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By Mike Johnson on 2010-07-11 22:45:00

Christy Hemme interviewed Abyss backstage.  He was holding a board that was brandished with nails.  Abyss said "they" gave him the instructions to create the destruction and pave their way to taking over.  He promised to show everyone in the main event what a "b**ch" his girl, the weapon, can be.

Video feature on Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan.

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez - Steel Cage Match

Morgan and Hernandez jawed back and forth when the cage was locked.  Morgan tried to escape but Hernandez attacked him and tossed him into the cage several times.  Morgan whipped Hernandez into the corner but missed a charge.  Hernandez crotched Morgan on the top rope then dropicked him off.  Hernandez splashed Morgan into the cage several times.  He set up for a third but Morgan moved and Hernandez slammed himself into the cage head-first.

Morgan took control, running Hernandez into the cage several times.  Morgan set up Hernandez on the top turnbuckle and nailed him with a big boot to the face.  Morgan stomped Hernandez, then stepped on his chest.  Morgan began messing with the crowd, asking them how he should leave the cage.  He finally had the door open and stepped out with one foot, then changed his mins and went back after Hernandez, so the story is that he had Hernandez beat and changed his mind.  Hernandez was busted open and there was a great closeup of him screaming before Morgan slammed him into the cage.  Morgan began raking Hernandez's cut head across the cage.  The Sheik would be proud.

Morgan destroyed Hernandez with a series of punches and showed off his bloody hand.     He whipped Hernandez into the corner but Hernandez fired back with a series of clotheslines.  Morgan nailed him with a cheap shot and called for the Carbon Footprint but was hit with a shoulderblock by Hernandez.  Hernandez went for the Border Toss but Hernandez wasn't able to hold him up.  The announcers said that perhaps Morgan rakes his eyes.  Morgan took over but missed a charge in the corner.  Hernandez went for it again and slipped as he hit the move, so it was more of a nasty looking powerbomb.

Hernandez climbed to the top of the cage but instead of escaping, he did a splash off the top.  Morgan rolled out of the way.  Fans chanted for TNA.  Morgan pulled out a pair of handcuffs he smugged into the ring.  He cuffed Hernandez to the rope.  Morgan mocked him, then began climbing out of the cage.  Hernandez ripped the cuffs open, then charged and dove through the door, landing on the rampway for the win.

Your winner, Hernandez!

Match was OK.    Both guys were working really hard and it's hard to criticize a match where they took this type of punishment, especially Hernandez but parts of it were scary to watch and the finish was "too" creative for a Cage match where the babyface is winning but the heel is still standing strong.

Christy Hemme interviewed Jay Lethal.  Hemme said tonight is Lethal's dream come true.  Flair said that sometimes, he thinks Hemme is blonde if she thinks Lethal has a chance to defeat Flair.  He said that he was going to beat Lethal so hard, he's going to go back to the future.  Flair said that he is the reason there is even a wrestling business.  He said that he was going to walk that aisle while Lethal is going to stand there and wondering what he's done to himself.  Flair said that he hates showing off but tonight, he's going to be "Naitchin'" and is going to kick Lethal's ass.  He said he was going to beat Lethal so hard, Lethal is going to go back to his mother's breasts and ask what he did wrong.  He said that he should be sipping red wine and making love to a beautiful woman but instead he's going to be the 60 minute man.  He said Lethal pissed him off and now he's going to see what happens when someone does that.  Real good promo.

Taz and Mike Tenay discussed the Flair vs. Lethal bout.

Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal came out wearing a red and yellow robe that was emblazoned with the words "Living the Dream."  Taz said it was in tribute to Hulk Hogan for making the match.    The fans were strongly behind Lethal at the bell.  They locked up with Lethal grabbing a side headlock.  Flair reversed but was shoved off.  Lethal mocked Flair's mannerisms.  Flair shoulderblocked him down but was caught with a dropkick.  Lethal backdropped Flair over and clotheslined Flair over the top to the floor.

As Flair returned to the apron, he caught Lethal in the gut with a shoulder and tried to suplex Lethal out of the ring.  Lethal reversed it and suplexed Flair into the ring for a two count.  He nailed a missile dropkick for another but Flair caught Lethal with a thumb to the eye.  Flair chopped away on Lethal in the corner.  Lethal blocked a punch and began chopping away on Flair in the corner.  Flair stumbled out of the corner and hit the Flair flop. 

Flair went to the top rope but Lethal caught him.  Lethal scored with a superplex into the ring, then teased a top rope elbowsmash.  He instead went for a moonsault but Flair rolled out of the way.  Flair began working on Lethal's legs to set up for the figure four leglock.  Dueling chants began.    Flair finally locked in the figure four in the center of the ring and began using the ropes for leverage.  Lethal sold the figure four like a champ.  Hebner finally caught Flair using the ropes and forced a break.  Flair shoved Hebner, who shoved back and Lethal rolled up Flair for a two count.

Flair grabbed Lethal by the mouth, fishhooking him and dragging him to the corner.  Flair began working over Lethal in the corner with chops.  Lethal finally began returning them in kind.  Lethal ducked a clothesline and nailed a flying forearm.  Lethal reversed an Irish whip and hit a handspring elbow.  Taz said Flair thinks he's back in the ring with Muta right now.  Big pop!   Flair tossed Lethal into the corner but Lethal did the Flair Flop, landing on the apron and doing a strut.  Flair charged and Lethal sunset flipped him over the ropes, pulling Flair's tights down in the process.  Taz said sometimes, you just gotta show your ass.

Flair came back with a sleeper but Lethal slipped out and came off the ropes with knees over Flair's legs.  Flair began limping.  Lethal began working on Flair's legs, then locked a figure four of his own in the center of the ring.  Flair tapped!

Your winner, Jay Lethal!

Good match and probably better than anyone should have expected out of Flair at this point and time.  They did all the trademark Flair stuff and Lethal did a real good job and looked like a top flight guy..

Flair shoved Hebner after the match but Hebner shoved him back down.  Lethal took the mic and said, "Hey Mom!  I did it!"

Christy Hemme interviewed Jeff Hardy.  Hardy said he's going to keep the Victory Road hot and all his creatures were going to fly high with him as the new World champion.

Mike Tenay previewed the TNA Tag Team title bout.

Tournament Final: Beer Money Inc. vs. The Motor City Machineguns for TNA Tag Team championship

Shelley and Roode started.  The Guns controlled early but Roode caught Sabin with a punch.  The Guns came back with some double team moves, taking James down from the apron with a dropkick and knocking Roode out of the ring with a flurry of offense.  Roode nailed Sabin with a hard shot but Shelley caught him with a bulldog.  Shelley worked over Roode's arm.  The Guns tagged in and out to keep Roode off balance and wear him down.  Taz referenced Mel Torme as a tap dancer.  Hey Taz, you want to use Fred Astaire for that next time.  Save Mel Torme for the Night Court references!

Storm got into it with Sabin, allowing Roode to post Shelley's nether-regions.  Storm locked in a rear chinlock.  Shelley tried to fight back but was cut off.  Beer Money nailed a double team suplex.  So far, so good.  Roode nailed a gutbuster for a two count.  He cinched in a gut wrench from behind to wear down Shelley.  Shelley began using elbows to fight his way out, but was shoved into the turnbuckles in Beer Money's corner.  Storm tagged in and continued to wear down Shelley on the mat.

Roode grabbed Shelley and held him in the corner but Shelley fought his way out.   Shelley went for the hot tag but was cut off.  He finally made it.  Sabin shoved Roode into his own partner and hit a twisting DDT on Roode.  Storm broke it up.  Sabin punted Storm in the face with a nasty kick to the face.  Sabin hit a springboard dive for a two count.  The Guns began double teaming Roode with synchronized moves.  Shelley nailed a standing sliced bread #2 for a two count on Roode.  Roode nailed Shelley with a Stun Gun.

Sabin battled both members of Beer Money but was cut off.  Storm nailed the Whirlybird.   They slammed Shelley over Roode's knees for a two count.  Beer Money was shocked there was a kick out.  Fans began chanting for the Guns.  The Guns hit their series of kicks to the head of Roode but Storm clotheslined them both out of the corner.  Good match.

Storm went for a kick but Shelley blocked it.  Sabin nailed a big boot to the back of the head.  Storm went to the floor where Sabin nailed a high cross body to the outside.  Roode went outside but Shelley hit a suicide dive.  Best match on the show so far.  Storm grabbed a beer bottle from ringside as the Guns worked over Roode.  Storm spit it into the eyes of the referee Brian Hebner when he meant to nail Shelley.  The Guns laid out Roode but there was no referee to count.  Earl Hebner hit the ring, stumbling through the ropes, and made the count but Roode kicked out at two.

Sabin hit Air Sabu off Shelley's back in the corner on Roode, then dove through the ropes on Storm.  Roode caught Shelley with a spinebuster but Shelley kicked out.  Roode was extremely frustrated and showed it.  Roode and Shelley went back and forth.  The Guns murdered him with kicks.  Storm rolled up Sabin as Shelley covered Roode.  Each referee counted a pin.  Beer Money's music played but father and son argued over who won.  In the end, they restarted the match, which the crowd loved.  Nice false finish.

Beer Money too out the Guns at the bell but the Guns came back with offense so fast there was no way I could recap it all.  The crowd is loving this.  Shelley nailed a high cross bodyblock off the top on Roode and scored the pin.

Your winners and new TNA Tag Team champions, The Motor City Machineguns.

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