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By Buck Woodward on 2010-08-08 19:51:41

After replays of the Dreamer-Raven match were shown, Dreamer and Teresa were shown leaving the ring, with Dreamer getting an ovation from the crowd. 

Jeremy Borash and So Cal Val were plugging  The Gangstas showed up, with New Jack remarking how Borash used to wait in line and get autographs.  New Jack told the "little white girl" that "one you go black, you get bad credit" and sent her off with Mustafa.  New Jack then informed Borash that since she is now gone, Borash is his "bitch" and walked off with him. 

A video package on Paul Heyman was now shown, with many wrestlers praising his passion and vision.  Raven said he and Heyman were like "Scorsese and DeNiro."  Simon Diamond noted how Heyman was the first person to involve the Internet in pro wrestling and "pull back the curtain." 

Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu. 

Rob Van Dam came out with his TNA World Title belt and was accompanied by Bill Alfonso.  Fonzie then ran to the back so he could accompany Sabu to the ring.  The bout was introduced as a non-title bout.  Sabu dove at RVD's leg at the bell, and the fans chanted "This is Classic" before they had actually made contact.  Sabu backed Van Dam into a corner, and Van Dam went to the floor and did his "Rob Van Dam" pose.  There were chants for both men.  Sabu grabbed a leg, but RVD kicked it away.  Van Dam went for a hammerlock, but Sabu snapmared him to the mat.  Sabu grabbed a chinlock, and Van Dam went to suplex out of it, but Sabu landed on his feet. RVD went for a sweep kick, but Sabu jumped over it.  Both men yelled to Fonzie for a chair.  He slid one in, and both men went to pick it up.  Sabu got it and hit RVD with it.  Sabu hit a chair launch into a leg lariat in a corner, then sent RVD to the floor.  Sabu hit a baseball slide kick that sent RVD over the guard rail into the crowd.  

Sabu did a chair launch into a springboard off the top rope into the crowd, landing on RVD.  The fans chanted "ECW" and "This is Awesome."  Back in the ring, Sabu got a two count and put RVD in a camel clutch.  Sabu threw a chair on RVD's back, then reapplied the camel clutch.  Sabu stomped RVD's head, then went for another chair launch, but RVD kicked the chair into Sabu's legs.  Van Dam gave Sabu a monkey flip into the chair, with Sabu catching his elbow on the chair.  RVD threw the chair at Sabu and got a two count.  Sabu ducked a shot and gave RVD a clothesline for a two count.  Sabu worked over RVD with punches.  Both men went for a second rope springboard kick at the same time, and they collided.  Bill Alfonso got in the ring and gave both men water bottles.  Yep, we had a water break.  

Sabu and RVD both went to the floor and got tables and slid them in the ring.  They then fought outside, including RVD hitting a kick off the ring apron to the floor. RVD put Sabu gut first across the guard rail, then hit a legdrop from the ring apron.  RVD put Sabu on the ring apron, put a chair on Sabu, then hit a slingshot legdrop.  Back in the ring, RVD got a two count.  Sabu ran into an RVD elbow.  RVD went to the top rope, but Sabu threw a chair at him.  Sabu then hit a top rope rana on RVD, sending him into the chair on the mat.  Sabu hit an Arabian facebuster for a two count.  The fans chanted "You've still got it" as Sabu used a camel clutch on RVD.  RVD came back with a chair shot, and Sabu was bleeding from the back of the head.  RVD crotched Sabu on the top rope, then measured him and had Fonzie hold a chair in front of Sabu's face so he could hit a top rope kick and send the chair into his face. 

Rob Van Dam hit a split legged moonsault on Sabu for a two count.  Van Dam set up a table, but Sabu threw a chair at RVD, then hit a double legdrop for a cover, but RVD was under the ropes.  Taz laughed about the referee enforcing the rules after the use of chairs.  Van Dam hit a Rolling Thunder backsplash on Sabu with a chair laid across him.  RVD hit a dropkick to Sabu in the corner with a chair for a two count.  Sabu blocked a whip and hit a nice tornado DDT for a two count.  Sabu hit an Atomic Arabian Facebuster for a two count.  RVD was put on a table, and Sabu went to the top rope with a chair.  Sabu went for the Atomic Arabian Facebuster, but Van Dam moved and Sabu crashed through the table. Van Dam then hit the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin at the 18-minute mark. 

Winner: Rob Van Dam. 

The announcers wondered how Rob Van Dam would be able to handle Abyss this Thursday on Impact after such a brutal match.  Other than one commercial for Impact, this was the only mention of Thursday's broadcast. 

Rob Van Dam helped Sabu up, and they embraced and raised each other's arms. After replays from the match were shown, we saw most of the wrestlers on the card come out carrying beers.  The fans chanted "thank you" as they toasted in the ring.  Noticeably absent from the celebration was Raven.  Dixie Carter was shown at ringside with a beer.  The fans chanted "F*** You Vince."  Tommy Dreamer got on the mic and thanked Mike Tenay and Tazz for calling the show.  He then thanked Atlas Security and Dixie Carter.  Brother Ray carried Dixie around the ring and put her on the apron as fans chanted "TNA".   Tommy Dreamer said "To all the men and women in TNA, we set the bar, and we expect you to raise it".  Dreamer said it was "One hell of an F'N PPV" and thanked Dixie as the show ended. 

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