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By Mike Johnson on 2010-04-18 22:00:00

Jeremy Borash interviewed Team Flair.  Flair told Borash he really annoys him.  Flair said they were in Team Flair country.  Flair said they appreciate the enthusiasm and youth of RVD and Jeff Hardy, but the future of TNA is Beer Money.  He mocked the idea of Jeff Jarrett being a legend, when he has Sting on their side.  He mocked Abyss being taken out the last few weeks.    Flair promised we'd never see Hogan on TNA television again after tonight. 

Borash then turned his attention to the TNA championship match.  AJ Styles pointed out he was the longest reigning TNA champion ever and there is no one he hasn't beaten, dating back all the way to day one.  He told Pope Dinero to go to the mirror and tell himself he's no AJ Styles.  He said Pope has nothing that Styles possesses.  Styles said his Sunday night service ends tonight and there's nothing he can do about it....but like it.

TNA X-Division championship: Kazarian vs. Homicide vs. Shannon Moore

Taz said he didn't think it was cool TNA stripped Williams.  AGREED.

Kazarian and Moore worked on Homicide early with legdrops.  Homicide went to the apron, where the other two took turns slamming the back of his head into the cage with punches and dropkicks.  Kaz covered Homicide but Moore pulled him over.  They went face to face but then turned their attention back to Homicide.

Moore and Kaz went back and forth punching each other.  Kaz sunset flipped Moore, who kicked up.  Kaz pulled him into the next pinfall combination.  As they grappled, Homicide dropkicked them both.  He caught Moore with a back elbow, then suplexed Kazarian for a two count.  He nailed an exploder on Moore for a two count, then choked Kazarian against the ring ropes.

Homicide did the Three Amigos suplex, but Moore turned the second one into an inverted atomic drop.  Kazarian tried to steal the pin but Moore jumped him.  Moore placed Homicide on the top rope.  He punched Homicide, who nailed the back of his head into the cage.  Kazarian joined Moore on the top and they went for a double superplex but Homicide nailed headbutts on them both and hit a double Ace Crusher off the ropes on both.  He covered Moore for a two count then jumped on Kazarian for a two count.

Kazarian rolled up Homicide from behind and nailed Moore with a Northern Lights suplex at the same time for stereo two counts.  Kazarian went for something on the ropes but slipped and nailed the cage. Moore came off the top with a forward flip on Homicide for a two count.  Kazarian covered Moore but Homicide nailed him with a jawbreaker. Homicide nailed Moore in the corner, then did the same to Kaz.

Homicide went to the top for a cutter on Moore but was shoved off.  Kazarian and Moore both walked the rope towards each other and battled atop the ropes.  Moore got the better of it and Kaz was knocked into the ring.  Moore hit a moonsault onto Homicide for a two count.

Kazarian picked up Moore for a powerbomb, only to slam Moore backwards into the cage before bombing him into the cage.  Kazarian pulled Homicide to the top rope for the Flux Capacitor but Homicide battled him off and nailed a nasty beel off the top.  Kazarian landed in a scary bump.  Moore covered him but Homicide came off the top with a flying headbutt to break it up.

Moore got the better of Homicide but Homicide played possum.  He went for a Gringo Killer but Kazarian laid him out and hit an insane looking version of the Kryptonite Krunch for the pin.

Your winner and new X-Division champion, Kazarian!

They worked their asses off here. 

They noted the X-Division belt was in the UK with Doug Williams.

Christy Hemme interviewed Pope Dinero.  Dinero said he was going to slap Styles so hard, his highlights were going to catch a midnight train to Georgia.  He talked about how he's stylin' not AJ Styles.  He said when he walks into a restaurant, people take notice.  When Styles walks in, people ask him to get them a drink.  Dinero said this is the biggest night of his life and he's been working his entire life to get to this moment.  He said once he gets the title, no one will have a doubt that Pope is pimping.  Great promo.

Team 3D vs. Scott Hall & Kevin Nash

Huge pop for 3D when their music hit.  They came out with a table.  Bubba took the mic and asked St. Louis if they were ready to get wild and crazy.  Bubba told the referee to leave the cage door open, because everyone came to see Team 3D fight, not to see them wrestle.  He told the Band tonight was a St. Louis Street Fight where Falls Count Anywhere in the bulding.  Nice way to make things up for the Waltman no show.  Hall has lost more weight.

They all started brawling on the rampway.  Hall teased a Razor's Edge on Ray but was backdropped over.  Nash was tossed into a railing by Devon.  Ray and Hall went into the crowd.  Nash and Devon followed.  They all brawled in the crowd.  Ray nailed Hall with a beer.  The crowd was into it big-time.

They returned to ringside where The Band took over control.  They tossed Devon into the cage.  Ray was out on the floor.  The arena started chanting for tables.   Nash and Hall beat down Devon in the crowd.  Hall tried to hold the cage door to prevent Ray from entering.  Nash continued to measure and beat down Devon.

Hall and Nash switched places.  Ray grabbed a chair and hit the door, "hurting" Nash's hand, then slammed the cage door into Nash's face.  Bubba hit the ring and was clubbering and chopping away.  3D sandwiched the Band in the corner.  Devon splashed them, followed by Bubba.

Ray slammed Hall and called for the Wazzup headbutt.  They took Nash out.  Devon hit the headbutt.  Devon went to get the tables.  This is fun as heck and the crowd is LOVING THIS.  They set up for a Dudley Death Drop on Hall through the table and nailed it.

Devon covered Hall and scored the pin.

Your winners, Team 3D!

From a fun standpoint, this was the best thing on the show so far.  Say what you will about the players here, but they all worked hard, used everything they could to put on a show and got the biggest reaction of everything thus far on the show.  Thumbs up.

Ken Anderson vs. Kurt Angle

Anderson did his own ring introduction before the bout, saying he had "his precious" (the key).  The strange thing is no one else has needed a key to get in and out of the cage all night really.  So weird to build this stip for weeks and then have the undercard sort of flout its not a big deal.  Anderson is wearing the key around his neck.

They faced off.  Anderson dropkicked Angle and tried to escape.  That was cute.  Angle grabbed him.  Anderson got the mount and began beating Angle with a chain wrapped around his fist.  He tried to escape again but Angle nailed him with a double axe handle across the back and a suplex.

Angle nailed Anderson with a snap suplex.  He whipped Anderson into the ropes.  Anderson held onto the ropes.  Angle charged and Anderson snapped him into the cage.  Angle was bleeding a gusher.   Anderson mocked Angle, then snapped his head into the cage several times.  Anderson measured him and nailed a legdrop.  Angle mounted a comeback but Anderson slipped around him and charged Angle head first into the cage.

Angle snapped backwards to the mat.  Anderson went for a piledriver but was backdropped over.  Angle went to open the lock but Anderson attacked him from behind.  Anderson is now bleeding hardway.    He went to the top but Angle popped up and hit a belly to belly superplex.  Crowd chanted TNA. 

Anderson took control and began choking Angle with his wrist tape while scissoring his body to hold him in place.  Angle began to black out but fought his way to his knees.  The crowd was into the comeback.  Angle elbowed his way out and hit a back suplex.  They battled back and forth.  Angle nailed several clotheslines and an overhead suplex.  The crowd is bigtime into this one and it's real good.

Angle charged but Anderson kicked him off.  Anderson went after Angle but was caught with an overhead belly to belly suplex.  Angle went for the Angleslam but Anderson avoided.  Anderson suplexed Angle over but wasn't allowed to make a pin.  He went for the Mic Check but Angle slipped out and began hitting a series of German back suplexes.  He ended up nailing six of them.

Angle went to the door to escape, but looked back at Anderson.  He pulled down the straps and locked on the ankle lock.    Anderson kicked him off and nailed the Mic Check.  Anderson opened the lock but Angle nailed an Angle slam.  Angle locked the door again and threw the key to the crowd.  Anderson tried to get out and freaked he was locked in.  He kept trying to climb out but Angle prevented him.

They ended up on the ropes.  Angle nailed a crazy back suplex off the ropes into the ring.  The place went nuts for that spot.  Taz put over the spot as saying he's thrown "a few" suplexes in his day but never threw anything like that.    Angle went to the top of the cage and went for the moonsault and nailed it.  That may have been the first and only time Angle actually nailed that move off the cage.

Angle suddenly had a key to unlock the door.  Taz said that there must have had another one.  He went to walk out but Anderson got up and gave him the double finger.  Angle returned but was lowblowed and hit with the Mic Check.  Anderson went to crawl out but Angle grabbed him by the ankle at the last minute and pulled him back in.  Anderson kept tapping but there was no submission.  Anderson finally rolled through and Angle crashed into the cage.

Anderson tried to leave but Angle began choking him out with the chain for the warrior medal.  Angle spit in his face, stomped on Mr. Anderson's testes and walked out to win.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

This was a hell of a match with some bonafide insane spots and a really good, grueling brutal back and forth fight.  This may have been the best match of Anderson's career.  This was just great.

Angle took the mic and said the fans were the best.  He announced he was taking some time off to step back and regroup.  He said when he comes back, he will only have one goal in mind - winning the TNA championship.

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