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By Mike Johnson on 2011-09-11 22:50:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing TNA No Surrender PPV coverage from Orlando, FL.

TNA No Surrender opened with a moment of silence for those who lost loved ones on 9/11. The entire TNA roster was assembled on the stage of the Impact Wrestling Zone. After the moment of silence, they played a very solemn orchestral version of the national anthem. Jesse Neal was in his Navy outfit while Rosita, who lost her father in the World Trade Center attack, held an American flag. Very classy.

TNA went into the official opening video for the PPV.

Taz and Mike Tenay discussed the top matches for the PPV and the finals of the Bound for Glory series.

Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen

The winner will be the top contender for the X-Division championship. Sorensen gave a signed football to a kid at ringside.

Kash and Soresen went back and forth, locking up and reversing standing switches. Sorensen grabbed a hammerlock. Kash escaped and rebounded off the ropes. They went back and forth with deep armdrags before facing off.

Kash teased a test of strength and nailed Soresen with a right hand. Sorensen fired back and caught Kash with an armdrag, then cinched in an armbar. Kash was forced back into the corner but shoved Soresen away. Sorensen nailed him and whipped Kash into the opposite corner, only to be caught with a drop toehold. Kash nailed him with a kick for a near fall.

Kash picked up and dropped Sorensen down rudely with a brainbuster variation for a two count, then choked him against the ropes. Kash nailed Sorensen hard with a chop in the corner and bullied him in the corner. Sorensen fired back with chops but was cut off. Sorensen nailed a series of knee strikes and a dropkick for a two count.

Sorensen nailed a neckbreaker for a two count. Sorensen nailed a big bodypress off the top for a two count. Sorensen nailed Kash with a series of rights but was nailed low. Kash slammed Sorensen and dropped a kneedrop across the forehead. Kash began jawing with the fans then turned his attention back with Sorensen with a number of strikes to the chest and mid-section. Kash begins arguing with the referee over his strikes.

Kash slammed Sorensen hard and went to the ropes. Kash nailed a double springboard moonsault onto Sorensen for a two count. Kash chopped Sorensen. Kash went for a move but Sorensen floated over and nailed a reverse suplex into a slam, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Jesse Soresen!

Solid back and forth match. Kash’s work as a heel is just great and Sorensen plays the young babyface well.

Jeremy Borash interviews TNA champ Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan. Angle said that he doesn’t know what his reaction is to having to defend the title with no notice. He told Hogan that he joined Immortal to be protected and wanted answers. Hogan said that he brought Angle in to be the heart and soul of Immortal and he’s in the same situation with Angle. Hogan said they walk the same road together now and asked Angle, “What do you want me to do?” Angle walked off and Hogan told Borash, “Don’t look at me like I’m the bad guy.”

Bound for Glory Series: Bully Ray vs. James Storm

They noted that Storm needed to get a submission to get ahead and points and guarantee his way into the title match. So, they are going to advance guys by points as opposed to a traditional tournament. Taz claimed that Storm reached out to some people for help with submissions.

Bully Ray, who claimed during the pre-game that he dropped 70 lbs., stalled early. Ray was slowing down the match by strolling around outside when Storm chased him around, but Ray was back outside again. The story here is that Ray was killing time. The crowd chanted, “P*ssy Ray”, which is pretty damn funny.

They went to lock up but Ray slipped himself out of the ropes, then nailed Storm. That was good. Ray controlled Storm and went after the kidneys and lower back.

Storm came back with a series of armdrags and locked on a cross armbreaker. Ray began fighting towards the ropes and grabbed it finally. Ray rolled out to the floor immediately, holding his arm. When he returned, Storm went right back after the arm. Ray tried to roll him up and Storm turned it back into another cross armbreaker in the center of the ring.

Ray retreated back to the floor. This time, Storm followed and nailed him with several shots to the face, then slammed his arm against the steel stairs. As Storm returned to the ring, Ray nailed him from behind and pulled him down, crashing down facefirst onto the apron. Ray grabbed a chair and brought it into the ring but the referee took it away. That allowed Ray to spray beer into Storm’s eyes.

Ray worked over Storm with headbutts and chops. He went for a Bubba Bomb but Storm reversed it into an armbreaker in the center. Ray was able to squirm over and get his leg under the ropes. Undaunted, Storm went for a Sharpshooter in the center. Ray crawled towards the ropes but was dragged back to the center. Ray finally made it to the ropes.

Storm kicked at Ray’s shoulder and locked on a Fujiwara armbar. Ray reversed it into a rollup for a two count. Storm was backdropped over the top to the floor but recovered. He went to spit beer in Ray’s face but Ray ducked and Jackson James got it. Storm locked on the crossarm breaker and Ray tapped but the referee disqualified Storm.

Your winner, Bully Ray!

Storm shoves down the referee. He’s mathematically eliminated from the Series.

Socal Val tried to interview Ray but he chased her off. Ray asked “Can you believe me now?” He promised to be the next TNA champion and headed to the back.

Match was good. They did a good job telling the story of Storm trying to get the submission, especially given the shoulder problems he had coming into the match. Finish was not good.

TNA Knockouts champion Mickie James vs. Winter (Angelina Love)

James came out in a Wonder Woman inspired outfit. Looked great. Winter tried to jump her before the bell, but James dropkicked her, then nailed Love on the floor with a series of punches. That allowed Winter to attack her from behind but James sent her into the ring steps and the guard rail.

Winter took over and tossed James into the corner. James fought her off and used a headscissors out of the corner. Love distracted James, allowing Winter to nail a kick to the back.

Winter suplexed James over and scored a two count. James snapmares her over but was cut off with a hard running clothesline. Winter slammed James backward down to the mat by her hair. Winter choked James against the ropes, setting her up for Love to do the same as Winter argued with the referee.

Winter continued the assault but James wouldn’t stay down. Winter nails her with an over the knee backbreaker, then forces James backwards, trying to force a submission. Winter goes for a slam. James tries to escape with elbows to the face but is still dropped down across Winter’s knees.

Winter cinches in a side chinlock but James drapes her leg over the bottom rope. She takes down Winter with a double leg takedown and attempts a jackrabbit cover for a two count. James nailed a neckbreaker but was too hurt to make the cover.

They each recovered and battled back and forth in the center. James scored with a series of clotheslines and a flapjack. James went to the ropes. Love tried to interject herself but James knew Winter was coming and kicked her for another two count.

Winter went for a jawbreaker but James escaped. James locked on a single leg Boston Crab but Winter made it the ropes. Winter tried to use the title belt as a weapon but the ref grabbed it. James used a rollup with a bridge for another two count.

Winter attacked James in the corner with a series of shoulderblocks and kicks. James fought back and went for a move out of the corner but Love pulled Winter out of the ring. James nailed a Thesz Press off the apron onto Winter.

James chased Love to the stage but Love grabbed her when she returned to the ring. Winter went to spew blood into James’ face but Love got it instead. James ended up getting it spewed in her face again and Winter scored the pinfall.

Your winner and new Knockouts champion, Winter!

Not as good as their match on Impact but another decent back and forth. The interference, as always, took away from the match.

They noted that Gunner and Robert Roode had to win by submission to tie with Bully Ray in the Bound for Glory Series. Gunner was interviewed by Jeremy Borash. He said that he will do anything he has to tonight and if he has to break Roode’s arm or leg to get to the main event of Bound for Glory, he will. Bully Ray showed up and scoffed at the idea of Gunner main eventing the PPV and talked down to Gunner that no matter what, he was not allowed to submit. He called Gunner a “Young Boy” and told him to do what he was told. They faced off and Gunner walked off. Bully then told Borash that “Bullying is my business…and business is good.”

TNA Tag Team champions Mexican America (with Rosita & Sarita) vs. Devon and Pope Dinero

There’s been a lot of talk about the shape Bully Ray has gotten into but Devon has dropped a ton of weight as well.

Devon and Anarquia kick it off. Devon was sent off into the ropes but nailed a shoulderblock. Devon begins working over his arm and tags out to the Pope. Pope and Devon tagged in and out, controlling the early portion of the match.

Hernandez tagged in but Devon continued controlling. Anarquia tagged back in. The challengers doubled on Anarquia. Rosita got on the apron and trash talked Pope. He kissed her. She slapped him. He grabbed her by the hair and held her off the apron. Anarquia nailed him from behind and Rosita took a bump to the floor.

The champions controlled the challengers. Devon tagged in but was worked over in the mid-section for several near falls. Hernandez was whipped into a splash in the corner on Devon. As the referee argued with Pope, Sarita jumped off Hernandez’ back and drilled Devon with a dropkick in the corner.

Hernandez locked in a bearhug. Devon fought his way out and made the hot tag to the Pope. Pope nailed clotheslines on Anarquia, then dropkicked Hernandez off the apron to the floor. Pope nailed a nice flying shoulderblock, then hit a pimp slap. He hit a flying bodypress for a two count. Anarquia drilled him and Hernandez hit a top rope splash.

Devon broke up an attempted double team and the challengers worked over the champs in opposite corners. They send the champions into each other and then drilled Hernandez with a double shoulderblock. The girls tried to interfere and were both spanked.

Pope nails a lungblower variation on Anarquia. Hernandez tried to get involved but Devon nailed him. Rosita distracted Devon, allowing Sarita to interfere and trip Pope during a suplex into the ring and set up Anarquia getting the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, Mexican America!

They all worked hard here and it was better than I expected going in. Still, way too much interference, to the point it was hard to take the idea that the referee was missing it at all serious and it badly overshadowed the work.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Mr. Anderson. He said that he and Sting go way back but then admitted they don’t like each other. He said that they share a common bond in that they both hate Immortal. He started ripping on members of Immortal. He said that if they have to team to eliminate Angle tonight, they will, but then it’ll be back down to them again. He jokingly said “Let the better man win” and then ride off to the sunset, only there is no sunset because they are indoors. He said that perhaps the a**hole does what he wants and then gets his way. Good promo. Elite subscribers will be able to enjoy our ongoing coverage on an ad-free version of the site, as well as immediate access access to our exclusive post-PPV audio show. You can subscribe by clicking this link and if you've never checked us out before, you can sign up for our three days free offer.

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