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By Mike Johnson on 2011-10-15 20:31:14

They showed some clips of Nash laying out Ricky Morton with a chair. Apparently they played the wrong clip. They then showed the right clip of the Rock N' Roll Express attacking Marvin Ward. The Midnight Express made the save, then attacked Ward as well and the Midnights and the Rock N' Rolls worked over Ward. Diamond Dallas Page finally made the save.

Chris Graham interviewed The Rock N' Roll Express. Morton said, "What do you want me to say. I'm here." He walked off. Gibson said he had Morton's back forever and would tonight and warned the mystery partner he had to deal with Gibson.

Bill Apter interviewed Kevin Nash. He said that ten years ago, Morton had a tirade against him for some reason. Nash said he had nothing to talk about tonight. He said this was sports-entertainment and this was payback. He said Morton was going to get what he wanted. He said it was about time Ricky Morton did what a man was supposed to do and man up. He said he just hoped that it didn't end with one of Morton's kids crying over his body begging him to get up. He told Morton that this wasn't bullshit and no joke. He said Morton made it personal and now he has to deal with it, Nash said that he can walk the streets of Detroit alone. He said someone might kill him one day, but it won't be tonight. He warned Morton to watch out.

The Rock N' Roll Express vs. Kevin Nash & Mystery Partner

The mystery partner was Diamond Dallas Page. They had just started when Marvin Ward came out and announced it was going to instead be a singles match with Morton vs. Nash. He said it was Nash's idea. He told DDP and Gibson that they were paid and to take the night off.

He then announced it was Morton vs. Nash in a No DQ match. He then told the referee to get lost. He announced Ronnie Garvin was the special guest referee to make sure no one interferes. This entire scenario is just entirely strange to watch unfold.

Kevin Nash vs. Ricky Morton

Morton went after Nash, who laid him out and nailed him with a knee in the corner. Nash controlled him but Morton cut him off and nailed a side slam. He covered Morton for a two count.

Nash ripped one of the turnbuckles off the corner and nailed Snake Eyes. Morton was busted open. Nash picked up Morton and dropped him over the exposed turnbuckle again. Morton went to the floor. Nash rammed his head into the ring steps.

Nash continued working over Morton who started to fire back with right hands. Nash egged him on so Morton fired against him. Morton started kicking at Nash's knees, taking him down. Morton started firing away with a series of shots to the head and knee. Nash actually went down before Morton's last kick. Ooops!

Nash caught Morton with a chokeslam but Morton kicked up at two. Nash took the mic and said that he needed to know what Morton's problem with him is anyway and he needed to know before Nash finished him off. Morton pulled himself up. He said that he gave himself and his life to the business. He said that everything he is about is this business. He said a number of people in the business raised him and you might think its about the money Nash made, but its not, because Morton was before that time period. He said that its about the love for the business. He said Nash may not remember but he was a prick and an asshole, and not just to Morton. He said that he came out here to get his ass kicked tonight to prove a point to Nash. He said he loves this business and that's what this is all about.

Nash said that if that's Morton's problem, then "we don't have a problem." He said if it was about the money, he'd be sitting at home at the beach with his wife and son. He said that after 30 surgeries, he doesn't do this for money. He said that he might be a better businessman than Morton but that's not something Nash can control. He said they don't have a problem.

Nash offered his hand and Morton took it. Nash kicked him in the gut and powerbombed him. Nash took the mic and said that of course its about the money. He said the people needed to shut up because why else do you go to work? He told the fans to keep buying his merchandise and that the economy sucks but not for him.

Nash walked off. He was counted out. In a No DQ?

The winner by countout, Ricky Morton!

Morton sat there bleeding. Robert Gibson returned to the ring to check on him.

The announcers signed off and we were left with highlights from the evening as credits ran.

Uh....OK? Terrible main event.

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