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By Richard Trionfo on 2008-07-20 21:52:45
Match Number Seven: John Bradshaw Layfield versus John Cena in a New York Parking Lot Brawl

We see the garage where they will wrestle and the JBLimo pulls up and Bradshaw emerges in his suit and with a crowbar. He wonders where Cena is and the referee says that he hasn’t seen anyone. Bradshaw calls for Cena and he tries to see if he is in one of the cars. Bradshaw gets on the hood of one of the cars and we see Cena across the way and he hits the car and then he grabs some jumper cables and punches and chokes Bradshaw. Cena slams Bradshaw’s head into the hood of one of the cars and then he closes the hood on Bradshaw. Cena puts the jumper cables on Bradshaw’s groin and then he gives him some juice. Cena sends Bradshaw onto one of the cars and then he gets a keg and he throws it at Bradshaw but he moves out of the way. Bradshaw gets into one of the cars and Cena slams Bradshaw’s head into the steering wheel.

Cena and Bradshaw with punches and Bradshaw tries to slam Cena’s head into one of the windows. Cena punches Bradshaw and then he tries to Irish whip Bradshaw into the door but Bradshaw reverses it and the door comes off the hinges. Bradshaw punches Cena and slams his head into the door. Bradshaw punches Cena some more and he slams his head onto another car hood. Bradshaw gets on the hood and he connects with forearms to the back. Bradshaw with a swinging neck breaker onto the hood and he gets a two count. Bradshaw with a kick to the head. Bradshaw throws Cena into the window of one of the cars and the glass shatters.

Bradshaw with a DDT on the roof of the car and he covers Cena but only gets a two count. Bradshaw gets the tire iron and he swings and misses. Cena with punches but Bradshaw with a kick to the midsection. Cena gets sent into the side window and on the second attempt, Cena goes through the window. The referee asks if he wants to continue. Cena is placed in the back seat of one of the cars.

Bradshaw leaves the circle of cars and goes into the JBLimo for a container of gasoline. The JBLimo leaves and the referee tries to convince Bradshaw not to do this. Bradshaw pours the gasoline on the car and then he pulls out a lighter as the referee tries to stop him. Bradshaw lights the car and they quickly put it out. Cena gets out of the car and Bradshaw gets down from the fork lift. Cena throws Bradshaw into one of the cars and he bounces off the window. The third time is not the charm as he bounces off the door. Cena puts Bradshaw in one of the cars and it is time for the fork lift to come into play.

Cena drives the fork lift into the car that Bradshaw is in and then he lifts up the car and he brings it into the arena. Bradshaw gets out of the car and Cena punches him. They fight onto the ramp and Bradshaw punches back. Cena and Bradshaw with punches and Cena hits a Blue Thunder Bomb. Cena gives Bradshaw the Five Knuckle Shuffle on the stage. Cena waits for Bradshaw to get up and he gets Bradshaw up for the FU. Instead of hitting it on the stage, he things about doing it onto the car, but Bradshaw recovers and Bradshaw sends Cena off the stage into the windshield of the car and Bradshaw gets the three count.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

After the match, the referee checks on Bradshaw who is still down on the ground. Cena gets up from the windshield of the car. Bradshaw is helped to the back, but Cena refuses assistance to the back.

Jim Ross and Mick Foley talk about the parking lot brawl. It is time to see the results of the poll and 55 percent of the people sympathize with Edge while only 45 percent sympathize with Vickie. Time for the video package to set up the main event.

Triple H is walking and he is stopped by Eve to find out if he has any regrets for what he did to Edge and Vickie. Hunter asks if he looks like someone who has any regrets.

Match Number Eight: Edge versus Triple H for the WWE Title

Edge with a forearm as the bell rings and he punches Hunter in the corner as the referee has to pull him out of the corner. Edge with punches to Hunter but Hunter tosses Edge over the top rope. Hunter knocks Edge off the apron as he tries to get back into the ring. Hunter Irish whips Edge into the ringside barrier. Hunter rolls Edge back into the ring and then he drops him on the top rope. Hunter drops Edge’s neck on the top rope as he works on Edge’s ‘trapezoid’. Hunter with knees to the head followed by a punch. Hunter with an Irish whip followed by a Northern Lariat. Hunter sends Edge into the ring post and Edge goes to the floor again.

Edge hot shots Hunter onto the ringside barrier. Both men crawl their way back into the ring. Edge with a kick to the hamstring followed by a punch. Edge with a running shoulder into the corner and Hunter goes down hard. Edge with a kick to the midsection. Hunter punches Edge but Edge with a knee and punch to Hunter. Edge with a hard Irish whip. Edge with a forearm to the chest as Hunter lays on the apron. Edge with an Irish whip that sends Hunter into the ring steps. Edge runs Hunter’s back into the ring apron and then he hot shots Hunter on the announce table.

Edge with a body scissors to Triple H as he works on Hunter’s ribs. Hunter with punches to Edge to get out of the hold. Edge with a drop kick to Hunter but he can only get a near fall. Edge with a punch to Hunter while Hunter is on the apron. Hunter is in the ropes and Edge tries for a spear into the ropes but Hunter moves out of the way and Edge goes to the floor. Hunter rolls back into the ring. Edge returns to the ring and Hunter punches Edge. Edge with a kick to Hunter but Hunter with a clothesline and Hunter punches Edge in the corner. Hunter with the face buster and that sends Edge out of the ring. Hunter slams Edge’s head on the ring steps and then he tosses Edge into the ring post. Hunter rolls Edge into the ring and Edge kicks Hunter out of the ring. Edge misses a baseball slide but he hits the Impaler DDT on the floor and both men are down as the referee checks on them.

Edge pushes Hunter into the ring as they both beat the count. Edge gets a two count. Edge goes to the second turnbuckle but Hunter catches Edge and he catapults Edge into the turnbuckles. Hunter hits a DDT on Edge but Edge kicks out before the three count can be made. Hunter punches Edge and Hunter tries for the Pedigree but Edge escapes the hold and he hits a breakdown on Hunter and gets a two count. Edge gets back to his feet first and he sets for the spear but Hunter sends Edge into the turnbuckle. Hunter with a rollup but he can only get a two count. Edge with a boot to the head. Edge sets for the spear one more time but Hunter hits the spinebuster instead. Hunter with a kick and he tries for the Pedigree but Edge backs Hunter into the corner. Edge puts Hunter on the turnbuckles and head butts Hunter. Edge sets for an hits the superplex despite Hunter’s efforts to stop him.

The wedding planner comes out to the ring and she grabs the title belt and she gives it to Edge. Vickie Guerrero comes out and she clotheslines the wedding planner and Vickie takes the title belt. Vickie comes into the ring and she pushes the referee out of the way. We have a catfight. Edge accidentally spears Vickie and he cannot believe what just happened. Edge turns around and Hunter with a kick and Pedigree for the three count.

Winner: Triple H

After the match, Chavo Guerrero comes to check on Vickie while Hunter celebrates by the entrance and the pay per view ends.

I would recommend getting the replay if you did not buy the pay per view, and I would recommend getting the DVD when it is released.

Remember to check out Buck and Dave with the Great American Bash post PPV audio.

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