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By Richard Trionfo on 2008-06-29 22:42:06
Welcome to tonight’s live coverage of the WWE’s Night of Champions pay per view from Dallas, Texas. All of the WWE titles are on the line. Make sure to check out all of the coverage on the site, including the Night of Champions Post Pay Per View Hotline.

On the Free for All, Jack Korpela reminds us that every title will be on the line as he welcomes us to the show. The first match that Jack previews is the World Title Match between Edge and Batista. Jack mentions that Chris Jericho was supposed to defend the Intercontinental Title against Shawn Michaels but due to Michaels’ injuries, they will not meet at Night of Champions. We see the video package for the feud. Jack mentions that someone might be facing Chris Jericho, but nothing has been announced yet. Jack next discusses the WWE Championship Match between John Cena and Triple H and we see a video package that we will see many more times tonight. We are shown highlights from the main event from this week’s Smackdown between Umaga and Batista.

We start off tonight’s pay per view with a video package where all of the wrestlers talk about why they want to be a champion. The focus turns to Edge and Batista. Next, we see the Cena/Triple H match highlighted.

After the pyro at the start of the show with banners of all of the titles hanging from the TitanTron, we go to the announcers for tonight’s show. Jim Ross and Mick Foley represent Smackdown; Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler represent Raw; and The Tazz and Mike Adamle represent ECW.

Match Number One: WWE Tag Team Title Match: John Morrison and The Miz versus Hornswoggle and Finlay
Finlay and Morrison start things off and Finlay with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Finlay with a European uppercut and arm bar followed by a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Finlay with a slam and elbow drop followed by a nerve hold. Finlay tries to use the turnbuckle but Morrison blocks it and he sends Finlay into the turnbuckles. Finlay blocks a pescado and uses the ring skirt. Miz grabs Hornswoggle. Morrison with a clothesline to Finlay on the floor. Hornswoggle runs away but Morrison and Miz grab him and bring him into the ring. Hornswoggle throws his jacket at Morrison. Finlay comes back in and he hits clotheslines and then he sends Hornswoggle into Miz and Morrison. Each hit a seated senton splash onto Miz and Morrison as the champions go to the floor to regroup.

Finlay rolls Morrison back into the ring but Morrison with a drop kick to Finlay. Miz is tagged in and they hit a double gutbuster on Finlay. Miz with a rear chin lock on Finlay and then he catapults Finlay into Morrison who hits a forearm followed by a slingshot elbow onto Finlay for a near fall. Morrison tags in Miz and Miz with a punch but Finlay with a kick and a reverse atomic drop. Hornswoggle is tagged in and he hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors followed by a Stunner and bulldog for a near fall. Morrison hits Hornswoggle from behind as he goes off the ropes to stop his momentum. Miz slaps Hornswoggle and then Finlay tries to save his son. Miz and Morrison continue to bully Hornswoggle and Morrison tags in. Morrison sends Hornswoggle into the turnbuckles and the referee checks on Hornswoggle. Miz tags in and then they get on their knees to mock Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle with forearms to Miz and Morrison but Miz and Morrison with a double clothesline to prevent Hornswoggle from making the tag.

Miz misses the clothesline into the corner and he crotches himself. Morrison tags in and he prevents Hornswoggle from making the tag. Morrison slaps Hornswoggle as he holds him up. Finlay comes in and the referee stops him. Hornswoggle with elbows and he makes the tag. Finlay with clotheslines to Morrison and a forearm to Miz. Finlay with a power slam to Morrison for a near fall. Morrison with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Finlay with a drop kick from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Finlay with a fireman’s carry slam and then he hits Miz. Finlay with the Celtic Cross to Morrison and Miz knocks Finlay off the apron. Hornswoggle is on the top turnbuckle and Morrison grabs him and slams him to the mat. Morrison gets the three count.

Winners: Miz and John Morrison

We go to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Cole wonders if the other champions will retain their titles. Cole mentions the match between Cena and Triple H. Lawler says that there are times when historic is overused, but that is not the case tonight. We see footage from their previous one-on-one title match at Wrestlemania 22. This is the poll question for tonight.

Match Number Two: United States Title: Chavo Guerrero with Bam Neely versus Matt Hardy
They lock up and Chavo with a side head lock and rollup but Hardy escapes. Hardy with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Chavo applauds Hardy as he backs up. Chavo goes for a leg but Hardy moves out of the way. Chavo with a side head lock take down. Hardy with a wrist lock and Irish whip followed by a clothesline. Hardy with a slam and fist drop for a near fall. Chavo with punches to Hardy but Hardy with a back body drop. Hardy with an Irish whip and running clothesline but he misses the bulldog. Chavo clips Hardy and he works on the leg and knee. Chavo uses the ropes to add pressure to the leg. Chavo slingshots to the floor and he wrenches Hardy’s knee on the rope and apron. Chavo also wrings Hardy’s leg into the ring post. While Chavo talks to the referee, Bam goes over and wrings Hardy’s leg into the post.

Chavo gets a near fall and then he returns to the knee. Chavo with forearms to keep Hardy from escaping the hold. Hardy with kicks to the back and he gets out of the hold. Chavo with another kick to the back of the leg but Hardy with a punch. Hardy and Chavo exchange punches with Hardy getting the advantage and he hits a bulldog for a near fall. Chavo continues to work on Hardy’s leg. The referee wants to know if Hardy wants to give up but he refuses. Hardy sends Chavo to the floor but Chavo drops Matt on the top rope when he returns. Chavo tries for a frog splash but Hardy moves and Chavo sees him moving as he rolls through. Hardy with a clothesline to Chavo followed by more clotheslines. Hardy with an elbow drop for a near fall. Hardy tries for a Side Effect but Chavo blocks it with an elbow. Chavo tries for a back slide but Hardy blocks it and Hardy hits the Side Effect for a two count. Hardy limps to the turnbuckles and he goes up and hits the screaming elbow to the head but Hardy shows the effect of what Chavo did to the knee. Hardy goes up again but Chavo pulls Hardy off the turnbuckles. Chavo puts Matt in a single leg crab but Hardy gets to the ropes. Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate, but Chavo blocks it. Hardy is able to convert it into a DDT but he only gets a two count. Matt sets for the Twist of Fate but Chavo escapes and he rolls through into another single leg crab. Hardy gets to the ropes one more time, but more damage has been done to the knee. Hardy with an enzuigiri but Chavo with a kick and he hits two thirds of the Three Amigos but when Chavo goes for the third, Matt hits the Twist of Fate for the three count.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler point out that Tony Dorsett is in the crowd.

Time for a video package about the McMahon Millions Stage Collapse.

We start off our night of Adamle with Mike announcing that the McMahons will make a formal statement on Monday night. Tazz says that the McMahons always do things big, so it is time to see big and that is the ECW Title Match.

As Mark Henry walks to the ring, we see footage from Tuesday night when Mark Henry pinned Kane.

Match Number Three: ECW Title Match: Mark Henry versus Big Show versus Kane
Kane with punches to Henry and Show. Kane punches Show in the corner and Henry charges but Kane moves so he only hits Show. Kane with a drop kick to Henry’s knees and then he punches Show in the corner. Kane kicks Henry out of the ring. Show clotheslines Kane followed by a head butt. Show with punches to Kane but Kane with the patented uppercuts. Kane with a DDT to Show for a near fall. Show refuses to be Irish whipped and he throws Kane over the top rope to the floor. Henry sees Kane on the floor in front of him but Henry returns to the ring without attacking Kane.

Show and Henry lock up and neither man budges. They lock up again and Henry with a side head lock. Henry with a shoulder tackle but Show stays on his feet. They lock up one more time and Show with a side head lock. Show with a shoulder tackle that takes Henry down. Show slams Henry like he was a cruiserweight. Show with a head butt to Henry while the medical staff checks on Kane at ringside. Henry with punches to Show followed by a head butt. Show with a kick to Henry followed by a head butt. Show with a shoulder to the midsection. Show sets for a choke slam on Henry but Henry gets free and he punches Show. Henry and Show with clotheslines at the same time and they both go down. Kane returns to the ring and he goes up top for a jumping clothesline to Henry and an uppercut to Show.

Kane with a running clothesline to Show followed by one to Henry. He gives one more to Show. Henry with a bear hug to Kane when Kane charges at him. Kane sends Henry into Show and Show with a big boot to Henry. Kane and Show with a double choke slam to Henry. Show tries to cover Henry but Kane stops him. Kane tries to cover Henry and Show stops him. Kane and Show exchange punches. Show with kicks to Kane in the corner. Show charges into a boot from Kane. Kane with an enzuigiri to Show. Kane goes up top for a jumping clothesline but Show catches him and hits a choke slam but Kane kicks out at two.

Kane sits up and he grabs Show by the throat but Show sends Kane into the corner. Show with a belly-to-back suplex for a two count. Show goes up top and Kane with an uppercut to Show. Kane with a superplex to Show but Henry with a splash to Kane for the three count.

Winner: Mark Henry

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