shot.  He threw one but Ray easily ducked it and asked him if he was serious.  He nailed Park with a hard slap.

Ray ducked a series of punches and nailed him again.  Ray put his hands behind his back and spit in Park's face.   He kept yelling and slapping Park.  The crowd chanted for "Joseph."

Park ducked a charge and slapped Ray, which the crowd popped for.  He turned to them and was nailed from behind by Ray.  Ray worked over Park as the crowd chanted that New York Sucks.  They obviously have never visited.

Ray grabbed a chair from the outside.   Park kicked the ropes as he returned to the ring, tripping Ray.  He grabbed the chair, holding it upside down.  Ray began begging off but jumped Park when he turned his back.    Ray nailed him across the back with the chair.  Taz said, "He didn't learn about that in law school."  Ray lit him up with another shot.

Park went to the outside, where Ray slammed him into the announcer's table.   Ray drilled him with a series of right hands.  Ray brought him back in but missed a back senton splash when Park rolled out of the way.

Park came up with his fists balled up and unloaded on Ray with a series of punches.   Ray charged but was shoulderblocked down.  That looked bad but I guess Park isn't "supposed" to know how to wrestle, so you can excuse it, somewhat.  Park went to charge Ray in the corner but was nailed with a big boot.

Ray pulled a table and a kendo stick from under the ring.  Big "ECW" chant from the crowd.  Ray went to nail Park but was punched in the mid-section.  Park ended up with the stick and nailed Ray in the head with it for a two count.  They are telling a really good, enjoyable story.

Park charged Ray but was nailed in the corner.  He rolled to the outside and went under the ring.  Someone dressed as Abyss rolled out the opposite side.   He comes out from behind Ray.  Ray did the Hansen yell and turned into a chokeslam through a table.  Taz said, "Not even Stan Hansen can help you now."  They shot him from behind so you couldn't see who it was playing the roll.

Abyss returned to under the ring.  Park rolled out and covered Ray for the pin,

Your winner, Joseph Park!

The finish was a little hokey if you are a purist but the entire scenario was well executed.  Everyone did a good job in their roles.

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