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By Mike Johnson on 2011-02-13 20:20:00

Matt Morgan came to the ring and said he was going to cut through all the garbage. He demanded Hernandez come to the ring, and Hernandez obliged. Morgan told him to start talking before he kicked Hernandez' ass all over the Impact Zone. Hernandez called him the "Great White Hope." He said that everyone wants a great White Hope so he went to Mexico with his culture where he's treated like the star he truly is. He said that here in TNA, he is treated like a second class citizen so he was back to tell everyone that this is Hispanic America, their country and Morgan is the new minority. He said that he was back to stick it to everyone who didn't appreciate him and if Morgan didn't like that, "the punk ass white boy" could get out of his country.

Morgan went to respond but Hernandez nailed him with a low blow then hit a Death Valley Driver.

Not a fan of the new Hernandez direction but we have to see where it goes. Racism never really works in getting anyone over these days. It just comes off as a lame idea that you blame the promotion for, plus in all of this we are supposed to forget that Morgan once gave Hernandez a career threatening injury? Apparently so since no one made a reference to it, and you'd think that's a pretty logical thing for Hernandez to be pissed off about.

Matt Hardy said that "Cold Blood" is something that society forced him into. He said that he was the good guy that went above and beyond and it never got him anywhere. He said that in the last year, he fought through a career threatening injury and his brother came to TNA. Matt said that he was punished for what Jeff decided to do. He then said that he was 3-0 against Rob Van Dam and was going to continue his undefeated record tonight. He said was going to do it with a smile on his face and cold blood in his veins. Usual Hardy promo.

Matt Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

Hardy looks to have dropped some weight and looks way better. What a difference a month makes. They locked up and Hardy backed Rob into the corner. Rob fired away with punches. They went back and forth, with Rob finally nailing a kick to end the flurry.

Rob went for a monkey flip but was caught and dropped on the turnbuckles and nailed with a clothesline. Hardy slammed him into the turnbuckles and began working him over with shots in the corner.

Hardy escaped a backdrop and nailed a spinkick, sending Matt to the floor. As Matt returned to the ring, Hardy dropkicked him off the apron. He went for a moonsault off the apron, but Hardy grabbed his legs and slammed him into the apron. Hardy worked over Van Dam on the floor, running him backwards into the railing. Hardy went for a suplex on the floor but Van Dam got the better of it and dropped him across the railing, then hit a corkscrew legdrop across Hardy's back.

Van Dam tossed Hardy back into the ring but as he returned, Hardy kicked the ropes ito RVD's nether-regions and caught him with a Cactus DDT for a two count. This is markedly better than their first meeting. Back on the floor, Hardy picked up Van Dam and dropped him face first on the railing.

Back in the ring, Hardy nailed a legdrop and scored a two count. He grabbed Van Dam by the hair as he continued to work him over. Hardy locked in a full nelson from a sitting position but Van Dam fought his way back to a standing position. Hardy cut him back off and began slapping at Van Dam. Hardy cinched in a cravate but Van Dam began mounting a comeback.

Hardy charged at RVD in the corner. Van Dam elevated him up and over the ropes to the apron but Van Dam was knocked down. Hardy went to the top but Van Dam kicked him as he came off the ropes. Van Dam began mounting a comeback. He went for Rolling Thunder but Hardy rolled out of the way. Van Dam landed on his feet and hit a standing moonsault for a two count. Van Dam nailed a split legged moonsault on Hardy for another two count.

Van Dam missed a kick and was nailed with the Side Effect for a two count. Hardy went for the Twist of Hate but was shoved off and kicked stiffly in the corner. Van Dam went to the top but Hardy cut him off with an uppercut. Hardy went for a superplex but was punched away. Hardy fired back with another shot and backdropped RVD over in a scary looking moment. Hardy went for a moonsault but Van Dam rolled out of the way, Van Dam went to the top and hit the Five Star Frog splash, handing Hardy his first TNA loss.

Your winner, Rob Van Dam!

Really good match. Hardy seems to have kicked out of the whatever rust held him back for his TNA debut and had some good facial expressions as well. He seemed much more comfortable in his new role as a heel here. They had some good back and forth wrestling. This was my favorite thing on the show at this point. Good stuff.

Christy Hemme tried to interview Bully Ray about Devon not bringing his kids to their match tonight. He bullied her and then said he wants them to be brought to the ring. He said that he was the man who could make real men out of them because all they would learn from their dad was how to be a second rate sidekick who takes orders. He said that the kids' problem was that they were born "out of their mother's ass." He said he was going to take out Devon once and for all. It was an awesome promo, made all that much better by Hemme's look of sheer hatred and disgust when he walked off. Great heel stuff.

Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon: Street Fight

Ray went and hid after he came out. He charged Devon with a chain but Devon caught him and nailed him. They brawled around ringside. Devon drilled Ray with a drink. Back in the ring, a bunch of weapons were tossed into the ring. Devon drilled him with a Singapore Cane. Ray nailed him with a punch but Devon came back with another shot to the head.

Devon placed Ray's head under a chair as Devon's sons came to ringside. He told them to go to the back, turning his back on Ray. Ray nailed Devon with a shot across the back. He began screaming at the brothers and spit at them. Ray nailed Devin with a trash can lid, then placed a chair over his head instead.

Devon's son's grabbed Ray to stop him but he escaped and threatened them with a chain. Devon recovered and worked over Ray with a series of punches and clotheslines, then backdropped him over. One of Devon's sons nailed Ray with a trashcan. They grabbed Ray's legs to set up the Devon "Wazzup" flying headbutt on Ray. They did the old Dudleys "Tables" spot to get the crowd to yell it.

Devon set up the retreived table but was hit from behind with a low blow. Ray began handcuffing Devon's hand to the corner. Ray began trashtalking Devon. Devon's sons hit the ring again to try and free him but Ray nailed one of them from behind, laying him out. The other son unloaded on Ray but was laid out. Ray covered the second son and scored the pin as Devon was trapped and forced to watch.

Your winner, Bully Ray! Ray teased putting one of the sons through a table. Devon's facial expressions and reaction to all this was awesome. One of the best things he's ever done. Brother Ray mocked him, screaming, "Oh my brother, Testify" and raised a chair to nail Devon, then stopped and stood over the sons. Devon began screaming for security and begged Bubba to stop. Bubba dropped the chair and pulled one of the sons over to the table, then powerbombed him through it. Devon's agony here was awesome, as was Bubba's taunts that all this was happening because Devon was weak. Great emotional stuff here and I hope they follow up with this well, because they can make money with this angle.

Security finally freed Devon, who was screaming for Bubba and was out of his mind as he checked on his children. One of Devon's sons did a stretcher job while Devon carried the other out. This was just off the charts great.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett asked if Jeremy really thought he would put "our kids" in jeopardy. He guaranteed that he would beat Kurt Angle tonight and that on March 3rd, Angle would walk the aisle and bring Karen Angle to the ring for the Jarretts to renew their vows.

Christy Hemme interviewed Kurt Angle. Angle said that all he cares about it getting the custody of his children back. He promised that after he finishes kicking "Daddy Jeff's ass" they were coming home with him. "Its real, it's damn real."

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