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By Buck Woodward on 2010-01-31 22:35:00

Backstage, Shawn Michaels was watching the Undertaker match.  Kane approached him, and said Shawn's obsession with Undertaker was "unhealthy", and noted he was the man who has eliminated more than any other in a Rumble match, as well as the only man to face Undertaker twice at Wrestlemania.  Kane left, and Triple H entered.  He and Shawn wished each other luck, and Shawn said he and the Undertaker was meant to be.  Triple H said "I know, and that's why I know you'll find another way" before leaving.

The video package for the Royal Rumble was shown.   They are doing 90-second intervals this year.  We will be posting updates throughout this match.

30-Man Royal Rumble, the winner to receive a championship match at Wrestlemania.

Number one is Dolph Ziggler.

Number two is Evan Bourne.

Bourne and Ziggler trash talked at the start, then stared at the Wrestlemania sign.  Bourne hit some kicks to the leg, then went for a whip.  Ziggler reversed, but Bourne hit a rana and a spinkick.  Ziggler fought back with punches, then dropkicked Bourne.  Bourne came back with a double knee driver.  Bourne used a rana to send Ziggler over the top rope, but Ziggler stopped himself.  Ziggler hit Bourne with a Zig Zag.  Ziggler tossed Bourne out, but he landed on the apron and kicked Ziggler.  Bourne hit Air Bourne on Ziggler. 

Number three is CM Punk. 

Punk hit Bourne with a clothesline and elbow, then missed a spinkick.  Bourne hit a kick, then charged Punk.  Punk moved and Bourne collided with Ziggler.  Punk threw out Ziggler, then Bourne. 

Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne are eliminated. 

Punk got on the mic and said this would be a historic night for the Straight Edge Society. He said more men would be eliminated, or they could be "saved" if they want. 

Number four is JTG.

JTG went on the attack, hitting a clothesline and dropkick.  JTG got up on the ropes to punch Punk in a corner, but Punk dumped him to the floor. 

JTG is eliminated. 

Punk continued his promo, saying not everyone can win the Rumble, and not everyone can be saved. 

Number five is the Great Khali. 

Punk tried to convince Khali that he could "save him."  Punk tied to get Khali to pledge to the Straight Edge lifestyle.  Khali chopped him instead.  Khali put Punk in the head vice.

Number six is Beth Phoenix. 

Phoenix got in the ring and faced off with Khali, who had thrown Punk to the mat.  Khali picked up Phoenix and put her on the ring apron.  Khali told her to leave.  Phoenix grabbed Khali and kissed him, at the same time pulling him over the top rope.  Khali fell to the floor. 

The Great Khali is eliminated. 

Phoenix gave Punk a clothesline, then went to throw him over the top rope.  Punk slid out of her attempt and gave Phoenix the GTS. 

Number seven is Zack Ryder. 

Punk threw the unconscious Phoenix out of the ring. 

Beth Phoenix is eliminated. 

As Ryder got in the ring, Punk got on the mic and said Ryder had potential.  Punk then hit Ryder with the mic.  Punk pounded Ryder, and there was a slight "CM Punk" chant.  Punk threw Ryder over the top rope. 

Zack Ryder is eliminated. 

Punk got back on the mic, saying he is better than everyone. 

Number eight is Triple H. 

Triple H and Punk stood face to face, then Triple H blasted him with right hands and a facebuster to the knee.  Punk battled back, but Triple H gave him a spinebuster. 

Number nine is Drew McIntyre. 

McIntyre took his time coming down, watching Triple H pound Punk.  Triple H dared McIntyre to get in the ring.  Triple H gave McIntyre a jumping knee.  Triple H went for a Pedigree on Punk, but Punk blocked it and went for a GTS.  Triple H blocked the GTS and threw Punk out of the ring. 

CM Punk is eliminated.

McIntyre worked over Triple H with punches and the brawled in a corner.  

Number ten is Ted DiBiase. 

DiBiase ran right into a Triple H clothesline.  Triple H clotheslined McIntyre, then DiBiase powerslammed Triple H.  McIntyre and DiBiase double teamed Triple H. 

Number eleven is John Morrison. 

Morrison went right after DiBiase, hitting a leg lariat, then tackled McIntyre and pounded him on the mat.  Morrison gave McIntyre a DDT, but DiBiase attacked Morrison and stomped him.  DiBiase went for Dream Street, but Morrison gave him a Pele Kick.  Morrison gave McIntyre Starship Pain.  Triple H clotheslined Morrison. 

Number twelve is Kane. 

Triple H punched DiBiase in a corner.  Kane went to the top rope and clotheslined Triple H.  Kane punched everyone in the ring, and clotheslined DiBiase in a corner, then gave him a side slam.  Kane hit a double choekslam on Morrison and McIntyre, then gave HHH a big boot.  Kane punched DiBiase as he jumped off the ropes and tried to eliminate him. Kane chokeslammed Triple H when he went after Kane. 

Number thirteen is Cody Rhodes. 

Rhodes stopped Kane from eliminating DiBiase, and Legacy stomped Kane.  Rhodes gave DiBiase a legsweep.  Rhodes gave McIntyre a clotheslined.  Rhodes backdropped Morrison to the apron.  Morrison went to springboard in, but Rhodes dropkicked him in mid-air.  Legacy went back to work on Kane, but Triple H broke it up. McIntyre worked over Morrison, until Kane attacked him.  HHH tossed Cody out, but he held onto the ropes. 

Number fourteen in MVP. 

As MVP walked out, Miz ran up behind him and blasted him with the U.S. Title belt.  Miz walked off, leaving MVP unconscious in the aisle.  Morrison hit McIntyre with a Flying Chuck Kick as he was about to DDT Kane.  MVP was helped to the back by referees, so I guess he is out. 

MVP is eliminated due to being unable to compete. 

Number fifteen is Carlito. 

Carlito took turns hitting everyone in the ring, but Legacy grabbed him and whipped him into the ropes.  Carlito hit Legacy with a double springboard elbow.  McIntyre whipped Carlito into Morrison, and Carlito monkeyflipped him.  Carlito gave Triple H a Backstabber, then gave one to McIntyre, then one to DiBiase. 

Number sixteen is The Miz. 

Miz grabbed Carlito from behind and hit the Skull Crushing Finale.  MVP ran back out, tackled Miz and the two flipped over the top rope and to the floor, where they brawled. 

Miz is eliminated, and if MVP wasn't before, he is now!

Legacy almost eliminated Triple H, but Kane broke it up.  McIntyre almost eliminated Morrison, Triple H almost eliminated Carlito. 

Number seventeen is Matt Hardy. 

Hardy gave McIntyre a Twist Of Fate, and Cody Rhodes a Side Effect.  Matt got on the second rope, but Kane shoved him to the floor. 

Matt Hardy is eliminated. 

Triple H came up behind Kane and pushed him over the top rope. 

Kane is eliminated, 

Triple H went on a spinebuster spree, then was about to Pedigree Rhodes, when McIntyre chop blocked his leg.

Number eighteen is Shawn Michaels. 

Shawn backdropped Carlito from the ring. 

Carlito is eliminated. 

Shawn gave Legacy reverse atomic drops, then tossed out Cody Rhodes, then Ted DiBiase. 

Cody Rhodes is eliminated. 

Ted DiBiase is eliminated. 

John Morrison missed a springboard kick on Michaels, and Michaels tossed him out. 

John Morrison is eliminated.

DX double teamed McIntyre and clotheslined him from the ring. 

Drew McIntyre is eliminated. 

DX stood face to face. 

Number nineteen is John Cena. 

John Cena charged the ring, hit a double shoulderblock on DX, then picked up Triple H and swung his legs into Shawn while hitting a suplex.  Cena gave DX a double Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Cena tried to eliminate Michaels, but Triple H stopped him, and gave Cena a Pedigree.  Shawn then superkicked Triple H out of th e ring. 

Triple H is eliminated, 

Number twenty is Shelton Benjamin. 

Benjamin went after Cena and Michaels, hitting Paydirt on Michaels.  Benjamin went for it on Cena, but Cena blocked it and tossed Benjamin from the ring. 

Shelton Benjamin is eliminated.

Michaels gave Cena a back suplex. 

Number twenty-one is Yoshi Tatsu. 

Tatsu gave Michaels a spinkick, then hit Cena with a series of kicks.  Tatsu gave Michaels a rolling mare and a kick, but missed Cena with a kick.  Cena clotheslined Tatsu and tossed him out.

Yoshi Tatsi is eliminated. 

Michaels pounded Cena, who came back with a bulldog.  Cena worked over Michaels with punches in a corner. 

Number twenty-two is Big Show. 

Show actually jogged to the ring.  Show hit headbutts on Michaels and Cena.  Show went to throw Michaels over the top rope, but Michaels held onto Show's neck to avoid being eliminated.   Michaels got back in and Cena almost dumped him, but Michaels skinned the cat, trying to grab Show in a headscissors.  Show tossed Michaels off, into the ring.  Show chokeed Michaels with his boot.

Number twenty-three is Mark Henry. 

Big Show stared down Henry, as Michaels and Cena were laid out.  Henry and Show went chest-to-chest and Show shoved him.  Henry started to lift Show, but Show stopped him with a right hand.  Cena punched SHow and hit a shoulder block.  Henry headbutted Show, then Cena hit another shoulderblock.  Henry slammed Big Show.  Cena went to lift Henry in a fireman's carry, but collapsed. 

Number twenty-four is Chris Masters.

Show speared Henry.  Michaels and Masters went at it, with Masters hitting a press slam.  Masters then went for a Masterlock on Big Show, and Show snap mared Masters over the top rope and to the floor. 

Chris Masters is eliminated. 

Mark Henry went to eliminate Big Show. 

Number twenty-five is R-Truth. 

Truth got behind the Show and Henry pile and pushed them over the top rope. 

Big Show and Mark Henry are eliminated. 

R-Truth went back and forth, taking down Michaels and Cena with his trademark moves.  Truth almost had Michaels off, but he fought back in. 

Number twenty-six is Jack Swagger. 

Swagger clotheslined Truth and hit a V-Bomb on Cena.  Swagger then hit one on Michaels as well, then suplexed Cena.  Swagger suplexed Michaels, then rammed Truth into a corner and powerslammed him.  Michaels chopped Swagger, but Swagger came back with a clothesline.  Michaels went over the top rope, but held on. 

Number twenty-seven is Kofi Kingston. 

Kingston gave Swagger a top rope bodypress, a dropkick and a Boom drop.  Kofi charged Swagger and Swagger lifted him, but Kofi used a bodyscissors to pull Swagger over the ropes and drop him to the floor. 

Jack Swagger is eliminated. 

R-Truth and Kofi went at it, with Truth backdropping him from the ring.  Kofi held on, grabbed Truth with a headscissors, and pulled him out of the ring. 

R-Truth is eliminated. 

Number twenty-eight is Chris Jericho. 

Jericho laid out Kingston, but Cena hit Jericho with an Attitude Adjustment.  Michaels gave Cena a DDT. Michaels went to the top rope and dropped an elbow on Jericho.  Michaels stomped for Sweet Chin Music, but Kofi hit him with Trouble In Paradise.  Cena picked up Kofi in a fireman's carry and tossed him out.

Kofi Kinston is eliminated. 

Jericho gave Cena a Codebreaker.

Number twenty-nine is Edge. 

Jericho stared at Edge, getting angry.  Jericho charged Edge, but missed a clothesline.  Edge gave Jericho a spear, then Michaels, then Cena.  Edge threw Jericho over the top rope. 

Chris Jericho is eliminated. 

Michaels went for Edge, and Edge gave him a reverse facebuster.  Cena went for Edge, and Edge gave him a reverse DDT.  Edge went to eliminate Michaels. 

Number thirty is Batista. 

The final four are Cena, Michaels, Edge and Batista. 

Batista gave Edge a spinebuster, gave Michaels a powerslam and gave Cena a spinebuster.  Edge gave Batista a spear, then Cena gave Edge an Attitude Adjustment.  Michaels gave Cena a reverse atomic drop, then one for Batista.  Michaels slammed Cena, then Batista. Michaels gave Cena a top rope elbowdrop.  Michaels gave Batista an enzugiri.  Michaels went to the top rope and dropped an elbow on Batista. Michaels stomped for a superkick, and gave it to Cena, then gave one to Batista.  Edge charged Michaels, and they both went over the top rope.  They fought on the apron, and Michaels superkicked Edge back into the ring.  Batista charged Michaels, and he tried to hold on, but fell to the floor. 

Shawn Michaels is eliminated. 

Michaels threw the referee to the floor that told him he was eliminated.  He got back in the ring, but referee Charles Robinson got in to stop him.  Michaels superkicked Robinson. Michaels was finally convinced to leave the ring.  Michaels was screaming as he left. 

Back in the ring, Batista kicked Cena and went for a Batista Bomb, but Cena backdropped him.  Batista went for a clothesline, but Cena ducked and pulled down the top rope.  Batista went over the top rope and to the floor. 

Batista is eliminated. 

Edge was measuring Cena for a spear.  Cena got up slowly, seemingly knowing it was coming.  Cena dodged the spear, and kicked Edge in the chest.  Cena then charged Edge, but Edge sidestepped him and tossed Cena out of the ring. 

John Cena is eliminated. 

Winner: Edge.

Edge did the ceremonial pointing at the Wrestlemania sign, as fireworks went off. That ended the show.

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