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By Mike Johnson on 2011-12-11 20:11:28
Jeremy Borash interviewed Jeff Jarrett.  Jarrett said that the last three days, he's been on the TNA Cruise being a company man and now he's getting texts telling him that Sting has added a stipulation.   Jarrett said that he's sailing the seas on international waters and for that, they get an added stipulation that he gets beaten, one of them will get fired.  Jarrett said that he knows more about cage matches than Hardy has ever forgotten.  He said that his strategy is to ground Hardy and take him out of his element.  He said he...Sting showed up and said that if Jarrett loses, he gets fired and asked Karen if she was ready to get handcuffed.

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett- Steel Cage Match.  If Hardy wins, he becomes top contender for TNA title.  If he loses he is fired.  If Jarrett loses, either he or Karen Jarrett will be fired.  Karen handcuffed to Sting at ringside.

Jarrett was trying to stall getting in the ring so Sting tossed him into the cage and cuffed himself to Karen.  Karen was screeching like crazy.  Jarrett scored several near falls on Hardy early.  Hardy slipped out of a sunset flip attempt and drilled several dropkicks.

Jarrett was distracted by Sting, allowing Hardy to try and climb out.  Hardy kicked him off and sent him to the mat.  Hardy came off with a flying double axehandle and sent Jarrett into the cage several times.  Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but Jarrett blocked it and locked in a figure four leglock.  Hardy was nearly pinned but got his shoulder up.   Hardy finally reversed the pressure of the move so Jarrett broke the hold.

Jarrett rammed Hardy into the cage several times.   Jarrett climbed to the top of the cage but Hardy grabbed him.  Jarrett kicked him off and then came off the ropes, nailing Hardy.  Jarrett climbed the cage but was pulled down and crotched the ropes bumping into the ring.  Hardy climbed the cage and came off with a backwards splash onto Jarrett.  The crowd began chanting for Hardy.

Hardy made comeback and nailed several rights on Jarrett.   Jarrett fought back but was nailed with the Twist of Fate.  Hardy went to the top but Jarrett began recovering and getting to his feet. Hardy nailed Jarrett with the Twist of Fate again.  He scaled the cage and went for the swanton but Jarrett rolled out of the ring.

Jarrett called for the door and began climbing out but Hardy pulled him back into the ring.  Jarrett kicked Hardy in the face and nailed the Stroke.    Jarrett began climbing out of the ring again but Hardy pulled him back into the ring.   They battled in front of the open door.  Hardy used the cage to swing himself over the ropes and kick Jarrett with both feet.   Hebner began closing the door but Jarrett sent Hardy into it and it nailed Sting in the head.  Karen uncuffed herself and slammed the door into Hardy's head.  Jarrett covered Hardy but he kicked up at the last second.

Karen tried to give Jeff a guitar but Sting grabbed her by the waist and pulled her way.  Jeff turned into Hardy, who nailed the Twist of Fate and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jeff Hardy!

Sting laughed and had a big smile on his face.  He entered the ring and raised Hardy's hand.   Sting took the mic and said that on Impact Wrestling, someone's getting fired.

Entertaining match. I'll have more on the firing stip and why it went down on my Post Show audio.

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