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By Buck Woodward on 2008-05-18 22:45:33

Todd Grisham interviewed Mickie James, who said she was confident about her title defense tonight.  Todd then asked her about her date with John Cena last week.  Mickie said it was nice, then JBL interrupted and told Mickie to go away.  JBL asked Todd to ask him a question about John Cena.  Todd pointed out that John Cena beat JBL, so he asked him what he planned to do in order to get revenge.  JBL said Todd obviously never was in a fight. JBL said he beat Cena up for 20 minutes, and that's why John Cena was in the trainer's room right now, and he wasn't.  JBL then ripped into Todd for asking such a stupid question. 

Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Melina.

As Phoenix came to the ring, they recapped how she beat the crap out of Melina backstage last week.  Melina did her usual entrance, but was glaring at Beth Phoenix the whole time. At the bell, Beth held open the ropes and told Melina she didn't belong in "her ring".  Melina responded by kicking Phoenix out of the ring.  Mickie rolled up Melina for a two count.  Mickie bounced off the ropes, but Phoenix held them open and mickie fell to the floor.  Phoenix nailed her with a lariat.  In the ring, Melina hit Phoenix with right hands, and Phoenix lifted her up, but Melina kept punching her down.  Phoenix kicked Melina and went to lift her up, but Mickie hooked her from behind for a sunset flip for two. They went into sequences where one wrestler would get an advantage over another, but the third would come in and break up a cover or hold.  Mickie hit Phoenix with a top rope Thesz press, then a dropkick for a two count.  Melina grabbed her and stretched Mickie over the top rope in a corner, but Phoenix went over and lifted Melina and Mickie James into an over the shoulder backbreaker.  She had both women, over the same shoulder, and was walking in the ring with them, it was incredible.  They finally crumbled to the mat, then Phoenix picked up Mickie in a choke.  Melina came up behind Phoenix and hit a neckbreaker.  Phoenix rolled to the floor, and Mickie James hit Melina with a DDT for the pin at the five minute mark.

Winner: Mickie James.

Backstage, Shawn Michaels was taking his gear off when Batista walked in.  Batista said he promised to hurt Michaels the next time he saw him (because he lied about his injury), but he wasn't going to hurt him now.  Batista said Shawn would have to wait, and that Batista would dictate the time and the place it happens.  Shawn looked worried as Batista walked away.

They showed the results of a fan poll, with fans picking Undertaker to beat Edge, 85% to 15%.

The events leading to Undertaker vs. Edge were shown.

The Undertaker vs. Edge for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge came out along, then Undertaker made his entrance.  The World Title belt was in a glass case.  Taker stalked Edge around the ring at first, throwing out jabs at him.  Taker shoved Edge to the mat, and Edge rolled to the floor.  He got back in threw some punches at him. Taker grabbed him by the throat and tossed him in the corner, then hit a slew of punches and choked Edge down on the mat.  Undertaker kicked Edge on the apron, then wrapped his arm around the middle rope and kicked at it.  Taker took him to the floor and threw Edge shoulder first into the ringpost.  Back in the ring, Taker hit a short arm shoulderblock, then a second.  Undertaker rammed Edge shoulder first into the top turnbuckle, then kicked at the shoulder.  Undertaker went for Old School, but Edge crotched him on the top rope.  Edge stomped the Undertaker, kicking him to the floor.  Edge went out after him, but Taker yanked Edge off the apron by his tights, sending him into the security wall.

Outside the ring, Undertaker headbutted Edge and went to whip him into the ringsteps, but Edge reversed it and Taker went knees first into the steps.  Edge gave Undertaker a baseball slide kick, then threw him back into the ring.  Edge headbutted Undertaker, but Taker returned fire with his own headbutts.  Undertaker went for a running kick, but Edge moved and Undertaker got caught up in the ropes and fell to the mat hard.  Edge got a two count, then stomped Undertaker in the head. Edge landed some punches, but Undertaker returned fire. Undertaker missed a clothesline, and Edge kicked out his leg from behind.  Edge pulled Taker to the apron and wrapped his leg around the ringpost.  Edge hit some punches and tried another headbutt.  Undertaker returned fire again, but Edge kicked Taker in the arm.  Edge moved in and Taker teased the illegal gogoplata, before letting go at the referee's command.  Edge hit Taker and went for his own Old School ropewalk, but Taker crotched Edge on the top rope.

Undertaker and Edge traded punches, but Edge missed a clothesline and Undertaker hit Edge with the flying clothesline.  Undertaker hit a splash in the corner, then a clothesline in the opposite corner.  Undertaker threw Edge in a corner, then hit a boot to the face for a two count.  Undertaker hit the Old School forearm off the top rope, then went to lift Edge for a tombstone, but Edge floated over and dropped Undertaker to the mat with the reverse facebuster.  The Edgeheads came out to distract the referee while Edge pulled the pad off a turnbuckle.  The Edgeheads left.  Undertaker lifted Edge for a powerbomb, but Edge flipped out of it and hit an Impaler DDT for a two count.  Edge went for a spear, but Undertaker sidestepped it and Edge went into the ringpost.  Undertaker lifted Edge for a powerbomb, but threw him back first into the corner instead.  Undertaker covered, but Edge got his foot on the bottom rope for two.

Undertaker lifted Edge, and then noticed the exposed turnbuckle.  The hesitation allowed Edge to slip out and ram Undertaker back first into the exposed turnbuckle.  Edge hit some punches, but Taker shoved him back.  Edge charged, and Taker moved, but Edge put on the brakes to keep from hitting the exposed corner.  Undertaker lifted Edge and dropped him with Snake Eyes on the exposed turnbuckle.  Both men were slow to get up.  Undertaker went for a running boot, but Edge hit a spear, not a solid one, but good enough for a two count.  They exchanged exhausted punches, with Edge getting the better of it.  Undertaker grabbed Edge by the throat, but Edge punched out.  Edge bounced off the ropes, but Taker grabbed him by the throat and hit the chokeslam.  Taker crawled onto Edge and covered him, but Edge got his shoulder up at two.

Undertaker kicked Edge in the head and Edge fell to the floor.  Undertaker went outside and clotheslined Edge, sending both men over the security wall and into the crowd.  They punched each other as they crawled back to the ring.  Undertaker punched Edge, who fell backwards into the wall and Undertaker crawled into the ring at the seventeen minute mark to win the match via countout.

Winner via countout: The Undertaker.

Vickie Guerrero was wheeled out by the Edgeheads, saying "Excuse me" and the crowd, which wasn't that loud tonight, got VERY loud with boos and catcalls.  We're talking more heat than I've heard a heel get on a WWE show in a while.  Vickie kept stopping as the crowd was just overwhelming.  Vickie said a championship can only be won by pinfall or submission, not via disqualification or countout.  Vickie said that the World Title "remains vacant".   Vickie said that Undertaker is not the new World Champion. Taker threw down the belt, as the announcers debated her theory.  Undertaker grabbed Edge, who was at ringside, and yanked him into the ring.  Undertaker gave Edge a tombstone piledriver.  Vickie called Undertaker a "son of a bitch", with the word "bitch" being bleeped.  Yep, it was bleeped on PPV.  The Edgeheads pulled Edge from the ring as Undertaker glared at Vickie, who walked away, leaving her wheelchair behind.  The crowd was chanting "Vickie sucks" and was louder than at any point tonight.

Randy Orton cut a promo backstage, talking about his title reign, and the fact that Triple H got lucky when he won the title on his "third attempt".  Orton pointed out that this was not a three or four-way match tonight, and he would take back the belt. Orton said HHH never taught him anything in Evolution because he knew this day would come.

MVP came to the ring, with the announcers wondering what he was doing.  MVP wondered why he was left off the Judgment Day card, calling it "pure stupidity" and "bad business".  The fans were giving him the "What" treatment. MVP said if there was any "top tier talent" that wanted to get him out of the ring, they could try.  MVP said there had to be someone backstage that "thinks" they are on his level.  Matt Hardy's music hit.  Hardy came out, wearing street clothes.  MVP told Hardy to come to the ring, and to "bring my title" with him.  Matt said he had already proven he was better than MVP, and said there was someone else that wanted to prove it. Jeff Hardy's music then hit.

Jeff Hardy vs. MVP.

Matt Hardy returned to the back. Cole & Foley called the match. MVP went to work on Hardy with forearms and a rollup for two.  The fans were chanting for Hardy.  Jeff hit a flying forearm and tried to slide under MVP's legs.  MVP caught him and held a leg, but Hardy kicked him with the free leg.  MVP rolled to the floor, then regrouped and returned.  MVP tripped Hardy and hit some punches, then grabbed a waistlock, rolling Hardy over for a two count.  MVP applied a front facelock, but Hardy reversed into a hammerlock.  MVP backed Hardy into a corner, then hit a back elbow.  MVP charged Hardy, who pulled down the top rope and MVP fell to the floor.  Hardy went to kick MVP between the ropes, but MVP grabbed his legs and yanked him hard to the floor.  MVP rolled Hard back into the ring for a two count.

MVP hit a kneedrop to the arm of Hardy for two, then applied an armbar.  Jeff tried to punch out of it, but MVP yanked Jeff down to the mat by his hair.  MVP kicked Hardy in the gut, then pounded on the arm and reapplied the armbar.  MVP hit a knee to the arm, then a trapped arm bodyslam for a two count.  MVP applied an overhead armbar.  Jeff punched out of it, then went for a elevated leapfrog off the ropes in the corner, but his arm gave on him and he crashed to the mat. MVP hit a cross armbreaker drop for a two count, then stomped the arm and hit a kneedrop on it.  MVP applied a reverse Fujiwara armbar, then kicked Jeff in the shoulder.  MVP lifted Jeff in a fireman's carry, then dropped him to the mat.  MVP hit a running kick, and Jeff fell through the ropes and to the floor.

MVP threw Jeff shoulder first into the security wall, then rolled him into the ring for a two count.  MVP hit Jeff's arm with forearms, then went back to the armbar.  Jeff fought up, hitting punches, but MVP gave Jeff a bulldog into his knee.  MVP went for the Playmaker, but Jeff blocked it and hit a clothesline.  Jeff hit some punches, then a running forearm with the good arm.  Jeff hit a clothesline, then an elevated kick in the corner.  Jeff went to the top rope, but MVP rolled out of the way of the Swanton Bomb.  Jeff crashed to the mat, and MVP hit some forearms.  MVP measured for the big kick, but Jeff gave MVP a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle.  Jeff then hit the Whisper In The Wind (which didn't hit well) to get the three count at the ten minute mark.

Winner: Jeff Hardy.

William Regal was shown watching as Jeff exited.

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