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By Mike Johnson on 2011-01-09 20:13:33

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

Angle took the mic and said that If anyone gets in the ring, he was going to break their necks.

There will be three rounds of two minutes each.

The crowd went nuts, chanting for Angle early. Angle kept daring Jarrett to go and laid in the middle of the ring, but nothing. With 20 seconds left, Kurt chased Jarrett into the corner and Jeff grabbed onto the ropes. Angle took him down and locked in a choke but the round ended.

As the second round started, Angle dared Jarrett to go for a single leg. He went for it and Angle took him over into a Keylock. Jarrett began selling the arm. Angle took him down and locked on a head and arm choke. Jarrett kept using the ropes to break it. Angle grabbed a front facelock and took Jarrett down but again, he went to the ropes. Angle tossed Jarrett down and locked in a cross armbreaker, then went for the anklelock but again, the rime ran out.

In between rounds, Jarrett, selling the ankle, spit at Angle.

As the third round started, the corner men put something on Jarrett’s forearm and he rubbed it in Angle’s face, blinding him. Jarrett began working on Angle, busting him open. The referee called for the bell when he realized something was amiss. They all beat Angle down and left him bloody and down. Jarrett said there would be a retirement party on Impact as he’s retiring “undefeated.” They sort of teased Karen Jarrett would be there. Well, she was a hell of a promo last time they used her, so why not.

More of an angle than a match.

Backstage, TNA champion Jeff Hardy said he would be watching the main event closely and told everyone “welcome to chapter Genesis, where anything can happen.”

Matt Morgan vs. Ken Anderson

Jeremy Borash did the in-ring introductions.

Morgan grabbed a headlock early and shoulderblocked Anderson down. Morgan controlled early until missing a legdrop. Anderson nailed a clothesline and scored a two count. Morgan swept Anderson’s legs and scored a near fall of his own and they faced off.

Morgan missed a shot in the corner and Anderson kicked at his leg. Morgan came back and teased the Carbon Footprint but Anderson ducked and Morgan crotched himself on the rope and crashed to the floor. Anderson began kicking Morgan hard on the floor. He slammed Morgan’s head into the rail. Morgan came back to slam Anderson into the barricade and the apron, then rolled him in for a two count.

Morgan hit the series of back elbows in the corner but Anderson came back to chop block his knee and scored a two count. Anderson cinched in a single leg Boston Crab. Morgan tried to reach the ropes but Anderson held on. Morgan finally made it to the ropes.

Morgan reversed an Irish whip. He chokeslammed Anderson for a two count. Morgan went for a discus clothesline but Anderson caught him with the Mic Check for a two count. The referee counted both men down. They made their way to their knees and exchanged punches. They continued back and forth. Morgan snapped with the Carbon Footprint but Anderson kicked out at the last second.

He goes for another but misses and is hit with the Mic Check. Anderson was all dazed and grabbing his head, so the storyline is he was hurting. He covers Morgan but Morgan kicks up. The announcers were selling he wasn’t 100%. Morgan fought out of another Mic Check and they clunked heads. Anderson grabbed a small package and scored the pin. Well, that was random.

Your winner and new number one contender, Ken Anderson!

Eric Bischoff came to ringside with a chair. He sat down in the chair and told Anderson how impressed he was Anderson and he was getting his title shot right now.

TNA champion Jeff Hardy vs. Ken Anderson

So, the storyline is the heel champion will defend against the spent babyface. Hardy came out wearing his street clothes, even a tie. He’s smoking a cigarette. Hardy began stretching like it was a joke. He hit the ring and attacked Anderson, beating him down.

Jeff went for the Twist of Hate and nailed it and went for the pin but Anderson kicked out. Hardy continued working on Anderson and nailed another Twist of Hate but again, Anderson kicked out. Hardy started stomping away on Anderson, but when he went to grab Anderson, Anderson flung him through the ropes and to the floor.

Matt Morgan, who was still at ringside, drilled Hardy with the discus clothesline. He tossed Hardy into the ring and Anderson scored a two count. Anderson and Hardy exchanged punches. Hardy nailed him and rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a clothesline. Anderson nailed a flurry of moves, including a neckbreaker for a two count.

Anderson continued controlling the bout but was nailed with an elbow as he charged. Hardy nailed Anderson again but Anderson rolled out to the floor. Hardy grabbed a chair but Mick Foley ran out and took the chair. No pop for Foley at all. Ric Flair came out and security held Flair and Foley apart.

Hardy tossed Anderson back into the ring and went to the top for the swanton but Anderson nailed Hardy on the ropes. Anderson went for a superplex but Jeff fought him off and nailed the swanton. Anderson kicked out and Hardy looked stunned.

Hardy went for the Twist of Hate but Anderson caught him with a DDT. Hardy was able to come back and scored with a clothesline. He called for Matt Hardy. Hardy hit the scene but Rob Van Dam attacked him and they brawled up the aisle.

Eric Bischoff got into the ring with a chair but Anderson kicked him in the gut and nailed the Mic Check. Hardy went for the Twist of Hate but Anderson drilled him and scored the Mic Check for the pin.

Your winner and new TNA champion, Mr. Anderson!

Immortal, who had come to ringside, were all stunned. Anderson celebrated with the belt and proclaimed himself the new TNA champion.

A fan hopped in the ring to celebrate and you could see security coming out as the fan willingly returned to the audience. They already use Atlas Security on the house shows, so they may as well start bringing them to Orlando at the rate that happens.

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