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By Mike Johnson on 2011-04-02 20:28:19
They played the awesome Shawn Michaels music video.

Lawler introduced Triple H. He asked if they were sold out. The crowd yelled yes. Triple H said that now Shawn is going to be able to brag about this the rest of his life. He joked that Shawn asked him to do this so he had to say nice things about him.

Triple H joked about what he could talk about, making cute smart ass remarks about Shawn's height and wardrobe. He said he could talk about the titles or The Rockers or the unbelievable matches like the Iron Man match against Bret Hart, the ladder match against Razor Ramon or the Hell in a Cell against Undertaker.

He said he could talk about about the guy who returned after four years following back surgery on PPV and had a great 45 minute match. He said the second they touched he knew Shawn was the best he was ever in the ring with.

He said he could talk about the clique but those stories won't play in a PG environment. He could talk about DX but those shouldn't have played even in the Attitude era. He could talk about the wrestlers he inspired. He could talk about the family man or his best friend or what a giving performer Shawn was.

Triple H talked about their comedy vignettes in DX. He said that he gave Shawn the comedy of his nose and Shawn gave him the comedy of his wardrobe, his mullet and Playgirl. Shawn told him the chicks were going to love it. He said Shawn doesn't want to admit his place in the Hulk Hogan haircut and that's a comedy is his google eye.

Triple H said he could talk about all that or just talk about his best friend. He got choked up as he said Shawn was his brother. He told Michaels that he loves him. He said Michaels was the greatest performer he has ever seen in his life and the greatest he ever stepped in the ring with, period.

He started recounting Michaels' nicknames and said he has a new one that is more deserving than any other..... Mister Hall of Fame. 

He introduced Michaels.

Michaels came out and hugged Triple H for a long time. The entire place gave him a standing ovation for a LONG time before he was able to speak.

Michaels said somehow a roast broke out on the greatest night of his life. He said that he knew there was no way Hunter was going to say anything nice about him. He said that it was a huge deal for Hunter to even recognize Michaels worked in this business.

Michaels said he didn't bring a speech and was thinking about what he was going to say and what would happen if he forgot someone. He joked with fans catcalling him, asking if for once it could be about him.

Shawn said he didn't know where to start and there are things you aren't supposed to say and there are politically correct things you have to say, which was a reason he was happy he was retiring since he can't do those things. He joked that he wasn't on TV because it was him and he couldn't be trusted.

Michaels said when he was 19 he didn't want to be a sports entertainer but wanted to wrestle in front of 25 people in San Antonio and his life would be complete. He said that now he's 45 years old and he's had a hell of a ride and is so blessed.

Michaels said that when he got into the business he was searching for validation and he didn't know why. He said he worked himself into the ground

He spent his life wanting all the fans and his peers to think he did a good job. He said he's very thankful to all the other inductees and Triple H for making tonight fun. 

He said he doesn't want this to become a cryfest but he wanted and worked so hard to do this for so many years. He said that has brought up questions of whether he would be OK away from wrestling and Undertaker said he was going into the Hall full of regrets.

Michaels said if he was done and went in in 1998 there would have been a lot of sadness for himself and someone backstage he can't mention.....Vince obviously. He said he came back for one more match and that, as they joke, was nine years ago.

Today he can say he has no regrets. That is in thanks to God and his family in the front row. He introduced his wife, son and daughter. He said that from the moment they came into his life there hasn't been a second that he isn't thankful for them and the best gift of all is his family. He thanks them for being so selfless in letting Dad finish what he started.

Michaels said it was important to walk away on his own terms. He thanked his son for letting daddy go play wrestling.

Michaels said there are lots of many special moments he had a chance to create with. He said he didn't want to be that guy keeping people up late because someone goes long. Shawn said that those wrestlers know who they are because he pulled them aside and thanked them for dealing with him when he went nuts dissecting a match and getting deep into the job.

He said that a lot of times all they have is each other. He said they love their women but when they are together, it's like being in a foxhole. They may stab each other in the back but don't someone else do it.

Michaels thanked them for letting him into their fraternity.

Michaels thanked the fans for supporting him even when they bother him at 5 a.m. at airports. He said they have been part of his life and his world for many years. He said it comes down to why a kid wanted validation from a bunch of strangers. He said he doesn't know if he's connected to the fans but they are so connected to him.

Michaels said he was never prom king but what was important was knowing how the fans felt about him. He said tonight he knows it, he feels it and he loves his ring. He said if you aren't down with that he has two words for you. 

Shawn and Hunter hugged and they played the DX theme. They recreated the curtain call with Sean Waltman and Kevin Nash coming on stage with him. Shawn acknowledged Ric Flair with a wave. Flair was never shown on camera.

The others left Shawn alone on stage and his Sexy Boy music played. Michaels jumped off the stage and hugged his children then kissed his wife forever and a day.

Shawn returned to the stage and received a long standing ovation before departing. The building chanted his name.

Lawler returned and thanked everyone for joining them this year.

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