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By Mike Johnson on 2008-09-14 23:00:00

TNA X-Division champion Petey Williams vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Earl Hebner is the referee and you could hear the "You Screwed Bret" chants while Mike Tenay and Don West were previewing this match.  Creed came out wearing his Apollo Creed-inspired red, white and blue outfit and got more of a heel reaction than Bashir did. 

Williams nailed Bashir, who powdered out.  Williams and Creed started out.  The Bret chants started again.  You know its bad when the most over heel is the referee and its from something that happened over a decade ago.  Creed hit a split into a somersault clothesline on Williams.  Bashir, Williams and Creed went into an insanely fast three-way back and forth series of spots that was too fast to recap and easily the best thing so far on the show. 

Bashir hit a back suplex on Creed but Williams began unloading with chops and punches in the corner.  Williams rolled up Bashir but Creed nailed a sunset flip to break it up.  Williams hit a knee to Creed, when went to the floor.  Williams hit the Sabu dive over the ropes into a hurancanrana to the floor on Creed.   Bashir cut off Williams and tried to cover Creed for a two count.  Creed came back with an enziguiri.

Williams nailed a dropkick on Creed and several clotheslines on Bashir.  Williams nailed a combination side Russian legsweep and STO on both challengers and called for the Canadian Destroyer.  He teased nailing it on both but Bashir clotheslined him.  Bashir snapped Creed's throat across the top rope.  He set up Williams on the top rope for a superplex and nailed it.  Creed legdropped both off the top and covered them for stereo two counts.  Creed nailed a press slam but Bashir attacked him from behind, then tried to cover Williams.

Creed went for the TKO but Bashir escaped and shoved him into Williams.  Williams went for the Destroyer but didn't get it.  He locked on a Sharpshooter on Bashir.  Bashir, trapped, draped an arm over the prone Creed for a two count.  Williams pulled him off to the center of the ring.  Creed sprung off the ropes into a bulldog on Williams for a two count.  Creed went for a reverse neckbreaker.  Williams tried to nail the Destroyed but Creed turned it into a inside roll for a two count.  Williams hits the Destroyer but Bashir pulled Williams out of the ring and threw him into the ringpost.  Bashir returned to the ring and covered Creed for the pin.

Your winner and new X-Division champ, Sheik Abdul Bashir!

From a story and athletic standpoint, this was the best thing on the show by far.   Lots of innovative, athletic stuff here.  The first hour of the show felt really plodding, like things that were booked weren't working out in execution like they did on paper.  This was a welcome change from that.

They showed Samoa Joe arriving at the venue for his title defense.

TNA Knockouts champion Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love (with Velvet Sky and "Cute" Kip)

Wilde took the mic and said (terribly) that she wasn't going to be out here alone while Kip and Velvet were at ringside.  She introduced her newest best friend, Rhino.  Oh God, they are building to Rhino vs. Kip James???  Taylor and Love brawled to start the bout.   Wilde shoulderblocked Love down.  They showed Traci Brooks watching and taking notes from the aisle, because apparently there are no backstage monitors in Canada.

Wilde chased Love around the ring, giving Sky the chance to nail her with a makeup kit as Rhino and Kip argued.  Love covered Taylor for a two count.  Love whipped Wilde across the ring by her hair twice.  Love rubbed Wilde's eyes across the ropes.  They both grabbed at each other's hair and whipped themselves in stereo.  They began chopping back and forth.  Wilde hit several clotheslines.  Wilde teased a suplerplex but Love dropped her into the ring in a nasty looking bump.  Love goes for an uranage but is caught with a rollup.  Wilde kicks Love.  Kip hit the ring but was gored by Rhino. 

Sky hit the ring but was maneuvered into nailing her own partner.  Wilde hit a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Knockouts champion Taylor Wilde!

This was easily the weakest Knockouts showing in forever.  I don't know what it is about tonight but TNA isn't hitting any sort of stride.

Ladder of Love: Sonjay Dutt vs. Jay Lethal

They announced Val, at ringside, as "the woman putting her ring and her heart on the line tonight."   Seriously.  Lethal cleaned house on Dutt early, attacking him and hitting a cartwheel into a dropkick.  Lethal hit a release full nelson suplex.  Dutt powdered out of the ring but Lethal dove out onto him on the floor.  Lethal whipped Dutt into the guard rail.  Lethal set up the ladder and sent Dutt into it.  The crowd did the dueling chants.

Lethal went for a second ladder but was attacked by Dutt, who tossed him into the ring steps.  He tossed Lethal into the ring, then hit a slingshot legdrop.  Lethal backdropped Dutt over the top onto the ladder that was bridged across the ring to the railing.  There was no give in the ladder at all.  Lethal climbed the ladder but Dutt leapt onto the ladder, then yanked Lethal off.  They showed an upset Val in tears.

Dutt climbed up the ladder.  Lethal came from underneath and slammed him into the ladder then slammed him to the mat.  Lethal ascended to the top but Dutt bridged a second ladder from the first ladder and the ring ropes.  He pulled Lethal down onto the bridge then hit a flip dive across Lethal.  Easily the best thing on the show in terms of spots at this point.

Lethal came back and put the second ladder atop the standing one.  Nothing good can come of that.  Lethal attempted to slingshot Dutt into the ladder but he missed it completely.  The crowd turned on the spot.  Lethal set up the ladder across one of the turnbuckles and slammed Dutt into it.  He tried to climb the ladder in the center of the ring but was grabbed and crotched on the ladder in the corner, which then fell off the ropes.  Lethal hit a dropkick onto Dutt as he climbed the ladder.

Dutt tried Lethal upside down in the corner with Lethal's head being trapped inside a ladder in the corner, then dropkicked it.   They brawled onto the floor.  Dutt bridged a ladder between two chairs, then hit a reverse neckbreaker onto it by Jay.  Dutt set up a ladder in the ring.  Lethal set up the second one next to it.  They battled atop and Dutt locked on a camel clutch atop of the ladder.  Lethal sent Dutt off to the mat and tried in vain to reach the ring.  He came off the ladder but caught his leg and was unable to get loose.  Val came into the ring to help him.  Dutt lost his mind screaming at her to get out of the ring and began climbing the ladder.  Lethal consoled her and started up the ladder.  Val lowblowed Jay.  Dutt got the ring.

Your winner, Sonjay Dutt!

Val and Dutt began making out like ravenous badgers.  Lots of cool stunt spots here.  The crowd loved the spots but was quiet for the rest.  Once again, TNA fans want wrestling, not another WWE-inspired product.  I wish the company would realize this and embrace it.

By the way, how lame is it that the ladders have the TNA website address?

Backstage, Jeremy Borash asked Kurt Angle is Booker T not being here threw his game plan off.  Angle said that he put the business on the map and tonight, he would erase Samoa Joe's name from the history books and take back what's rightfully his.  Angle said that the onyl advantage Christian Cage had was that being in his home country, he'd have a short ambulance ride.  Angle then said that he was happy Jeff Jarrett was here tonight because Jarrett cost him his gold medals and he had something planned for Jarrett.  Good intense promo.  It's insane watching this show as the title bout has been built as this super serious important thing but the rest of the show has been sports-entertainment pap.

They announced during the ladder bout that Jackie Moore had attacked Salinas in the women's restroom and Salinas had been sent to the hospital.  I have the full story on that on the main page of

TNA Tag Team champs Beer Money Inc. vs. LAX

Homicide and Storm started.  Hernandez tagged in with a shoulderblock into the ring.  He missed a splash in the corner and was decked by Roode.  Roode ran Hernandez into the corner.  Roode hit the running snapmare on Hernandez.    They worked over Hernandez for a long time.  Homicide tagged in, nailed a clothesline and big boot in the corner.  He went up to the corner but was cut off by Roode.  Homicide gained control and hit a DDT off the ropes for a two count.  Storm broke it up but was crotched on the top rope.  Hernandez tossed Storm over the top to the apron, then clotheslined Roode to the floor.  Hernandez backdropped his own partner to the floor on Roode.

Hernandez teased a dive to the floor but Storm spit beer in Hernandez' face, then powerbombed him into the ring.  Outside, Homicide whipped Roode into the ringsteps.  Hector Guerrero got the beer bottle from Jackie and Homicide broke it against the ring post.  Hernandez hit a dive to the floor on Storm.  Homicide and Roode had a nice exchange ending with Homicide going for the Gringokiller.  Jackie Moore tossed powder in the face of Homicide and Roode hit the Payoff to score the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, Beer Money.

Storm was hurt going into this, so you have to grade it with an asterik, but again, really disappointing.  Nothing is holding up as well as you thought it might on paper.


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