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By Mike Johnson on 2010-12-05 19:53:29


Van Dam went right after Rhino, working him over. He went for Rolling Thunder but Rhino rolled out of the ring. RVD played to the fans but Rhino attacked him from behind and beat Van Dam down in the corner. The crowd began chanting, “Rhino sucks.” He locked on a side chinlock, biting at RVD’s face. Fans began chanting that Rhino sold out as Van Dam cut off Rhino and nailed Rolling Thunder.

Van Dam began working over Rhino with punches and scraped his boot over Rhino’s face. Van Dam nailed a guillotine legdrop on Rhino. He went to the top but Rhino cut off Van Dam on the top rope. He worked over RVD, who collapsed into the ring. Rhino beat down RVD in the corner. He whipped Van Dam into the ring but ate a kick and was sent to the floor.

Van Dam kicked Rhino and set him up on the railing, then hit a corkscrew guillotine legdrop to the back of his head. Rhino came back, slamming Van Dam’s head into the railing. Fans were all over Rhino. The referee was intently checking both men for blood with a white towel. Rhino slammed Van Dam on the rampway to the ring.

Rhino raked RVD’s face across the railing as fans chanted for Van Dam. Van Dam fired back with forearms but Rhino still maintained control as they returned to the ring. Rhino whipped Van Dam into the ring but was kicked away. Van Dam went for a standing moonsault but Rhino moved. Van Dam landed on his feet and was speared with a gore by Rhino.

Rhino tossed a trash can and some other weapons into the ring. Van Dam attacked him before they could be used but was caught and tossed overhead with a belly to belly suplex. Rhino beat Van Dam down in one corner and wedged a trash can in the opposite corner. He tried to whip RVD but RVD cut him off only to eat a spinebuster. Van Dam came back with a stiff kick to the face, then nailed another corkscrew legdrop.

Van Dam peppered Rhino in the corner with punches. He took Rhino out, then nailed the Five Star Frog Splash. Rhino came back with a nasty looking DDT. Fans tried to rally RVD, who was out motionless. Rhino grabbed a trash can lid and set Van Dam up for a piledriver on it but Van Dam escaped, tossed the can lid at Rhino and nailed the Van Daminator.

Van Dam placed the trash can over Rhino’s face and went for the Van Terminator. He nailed it, busting open Rhino with a huge gusher.

Your winner, Rob Van Dam!

Match was decent. I thought the idea of Van Dam using what used to be known as his “ultimate finisher” destroying Rhino was a great way to re-establish it as a big-time finisher.

Rhino was bleeding a ton after the match as Taz and Mike Tenay wondered what this means for his future. The announcing has been really good so far, by the way.

Christy Hemme interviewed Kazarian backstage about AJ Styles vs. Douglas Williams. Kaz put over Styles and then said Douglas Williams is one of the best wrestlers in the world, hands down, but he was a traitor to something that would have made him a bigger star then he ever dreamt. He predicted Styles wins with the Styles Clash, then “sticks the Union Jack up Williams’ ass.”


Some good wrestling early, as you’d expect. Styles went for the Styles Clash early but Williams escaped and they faced off. Williams maneuvered Styles to the mat and locked in a chinlock. Styles escaped and shoulderblocked Williams into the corner. Williams reversed and went for Rolling Chaos but Styles escaped. Williams went to the floor to break up Styles’ momentum.

Back in the ring, Williams nailed a European uppercuts and several knees. Styles went to the the floor, where Williams nailed a hilo off the apron to the floor. Williams continued the beating, then tossed Styles back into the ring for a two count. Styles went to kick off Williams during a charge but was blocked and clotheslined for a two count.

Styles and Williams exchanged chops and punches. Williams went to the top but Styles nailed him, knocking Williams outside to the floor. Styles worked over the back of his neck with a series of elbows, then hit a springboard moonsault to the back of Williams’ head for a two count.

They went back and forth with Styles drilling Williams with a dropkick for another near fall. Technically, this is the best thing on the show so far, and there’s been a lot of good wrestling tonight. Styles dropkicked Williams’ knee as he tried to enter the ring, hanging him up outside the ring. Styles mauled Williams’ knee and continued working on it back in the ring, setting up for a figure four leglock. He finally cinched it in. Williams fought his way out and cleaned house on Styles with a series of unique strikes.

Williams nailed a high collar suplex for a two count. He locked on a cravate, kicking Styles in the head with knees. He whipped Styles into the ring but Styles reversed. Williams hit the corner and came off with a flying back elbow for a two count.. Williams went for Chaos Theory but Styles slipped out and hit the backflip off the ropes into an inverted DDT for a two count.

Williams surprised Styles with a small package for a two count but Styles drilled him with a roundhouse kick. Williams began firing back with shots while on his knees. Styles nailed the Pele Kick, sending Williams to the floor. Styles went for a dive but William side-stepped him. He grabbed Styles, ran him into the railing, then hit Rolling Chaos on the floor outside. That was great. Fans chanted “TNA.”

Williams returned to the ring as it appeared Styles would be counted out but Styles returned to the ring at the last minute. Williams mocked Styles and nailed his finisher, The Styles Clash and scored the pin.

Your winner and new TNA TV champion, Douglas Williams!

I loved the hell out of this. It’s the type of pure wrestling that I can’t get enough of. It was nicely paced with some really good back and forth action and some unique spots. Loved this!

Christy Hemme interviewed Generation Me, who were walking in the back to the ring. Hemme said that have a huge opportunity. They said that tonight is the end of a blood feud and the end of the Motor City Machineguns and it’s “all about Me.”


All four brawled around ringside to kick off the match. Me got the early control. They doubleteamed Sabin in the ring. Shelley returned from a beating only to be kicked through the ropes by Max. The Guns worked over Max. Jeremy cut off Shelley when he brought a chair into the ring. The Guns worked over Jeremy in the ring but Jeremy flung a chair at Sabin’s face, then dropkicked Shelley into a chair wedged between the buckles. So much stuff early, it’s impossible to follow.

The Guns made a comeback but when Sabin went for a top, Max met him with a chair, then took out Shelley’s knees with one. Shelley fought off both members of Me, who brought a ladder into the ring. He tried to nail Sliced Bread #2 off the ladder but Max sent him into it. Jeremy then sailed off the ropes with the ladder, slamming it down over his chest.

Jeremy climbed the ladder, trying to grab the tag belts but Chris Sabin pulled him down and sent him to the floor. Jeremy came back with a double stomp off the top onto Shelley, who was trying to pull Max off the ladder. Max climbed the ladder but Shelley pulled him down . Max fought him off and tried to climb again but Shelley pulled his leg through a ladder rung and snapped a Dragon Screw Legwhip. Ouch.

The Guns placed Max in between the two halves of the ladder on the floor and nailed a double stomp. Jeremy returned to the ring but was slammed onto the ladder and then bulldogged onto it. The fans chanted for the Guns. Shelley tried to hold back both members of Generation Me as Sabin ascended the ropes. As he got to the top, Me took out the ladder and Sabin took a nasty bump.

They set up the ladder in the corner and whipped Sabin into it but he reversed and Jeremy ate the ladder. Max was trapped in the tree of woe by Shelley and Sabin hit the Hesitation Dropkick on a chair. They stacked the ladder and the chairs on top of Generation Me. Shelley came off the top with a double foot stomp. The crowd went nuts.

The Guns set up a ladder in the middle of the ring. The ladder looked like it was as beat up as the wrestlers. The Guns gave up and brought in two more ladders, setting them all up. They positioned the other two ladders perpendicular to the original one. All four men battled their way atop of the ladders. Jeremy and Sabin were knocked to the mat. All four ended up back on the mat, exchanging kicks to the head. Shelley tossed Max a chair and he caught it. Shelley slammed him down into his knees.

The Guns brought a table into the ring. They placed it atop of the ladders (Think Wrestlemania 2000). The entire bout, the announcers have put over that even at the top of the ladder, the belts were too high, so this is their way of counteracting that. The Guns wiped out Generation Me outside with a dive. This is just insane, great, mind numbing stuff.

The Guns set up another table in the ring. Generation Me took the Guns out with chairs and worked him over. Max Buck set up Sabin on the lower table. Jeremy went up the ladder but Shelley cut him off. They battled to the apron and Shelley nailed Sliced Bread #2 off the apron through a table to the floor.

Sabin and Max ended up climbing the ladders and standing on the top table. They exchanged shots with a chair. Sabin got the better of them and Max took an insane backwards bump off the table through the lower table. The camera angle showed how f***ing insanely dangerous that looked. Sabin, bleeding from the side of his head, grabbed the belts.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, The Motor City Machineguns!

Unbelievable expression of stunts and hard working athletic spots. Generation Me were made as players with this feud and the finale absolutely impressed. I can’t begin to put over what a great show this ha

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