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By Mike Johnson on 2011-05-01 22:49:00

They aired a piece on “That’s What I Am” being selected for the Santa Barbara Film Festival. That actually happened last January but for promotional purposes, they acted like it was recently.

Backstage, WWE champion The Miz was with Alex Riley. Riley said that he was being railroaded by being forced into the Cage match to defend his title. Miz got pissy when Riley intimated he was going to lose. Riley changed tactics and said that he was going to win tonight because he’s the Miz and he’s…. Miz cut him off and told him to never do that again. Miz walked off.

Lumberjack Match: WWE Tag Team champions Big Show & Kane vs. WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson

Bonus match. All the undercard and NXT types are working as Lumberjacks. For the NXT crew, it’s their PPV debuts.

Show chopped Barrett hard several times. Big Show ended up on the floor. The heels all worked over Show but he fought back. He tossed Tyler Reks into the ring, where he was nailed. Kane then nailed one of the Usos. That allowed Jackson to nail Kane from behind and the Corre worked over Kane in the corner.

Barrett nailed a series of lefts while Kane was down on the mat. Jackson tagged back in and went back and forth with Kane. They did the double clothesline deal in the middle. Both went down. All the Lumberjacks were pounding on the mat. Barrett was tagged in as was Show. Show cleaned house but was sent to the outside by Jackson. It took a ton of Lumberjacks to send Show back in the ring.

Jackson picked up Show and slammed him. He was going to go for the pin but Barrett tagged in. Barrett went for the Wasteland but Show caught him with the chokeslam and pinned him.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions Big Show & Kane!

Jackson was mad about Barrett tagging himself in. All the Lumberjacks started brawling. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel tried to attack the champions but ate a double chokeslam.

Nothing of note here.

WWE champion The Miz vs. John Morrison vs. John Cena – Steel Cage Match

They pushed that it was Morrison’s first PPV main event.

Miz tried to scale the cage at the bell. Morrison and Cena grabbed him and pulled Miz back into the ring. They worked him over and nailed him with a flapjack. Morrison worked over Cena with several leaping kicks but was caught with a Miz clothesline. Bigtime heel reaction to Miz early – more than anyone else really on the show. Miz maintained control, working on Cena and Morrison, picking his spots.

Miz tried to run Cena into the cage but Cena halted Miz and started working over him. Morrison nailed a Russian legsweep on Cena for a two count. Miz tried to climb out but Morrison scaled the cage and fought him off. Miz pulled Morrison down off the cage. He started to scale again but this time was stopped by Cena.

They battled back and forth on the top rope. Cena worked him over and bulldogged him off the top into the ring. All three men were down. Cena recovered first, nailing Morrison with several shoulderblocks and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Miz grabbed him from behind and nailed the Skull Crushing Finale.

Meanwhile, Morrison climbed to the top of the cage where Miz caught him. Miz pulled him back inside the cage and tried to escape. Morrison halted that. They traded punches while sitting on top of the cage. Miz tried to climb down but Morrison grabbed him in a front facelock and started to pull him back in. Cena joined Morrison and they superplexed Miz while standing on the top rope. Miz landed in nasty fashion right on the back of his neck.

Morrison began climbing to the top but was caught by Cena. Cena just pulled him down. Morrison elbowed him in the face, sending Cena to the mat. Morrison hit a double springboard kick but Cena ducked and he nailed Miz. Morrison nailed a standing Spanish Fly on Cena for a two count. Nice stuff from Morrison.

Morrison tried to climb out but Miz slipped underneath and powerbombed him into the turnbuckles. Cena grabbed Miz for an STF. Miz tried to pull himself out the door but was unable. Cena pulled him back in. Morrison went to the top but Cena caught him. Miz opened the door and started to climb out but Morrison, dangling from top, kicked the door into Miz’s head. Cena crotched Morrison on the open door. Miz sees him and pulled him in.

They go back and forth into some good back and forth near fall sequences. Miz punted Cena in the face with a kick. Cena gets drilled in the face again. Cena’s face is forced into the cage. Behind them, Morrison recovered and scaled the cage. Miz caught him and Morrison was hanging from the top of the cage. Miz and Morrison battled back and forth with punches on top of the cage. Miz tried to slide off the top but Morrison used the ropes to leap up and grab him, pulling Miz back in the cage.

Morrison knocked Miz into the ring and pulled himself to the top. Cena tried to stop him and was shoved off into the ring. Morrison hit Starship Pain into the ring from the top of the cage on both. That was pretty impressive. The announcers explained that John knew he wasn’t getting anywhere trying to get out so he took out both at once. Smart cover to explain the spot.

Morrison called for them to open the door but R Truth came out and nailed him. Morrison nearly fell out of the ring to the floor but Truth shoved him back in. Truth entered the ring and closed the cage door. He began kicking the hell out of Morrison for “taking from him” and beat the hell out of him with punches.

Cena made his way to his feet so Truth nailed him with the Ax Kick. Truth then climbed over the top to the outside to show that he “could have won the title.” He said it should have been him and stared at the ring.

Miz climbed to the top of the cage and tried to escape but Cena made his way to the top and stopped him. They battled back and forth on top of the cage. Cena got the better of the exchange and tried to get over to the outside but Miz grabbed his leg. They ended up on the top rope. Miz tried to set up for Skull Crushing Finale but Cena turned it into Attitude Adjustment off the top and scored the pin.

Your winner and new WWE champion, John Cena!

A really well done main event. Morrison looked like a star and they did well pushing R Truth in his new role. Miz and Cena were both strong here as well. A fitting end to a very entertaining main event. Everything that was advertised delivered on the level you’d hope it would. Worth tracking down to see via replay, DVD, etc.

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