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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-04-01 19:36:27
Sheamus shops at Walmart, and then we see a video of how awesome it is to be a WWE Diva as all the girls talk about how great it is to travel the world and go to red carpet premieres. Then we go to Extra when Maria Menounes interviewed Kelly Kelly about Wrestlemania before Eve and Beth crashed the party and challenged Kelly and Maria to fight them at Wrestlemania.

Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres vs Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos

Eve takes Kelly to the ropes and nails her, but Kelly slides between the legs and hits a Frankensteiner for 2. Eve sends Kelly to the corner, but Kelly ducks out of the way and rams Eve fact first into the corner. She goes for her cartwheel back elbow, but Eve gets the elbow up and goes up top for a moonsault. Kelly nails her and Eve tumbles down to the mat and then Maria tags in so they can give Eve a double stinkface. Beth nails Maria from the outside and Eve chokes Maria on the second rope. Eve gets a bodyscissors and a rear chinlock, then realizes Maria doesn't know how to take a rear chinlock and gives up. She tags out to Beth, who comes in and boots Maria right in the injured ribs before locking her in a side bearhug. So a non-wrestler with injured ribs is able to survive a bearhug from a girl with arms the size of Beth. RIIIIIIIIIIGHT. Beth drops to hold to knock Kelly off the apron, then tags out to Eve so she can hit the standing moonsault, but Maria kicks Eve out to the floor and crawls over to make the hot tag to Kelly, who comes in and goes after Beth. She knocks Eve off the apron, hits a flying headscissors on Beth, followed by a neckbreaker. Kelly comes off the top rope with a Molly Go Round, but Eve breaks it up at 2. Beth is angry now and goes for the Glam Slam, but Kelly counters to a bulldog. Kelly crawls over to the injured Maria and tags her in, and Maria slowly climbs up top,but takes so much time that Beth comes over and nails her, picks her up in a press slam, but Kelly comes into the ring and spears Beth, allowing Maria to roll up the Divas Champion for the win.

Winners: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos

Hey, nothing like making your Divas Champion look weak by having her lose to a non-wrestler who comes in INJURED but still manages to pin her.

The ring announcers informs the crowd that they beat a long standing attendance record in this building by drawing over 78,000 fans to the building, and then Jim Ross comes out to join the announce team for our next match.

Hell In A Cell: Triple H vs Undertaker with special referee Shawn Michaels

Undertaker pulls his hood off to reveal a shaved head and stares Triple H down. They go nose to nose in the middle of the ring and then look up as Metallica plays and the Cell is lowered over the ring, then Shawn calls for the belland we're off. They go toe to toe in the middle of the ring and Undertaker gets the advantage. Undertaker takes Hunter to the corner and pummels him with right and left hands, but Hunter gets a boot to the face when Undertaker charges him in the corner and responds with right and left hands of his own. Undertaker with another flurry of fists and he dumps Hunter out to the floor. Undertaker goes out after Hunter and rams him face first into the ring steps, then Hunter kicks Undertaker and rams him into the cage. Hunter goes for another whip into the cage but Undertaker reverses and Hunter crashes into the steel mesh, then turns around and gets backdropped on the floor. Undertaker with a series of headbutts and then he rams Hunter into the cage again before choking him out against the ring apron. Shawn tries to get Undertaker to back off on Hunter, but Undertaker shoves him off and rams Hunter into the cage again. Undertaker whips Triple H into the ring steps so hard they crash around to the other side of the ring, then rolls Triple H back inside. Triple H reverses a whip to the ropes and nails Undertaker, then gets a facebuster that the Undertaker no-sells, and Undertaker takes Triple H out with another clothesline. Undertaker with the wristlock and he goes to the top rope for Old School, and he nails it. Undertaker dumps Triple H back out to the floor and follows him out, picking up the ring steps and bashing Triple H in the head with them. Undertaker lays Triple H on the ring apron and catches him with a running legdrop. Undertaker brings the steps inside the ring and turns to grab Triple H, but Triple H gets a boot to the gut and a DDT, and just that quickly, the tide turns.

Undertaker goes to reach for the ring steps again, but Triple H stops him and rams him face first into the steps over and over and then goes for the Pedigree on the steps, but Undertaker backdrops him off the steps and onto the canvas. Undertaker with more right hands and now he rams Triple H's face into the steps and comes off the ropes, but Triple H catches him coming in and he hits a spinebuster onto the steps. Triple H goes to grab him and Undertaker catches Hunter in Hell's Gate, which he beat Triple H with last year, but Triple H powers Undertaker up and powerbombs him and then covers for 2. Triple H goes under the ring and gets a steel chairand rams it into Undertaker's ribs, then bashes Undertaker over the back with it. Triple H picks the steps back up and sets them up in the corner and whips Undertaker into them. Triple H dumps the steps out to the floor, then picks the chair back up and nails Undertaker with it over and over until Shawn steps in and tells Hunter to back off. Hunter shoves him out of the way and goes back to demolishing Undertaker with the chair. Hunter yells at Shawn to end it if he wants it over, and Shawn tells him that he knows Undertaker isn't going to quit. Shawn goes to ask Undertaker, but Undertaker shoves him away again, so Triple H with more chairshots and then he tells Shawn to end it or he will. Undertaker tells Shawn not to stop it, so Triple H yells at Undertaker to stay down. Undertaker makes his way to his feet regardless, so Triple H with a chairshot to the midsection and another one over the back, and he covers for 2. Triple H picks the chair back up and nails Undertaker again, and Shawn checks on Undertaker again and Undertaker repeats to Shawn that he doesn't want him to stop it. Triple H goes under the ring and gets the sledgehammer, and Shawn tries to talk sense into him, but Triple H tells him to end it because Triple H will if he won't. Shawn tells Undertaker to please let him ring the bell, but Undertake again shoves him away, so Hunter bashes him in the face with the sledgehammer and makes a cover, but only gets 2. Shawn again tries to tell Hunter to stop, but Hunter shoves him out of the way and tries to bash Undertaker's skull in, but now Shawn grabs the sledgehammer out of his hand and throws it away.

Hunter tells Shawn to end it, and Shawn almost decides to ring the bell, but Undertaker catches Shawn in the Hell's Gate to stop him from ringing the bell. Triple H comes to his best friend's rescue by bashing Undertaker's head in with the sledgehammer. Triple H goes to check on Shawn, then goes after Undertaker, but Undertaker kicks him low and catches Triple H in Hell's Gate. Triple H gets ahold of the sledgehammer, but he drops it. Triple H fades out, but he gets the sledgehammer again...and then fades out and drops the sledgehammer. This was the exact same finish as last year, but this time there's no referee, so the Undertaker is forced to drop the hold. Another referee runs into the Cell to take over as Undertaker chokeslams Triple H, but Hunter kicks out at 2. Undertaker grabs the referee and chokeslams him, then collapses into the ropes from exhaustion. Undertaker picks Triple H up for the Tombstone, but Hunter slips out the back and Shawn suddenly pops up and hits the Sweet Chin Music on Undertaker, followed immediately by Triple H hitting the Pedigree, and Hunter goes for the cover but Undertaker is out at 2.

Triple H has the sledgehammer againand Undertaker is prone on the mat. Shawn tries to shove Hunter back, but Hunter now tosses Shawn out to the floor and then turns around as Undertaker sits up and unloads on Hunter with right hands. Undertaker with a running clothesline in the corner, Snake Eyes, and a big boot. Undertaker with a legdrop and then the Tombstone, and Shawn makes it back into the ring to make the count, but now Triple H is out at 2. Shawn looks completely torn as he sits in the corner watching both men try and get to their feet. Triple H and Undertaker get to their knees and trade blows, then they make it to their feet and continue going toe to toe. Undertaker goes for another Tombstone, but Triple H slips out the back and hits the Pedigree, but Undertaker once again kicks out at 2. Undertaker sits up and grabs a chair as Triple H again gets ahold of the sledgehammer. Undertaker makes it to his feet and steps on the sledgehammer, then bashes Triple H in the skull with the chair, then continues destroying Hunter with repeated chairshots. Now Shawn tries to tell Undertaker to drop the chair, but Undertaker brandishes the chair and drives it into Triple H's ribs before bashing him over the back, then does it again. Shawn tells Undertaker to back off, so Undertaker drops the chair and covers Triple H...for 2.

Shawn pleads with Triple H to stay down, but he still reaches for the sledgehammer as Undertaker slowly stalks him. Triple H tries to drag himself up, but Undertaker blocks the shot with the hammer and looks Triple H right in the eye before pulling the sledgehammer away. Hunter shoves Undertaker off and shakes his head at him, then gives a crotch chop, so Undertaker bashes Triple H in the skull with the sledgehammer, tosses it out of the ring, and stands over Triple H as Shawn looks mournfully out at the crowd. Undertaker pulls the straps down and waits for Triple H to pull himself to his feet, then picks him up for a Tombstone. He hits and makes the cover and Shawn counts 3.

Winner: Undertaker

Both Undertaker and Triple H lie prone in the ring as the Cell raises and Shawn stares down at the both of them with a look of regret. Undertaker sits up and Shawn holds his hand out to Undertaker, and Undertaker reaches out and lets Shawn help him back to his feet where the two men embrace. Shawn raises Undertaker's handand then goes to check on Triple H as fireworks erupt to celebrate Undertaker reaching 20-0 at Wrestlemania. Triple H is still laying on the mat, and now Shawn and Undertaker help him to his feet and help walk him to the back in a great show of respect. All three men stand at the top of the ramp soaking in the cheers and share a hug as we discover that the true most important meaning to come out of this whole situation is that Undertaker 20-0 is trending worldwide on Twitter.

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