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By Mike Johnson on 2009-11-22 22:48:00
They aired a promo for the TLC PPV.  It was all crazy spots using the expected weapons.

They showed footage of Batista beating Mysterio down earlier, then sent it to an interview "earlier" with Todd Grisham and Batista.  Batista asked if Mysterio was embarrassed tonight.  Batista said he was embarrassed for Mysterio and walked off.

WWE champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

Michaels and HHH both came out to the DX theme. 

At the bell, Michaels nailed Hunter with Sweet Chin Music and laid out Hunter, who fell out of the ring.  Cena was shocked.  Michaels had a slight smirk.  The crowd chanted "HBK."  Michaels and Cena went back and forth.  Michaels caught him with a Thesz Press and a series of punches.

Cena came back with a running bulldog and a suplex.  He covered Michaels for a two count.  Cena caught Michaels on the top and nailed several kicks to the chest.  Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but Michaels turned it into a DDT.  Michaels caught Cena from behind with a chop block.  The crowd began chanting that Cena sucked.

Michaels locked in a figure four leglock in the center.   Cena finally reversed it, so Michaels broke the hold.  Michaels began nailing chops and Cena returned with punches.  Cena ducked a clothesline attempt and nailed one of his own.  Cena charged Michaels, who ducked down and Cena went sailing through the ropes to the outside.

Michaels hit a plancha over the ropes on Cena.  Michaels began clearing off the announcing table.  The announcers were teasing that we were seeing the old Michaels, not the fun loving DX Michaels.  Cena caught Michaels and went for the Attitude Adjuster through a table.  Hunter attacked Cena and broke it up.  Michaels nailed Cena.  Hunter then grabbed Michaels and hit a spinebuster through the table.

Hunter dragged Cena back into the ring and covered him for a two count.  Hunter whips Cena into the turnbuckles.  Hunter began drilling a downed Cena with kicks in the corner.  Hunter covered Cena for a two count.   Hunter nailed a hangman's neckbreaker for a two count.    Hunter nailed him with a running clothesline for another near fall.

Hunter and Cena began nailing punches in the center of the ring.  Cena ducked a clothesline and rebounded off the ropes with a series of shoulderblocks.  Cena did the five knuckle shuffle.  He went for the Attitude Adjuster but Michaels broke it up.  Michaels shot Cena into the ringpost shoulder-first.

Michaels and Hunter faced off in the center of the ring as enemies for the first time since Backlash 2004.  Michaels caught Hunter with a series of chops and inverted atomic drops.    Hunter caught him with a running high knee.  Hunter drilled him with a knee.  Michaels ducked a clothesline and hit a flying forearm off the ropes.  All three men were down.  Michaels kipped up but was clipped by Hunter.

Hunter kicked Michaels in the gut and went for the Pedigree but Michaels backdropped him over.  Michaels went to the top rope for the picture perfect elbowdrop but Cena hit the ring and crotched him.    Cena went to the top and went for an Alabama Jam but Hunter moved.  Michaels hit the elbow but Hunter grabbed him and threw Michaels out of the ring. 

Cena caught Hunter with an STF in the center.  As Hunter made his way to the ropes, Michaels grabbed Cena in a Crossface.  Cena powered his way to his feet, moving Michaels into an attempted Attitude Adjustment.  Michaels elbowed his way out but Cena wasn't too dazed as he caught Michaels in an STF.  Michaels teased tapping but finally made his way to the ropes.

Michaels caught Cena with Sweet Chin Music, then nailed one on Hunter, thrusting himself out of the ring from the force.  Hunter landed atop of Cena.  The referee counted and it was only two.  All three tried to recover.

Cena recovered first and nailed the Atttitude Adjustment on HHH.  Cena went down from exhaustion as Michaels pulled himself back in the ring.  Cena and Michaels both crawled towards the prone HHH.  They both covered Triple H, who got his shoulder up at two.

Michaels grabbed Cena to prevent the champ from using the ropes to get back on his feet.  Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music but it was kicked.  Michaels attempted to piledrive HHH but was backdropped.  Cena caught Michaels on his shoulder for an Attitude Adjustment  but Michaels escaped.  Hunter grabbed Cena for the Pedigree but Michaels caught Hunter with Sweet Chin Music.  Michaels turned into an Attitude Adjustment on top of Hunter.  Cena covered Hunter for the pin.

Your winner and still WWE champion, John Cena!

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