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By Mike Johnson on 2008-10-05 22:47:00

JBL vs. Batista to earn #1 Contender Status to WWE World championship.

They battled back and forth with Batista nailing a clothesline early.  Batista nailed an elbow as JBL rebounded off the ropes for a near fall.  Batista worked over JBL in the corner.  JBL tried to come back with the Clothesline from Hell but was caught with a spear.  JBL rolled out of the ring to save himself.

Batista followed him to the floor, where they battled briefly.  JBL nailed a neckbreaker and dropped an elbow for a two count  JBL locked on a side chinlock.  Batista came back with a back suplex to break the hold.  Batista took control, working over JBL in the corner with shoulderblocks, then hitting an over the shoulder powerslam.  Batista set up the spear but JBL kicked him in the mush.

JBL went for the clothesline from Hell but was caught with a spinebuster.  Batista called for the Batistabomb and nailed it for the pin.

Your winner and new top contender, Batista!

The match was exactly what you would have expected going in from an in-ring standpoint but the entire thing was designed to make Batista look dominant as hell.

JBL took the ring mic and said that this has been a terrible week.  JBL said that he really thought he was going to defeat Batista and go on to win the World title, but to be honest, his heart wasn't in the match.  He said that it's been a terrible week but he wanted to tell everyone that he's the most blessed person in the world because thanks to Congress, his riches have been bailed out because the reality is rich people make the world go around.  He said the Layfield family thanks them all for allowing him to keep his penthouse apartment in Central Park, even if it costs the average family $10,000 each.  He said God Bless America and God Bless me.  Jerry Lawler was ripping on the bailout as well.

Cryme Time's music hit.  Is this a PPV or an episode of Raw?  They popped up on the Titantron.  They said that while the taxpayers bailed out JBL, they were bailing out his limo.  They showed all the Divas dancing their way into the limo...followed by Sgt.  Slaughter, of all people.  That was a funny cameo.  They drove the limo out with Mickie James blowing the "Money Money, Yeah Yeah" line.  JBL looked furious.

Big Show vs. The Undertaker

They immediately began exchanging blows.  Big Show knocked Taker to the floor, where he whipped Taker into the railing.  After seeing the Wrestlemania special a few days ago and seeing Show here, it's amazing how much weight he's packed back on.  Undertaker took control, nailing a guillotine legdrop off the apron.

Back in the ring, Taker hit several big running charges.  Show reversed an Irish Whip but Taker kicked him off.  Show came back with a massive shoulderblock.  Show worked over Taker with punches, slammed him and dropped an elbow for a two count.  Taker began mounting a comeback with several rights.  Taker went for a slam but Taker dropped down behind him and attempted a Dragon Sleeper but was shoved backwards into the corner.

Show went to the middle rope and attempted a splash but Taker moved.  They went back and forth with blows.  Taker nailed the Heat Seeking Missile.  Taker dropped a leg for a two count.  Taker went for a chokeslam but Show grabbed him as well.  Show won the battle and lifted him for the chokeslam, but Taker turned it into a DDT for a two count. 

Taker began beating Show again and again in the corner with fists as Show countered.  Referee Charles Robinson tried to get in his way and Taker chased him off.  Show used the moment to remove a turnbuckle pad and slammed Taker into it.  he nailed the dazed Taker with several big right hands.  Taker was down on the mat when Show nailed him with another one.  The referee stopped the match.

Your winner, via Knockout, The Big Show!

Big Show walked out smiling as Undertaker fought to regain his bearings.  You could hear the crowd chanting for Taker.  They closed in on Taker looking all glassy-eyed. 

The match was the type of big man bout you would expect from these two but they were working hard.  The finish is obviously designed to build to a situation where fans can vote for the stip on the Cyber Sunday rematch.

They plugged WWE 24/7.  When they returned, Taker was slowly walking up the aisle to the locker room.

They showed Triple H walking backstage on his way to the ring.  They announced that 72% if voters were "rooting" for Jeff Hardy tonight.

WWE champ Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy

They shook hands at the bell but Triple H nailed him the second Hardy turned his back.  Hardy and HHH locked up and H went right after the arm.  They went back and forth with counters early before facing off.  Hardy went for a hiptoss but HHH reversed it.  Hardy rebounded with a side headlock takeover.  They continued going back and forth on the mat with takedowns and counters.

Hardy came off the ropes and nailed HHH with rolling head scissors.  HHH rolled to the outside, where Hardy hit a running clothesline off the apron to the floor.  Hardy went right back to the side headlock takeover, controlling HHH on the mat when they returned to the ring.  HHH backdropped Hardy over the ropes but he landed on his feet.  Hardy went for a shoulderblock through the ropes but was caught in the setup for a Pedigree.   He backdropped HHH over the ropes to the floor.  Hardy went for a forward flip dive to the floor but HHH avoided it and Hardy nailed the floor.

HHH controlled Hardy when they returned to the ring, working on Hardy's injured back.  Hardy began to make a comeback but Triple H nailed a kneelift.  Hardy kicked up at the last second.  Triple H nailed a kneedrop for a two count.  Triple H captured Hardy in an abdominal stretch.  He used the ropes to his advantage.  After breaking it, HHH locked on a sleeper.  Jim Ross namechecked Wilbur Snyder and Pat O'Connor in the same sentence saying Triple H was studying the greats and mastering their strategies.

Hardy made a comeback with several near falls.  He nailed the Cruncher for a two count, then whipped HHH into the corner, where he bumped over the top to the floor.  Hardy hit the forward flip dive to the floor.  The crowd began chanting his name.  Back in the ring, Hardy hit a clothesline off the middle turnbuckle for a two count.  Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but HHH nailed him with a clothesline.

Hardy reversed an Irish Whip into the corner but HHH kicked him off.  HHH came out of the corner but was caught and hit with a faceplant for a two count.  HHH whipped Hardy into the corner.  Hardy tried to rebound off with a twisting bodypress but HHH got his knee up.  He covered Hardy but only scored a two count.  Triple H followed up with a spinebuster. 

Triple H set up Hardy for the Pedigree but he reversed it into a catapult in the corner.  Hardy hit the Whisper in the Wind for a two count.  Hardy went for the swanton off the top but missed.  Triple H went for the Pedigree but Hardy turned it into the Twist of Fate.  He nailed the swanton and covered Triple H but at 2, HHH turned it into a Crucifix and scored the three count.

Your winner and still WWE champion, Triple H!

Great match.  They had some mighty fine wrestling here and the best part was that the way they booked the finish, they put over that Hardy could have (should have) won the belt but Triple H eeked one out, as opposed to beating Hardy in a way that killed his momentum.  I can't see how they didn't build interest for a rematch down the line. 

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