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By Buck Woodward on 2010-09-05 22:50:00

Kurt Angle gave a brief interview about his match, which shockingly is next. 

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy - TNA title tournament semi-final.

Dixie Carter was shown at ringside, surrounded by security.  Angle and Hardy traded headlocks at the start, then Angle hit some punches in a corner and went for a vertical suplex.  Hardy blocked it and hit a gourdbuster, then Hardy legdropped Angle in the groin.  Hardy went for a clothesline, but Angle took over and hit a wicked powerbomb. Angle applied a chinlock, switching to a side headlock.  Hardy punched out of it, but Angle hit a shoulderblock for a two count.  Hardy hit some forearms, then went for his elevated kick in the corner, messed it up, then hit it.  Jeff kicked Angle out of a corner, but Angle grabbed a charging referee and gave him a belly to belly suplex.  Angle applied a chinlock, but Jeff got out of it with a jawbreaker.  

Jeff went to the top rope, but Angle raced up and gave Hardy a belly to belly suplex off the ropes.  Angle went for an Angle Slam, but Hardy armdragged out of it.  Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate for a two count.  Hardy went for a Swanton, but missed it.  Angle hit the Angle Slam, but Jeff kicked out at two.  Angle went for an ankle lock, but Hardy kicked it away.  Angle hit a series of German suplexes, but Hardy still kicked out.  Angle went for a moonsault, but Hardy moved out of the way.  Hardy hit a Whisper In The Wind for a two count.  

Angle went to the floor, and Hardy laid him out on the outside.  Jeff Hardy then hit a Swanton off the top rope onto Angle on the floor.  Both men were slow to get up, with Angle actually crawling into the ring first.  Hardy and Angle slugged it out in the center of the ring.  Hardy went for another Twist Of Fate, but Angle blocked it and hit a German suplex.  Angle went to the top rope and hit a frog splash for a two count.  Angle went for a powerbomb, but Hardy backdropped out of it.  Hardy hit another Twist Of Fate for a two count, then hit a legdrop.  Hardy went to the top rope and hit a Swanton, with Angle barely kicking out of it.  Hardy hit another Swanton, but Angle kicked out again.  Hardy went for yet another, but Angle got his knees up this time. 

Angle gave Hardy an Angle Slam, but Hardy kicked out.  Angle applied an ankle lock, but Hardy rolled through and sent Angle to the floor.  Hardy went to the apron and dove into Angle with a clothesline.  They went back in the ring, but as Hardy went to pick him up, Angle grabbed an ankle lock again.  Hardy tried to kick it off, but could not.  Hardy made the ropes, but Angle dragged Hardy back into the center of the ring and reapplied the hold.  Hardy managed to kick it off.  Angle hit a clothesline for a two count, then went back to the ankle lock.  Hardy tried to roll over, but Angle stepped around him and kept the hold on. Hardy went for the ropes again, but Angle pulled him back to the center of the ring and added a leglace to the hold.  Hardy continued to struggle in the hold, and the bell rang. 

They announced that the 20-minute time limit had expired.  The fans chanted for five more minutes.  Eric Bischoff came out and conferred with Dixie Carter.  Bischoff announced that they would add five more minutes to the match. 

Angle kicked out Hardy's leg and stomped on his ankle.  Angle dropped a knee on the ankle, then applied the ankle lock.  Jeff kicked the hold off, and sent Angle to the floor.  Jeff kicked Angle between the ropes, and on the floor, rammed Angle head first into the ringsteps.  They got back in the ring, and Hardy limped to the top rope.  Angle crotched Hardy, then delivered a top rope Angle Slam.  Angle crawled onto Hardy, but only got a two count.  They got to their feet, and Angle charged, but Hardy backdropped him to the floor.  They put a clock up to countdown the final minute. Angle got back in the ring and rolled up Hardy for a two count.  Angle and Hardy clotheslined each other, as the final seconds ticked down.  Angle draped an arm over Hardy, but he kicked out.  The buzzer (yes, a buzzer) sounded that the time had expired.  

Bischoff ordered five more minutes on the clock. 

Angle choked Hardy in the corner with his boot.  Angle pounded Hardy with elbows, then rammed him in a corner and hit some shoulderblocks.  Angle charged for another shoulderblock, Jeff moved, and Angle went shoulder first into the ringpost, then fell to the floor.  Jeff rammed Angle into the ringsteps, then did it a second time.  Angle was busted open.  They got back into the ring, and Hardy applied a Boston Crab.  Angle's face was in a pool of blood.  Angle fought out of the hold and countered into an ankle lock.  Hardy went for the ropes, but Angle pulled him back into the center of the ring and added a leglace to the move.  Hardy struggled with 30 seconds left on the clock.  Time ran out, and we had a buzzer again. 

Eric Bischoff got in the ring, and called for trainers to come look at Angle's cut head.  Angle was demanding more time.  Bischoff put on a headset and was talking with someone, then was talking with the referee.  Bischoff got on the mic and said that the trainers were telling them Angle could not continue due to the cut on his head.  Bischoff said they were declaring the match a no-contest.  Shannon Moore came out and checked on Hardy.  Angle and Bischoff walked back to the locker room, arguing.  Angle's cut didn't even seem to be bleeding anymore, as the trainers had wiped off his face.

Result: No Contest.

D'Angelo Dinero was interviewed by Christy Hemme, who noted we don't know if Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy will be advancing in the tournament.  Dinero cut a promo on taking care of Mr. Anderson, noting he was "pulling the wool" over everyone's eyes, and heading on to Bound For Glory. 

Ken Anderson vs. Pope D'Angelo Dinero - TNA title tournament semi-final.

They locked up and jockeyed for position at the start, at one point rolling across the mat as both attempted to get control of a small package.  They traded holds on the mat, with neither man maintaining an advantage, until Pope kicked Anderson in the gut after escaping a hammerlock.  They started throwing punches, and Anderson stomped Pope down in a corner.  Anderson kept up his attack in the corner, until he ran into a boot by the Pope.  Pope hit an armbreaker, then kicked Anderson in the ribs.  Pope dropped Anderson with a hammerlock back suplex.  Pope hit a kneedrop, then slammed Anderson's arm into the mat.  It was noted Pope was getting revenge for when Anderson injured his shoulder.  Pope kicked his shoulder and delivered a hammerlock slam, but Anderson came back with a pair of clotheslines and an enzugiri.  

Anderson went for a backdrop, but Pope kicked it away.  Pope missed a flying tackle and landed hard on his own shoulder.  Anderson kicked Pope in the gut, then went for a hammerlock and threw Pope shoulder first into the corner.  Anderson scored a two count.  Pope reversed a whip, but Anderson kicked him as he charged in, then delivered a clothesline.  Anderson applied a keylock on Pope's injured arm, and Pope battled out, but Anderson hit a knee to the gut, sending Pope back to the mat.  Anderson hit a pair of short-arm shoulderblocks, then hit a back suplex for a two count.  Anderson went for a whip, Pope reversed, and they clotheslined each other.  

They slugged it out as they got up, with Pope getting the better of it.  Pope hit a shoulderblock, then hit a backhand slap.  Pope straddled Anderson on the ropes, and got a two count.  Pope stomped Anderson, then went to the top rope.  Anderson crotched him, then went for a superplex.  Pope blocked it, and they jockeyed for position.  Pope hit a headbutt and Anderson got crotched on the top rope, then fell to the floor.  Pope then dove off the top rope and hit Anderson with a flying bodypress on the floor, catching Anderson on his shoulder.  Pope rolled Anderson into the ring for a two count.  

Pope went for a Codebreaker, but Anderson blocked it and went for a Mic Check.  Dinero blocked that, but Anderson grabbed a rolling Fireman's Carry slam for a two count.  Pope kicked Anderson and hit a punch, then landed the Codebreaker for a two count. Pope went for a Mic Check of his own on Anderson, but Anderson blocked it.  Anderson went for a Mic Check, but Pope armdragged out of it. Pope charged Anderson, but Anderson grabbed him and hit the Mic Check for a two count. Pope hit a flurry of punches and kicks on Anderson in a corner.  Pope went for the DDE (double jumping knee), but Anderson dodged it and sloppily applied a Mic Check to get the pin at the 18-minute mark. 

Winner: Mr. Anderson. 

Anderson picked up one of the fake dollars that Pope uses for his entrance and made it into a paper airplane, then threw it at Dinero on the floor.  Dinero flipped him off as he left.  Anderson acted mockingly hurt over the gesture. Anderson called for his microphone.  He asked if the crowd had a good time tonight, then announced himself as being one match away from being the TNA World Champion. Anderson vamped it up before finally announcing his own name to end the show. 

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