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By Buck Woodward on 2007-11-18 22:45:24

The three announce teams discussed the Survivor Series elimination match.  They noted that Matt Hardy was injured, and that Triple H's team would go in one man down. 

They interviewed Triple H's team. Jeff Hardy said MVP had painted a huge bulls-eye on him.  Rey Mysterio said he wasn't worried about it being four-on-five, as he said he is always an underdog.  Kane interrupted, and said he is never an underdog.  Kane then brought up that Triple H once accused him of being a murderer, then had sex with a mannequin he pretended with his dead girlfriend.  Triple H said "Sorry".  Jeff Hardy noted that Triple H once sent him to the hospital.  Triple H said "My bad".  The comedy continued, with Triple H saying Survivor Series was the one day a year where people who have done terrible things to each other could get together to do terrible things to someone else.  That seemed to unify the team. 

Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy (injured, not participating), Rey Mysterio & Kane vs. Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, Big Daddy V (with Matt Striker) & Finlay in an elimination match.

Each wrestler had their own entrance.  All three announce teams are calling this one together. Rey Mysterio started off with Kennedy.  Kennedy took Rey down with a waistlock and applied a front facelock, but Rey reversed into a hammerlock. Kennedy went into a wristlock, but Mysterio flipped out of it, only to be hit with a Kennedy forearm.  Kennedy missed a clothesline, but hit a shoulderblock.  Rey hit Kennedy with a boot to the face, then hit a tilt-a-whirl headscissors.  Rey slid under Kennedy's legs and gave Kennedy Trevor Murdoch's finisher move, but only got a two count.  Jeff Hardy tagged in to a pop, then jumped off Mysterio's back into a leg lariat on Kennedy in the corner.  Hardy went for a Twist Of Fate, but Kennedy shoved it off and hit a clothesline for a two count.  MVP tagged in and pounded Jeff Hardy on the mat.  MVP kicked Jeff in the back, and acted like his knee was hurt.  Big Daddy V tagged in and knocked Hardy to the mat.  Big Daddy V headbutted Jeff, then hit a forearm to the chest.  BDV stood on Jeff's chest. Big Daddy V chopped Hardy, but Hardy stopped himself as BDV whipped him across the ring and tagged Kane.  Kane ran in, and BDV hit a belly to belly suplex.  Kane kicked out at two, then hit some right hands.  MVP ran in, and Kane gave him a side slam.  Kane went to the top rope and hit BDV with a clothesline.  Kane called for a chokeslam.  Finlay ran in, and Kane chokeslammed Finlay.  Big Daddy V grabbed  Kane and hit a Samoan Drop, then splashed him for the pin at the six minute mark. 

Kane is eliminated. 

Triple H came in and went at Big Daddy V, hitting a facebuster on the knee, but getting knocked down by the big man.  Umaga tagged in and gave Triple H a belly to belly suplex, then dropped a headbutt on him.  There was a big Triple H chant.  Umaga went for a second rope headbutt, but took way too long, and Triple H rolled out of the way.  Mysterio was tagged in, and he hit Umaga with forearms.  Rey tried to slide under Umaga, but Umaga stomped him.  Umaga went for a sit down splash, but Rey dodged it and hit a dropkick to the face.  Umaga kicked out at two.  Rey tried a springboard rana, but Umaga caught him.  Rey managed to double pump it and send Umaga to the ropes.  Rey hit a 619 and a springboard senton, but Umaga kicked out a two.  Rey went for a springboard bodypress, but Umaga hit him with a swinging side slam, then hit the Samoan Spike for the pin at the ten minute mark. 

Rey Mysterio is eliminated. 

Everyone looked like they were going to go at it (as Finlay kicked Rey to the floor), but the referee managed to get wrestlers back out of the ring.  Kennedy tagged himself in off of Umaga.  Jeff and Kennedy went at it, with Jeff going for a slingshot kick in the corner, but MVP pulled Kennedy out of the way.  Hardy crashed to the mat, but grabbed the bottom rope to break up the cover.  MVP tagged in and pounded Jeff, then put him in a chinlock. MVP switched to a sleeper, but Hardy broke out and they exchanged punches.  MVP grabbed a fireman's carry and dropped Jeff to the mat.  MVP missed the running kick and Jeff hit the Twist Of Fate for the pin at the thirteen minute mark. 

MVP is eliminated. 

Kennedy ran in and tried to get a quick pin on Hardy, but was given an enzugiri and Triple H tagged in.  Triple H gave Kennedy a facebuster to his knee and a clothesline.  Kennedy fought back, but was given a spinebuster.  BDV ran in and tried to elbow Triple H, but he moved and BDV dropped it on Kennedy instead.  Triple H then dodged a charging BDV and pulled down the top rope so he would fall to the floor.  Triple H pinned Kennedy at the fifteen minute mark. 

Kennedy is eliminated. 

BDV pulled Triple H to the floor and pounded him.  Hardy tried to jump off the apron, but BDV caught him and threw him into the post.  Back in the ring, BDV put Triple H and Hardy in the corner and tried to avalanche him.  They moved out of the way, and Hardy & Triple H gave BDV a double DDT.  Triple H pinned BDV at the sixteen minute mark.  

Big Daddy V is eliminated. 

Finlay attacked Triple H, working him over with punches and stomps.  Finlay went to the second rope, but jumped into a boot by Triple H.  Jeff got tagged in and went to work on Finlay with punches and kicks.  Hardy hit a splash in the corner, then a slingshot kick for a two count.  Hardy rammed Finlay into a corner and hit some punches from the second rope.  Finlay shoved Hardy to the mat hard.  Hardy ended up on the apron, and Umaga blasted him with a kick to the face.  Finlay hit a short arm clothesline for a two count.  Finlay hit some elbows to the shoulder and headbutts, but when he went for a whip in the corner, Hardy climbed the ropes and hit the Whisper In The Wind.  Umaga tagged in, and Hardy hit him with a mule kick. Umaga tagged Finlay and Hardy tagged Triple H.  Triple H missed a clothesline, but hit a jumping knee.  Triple H went for a backdrop, but Finlay kicked it away.  Finlay ran into a Triple H spinebuster.  Triple H went for the Pedigree, but Umaga stopped it with a kick to the face.  Finlay knocked Jeff off the apron.  Finlay went for the Celtic Cross, but Triple H floated out and hit the Pedigree for the pin at the twenty two minute mark. 

Finlay is eliminated. 

Umaga beat Triple H down in a corner, but missed a charge.  Triple H made a blind tag to Hardy.  Umaga charged Triple H, who kicked him in the gut and hit a Pedigree.  Hardy followed it with a Swanton Bomb for the pin at the twenty three minute mark. 

Umaga is eliminated.  Triple H and Jeff Hardy are the survivors. 

Triple H and Jeff Hardy celebrated in the ring, while Umaga stared at them from the floor, before leaving. 

Backstage, Hornswoggle was still pacing.  Regal told him to sit down and rest his legs.  Vince McMahon entered, and Hornswoggle hugged his leg.  Vince asked Regal and Coach to leave.  Vince talked about the reasons people said he made this match (he wants to see a trainwreck, he doesn't like Hornswoggle, etc.).  Vince said he made the match because Hornswoggle is "a McMahon" and because of that, he would win.  Vince said he was an underdog against Time Warner and against the government, and he won.  Vince gave Hornswoggle a big pep talk, saying they had "grapefruits the size of the Grand Canyon".  Vince said that McMahons "stick together", and Hornswoggle seemed confident. 

Shaquille O'Neal was shown in the crowd. 

JBL and Michael Cole were discussing Hornswoggle vs. Khali when Shane McMahon's music hit, and he came to the ring.  Shane then introduced his fater, and Vince came to the ring. Shane and Vince hugged, then Shane introduced his "little brother" and Hornswoggle came out, looking motivated. Vince and Shane applauded him as he came to the ring. 

Hornswoggle vs. Great Khali.

Khali came out, and stood in front of Vince and Shane, who slowly backed away and exited the ring.  They took seats at ringside.  Runjin Singh got on the mic, and said that since this is a sanctioned match, the referee should explain the rules.  This allowed for another of those "Khali is a lot bigger than Hornswoggle" shots. Fans were chanting "We Want Shaq" as he had just been shown at ringside during the previous break.  I guess he stood up, because the crowd reacted.  Vince got on the mic and said it was "too damn bad" what they wanted, and said they needed to start the match.  Hornswoggle got psyched up and took off his jacket.  

Hornswoggle kicked Khali in the leg.  Singh was yelling at ringside, so Hornswoggle ran over and kicked him in the head.  Horswoggle went and kicked Khali a few more times in the legs.  Khali yelled at Hornswoggle and he ran out of the ring.  Hornswoggle, from the apron, spit green mist at Singh, then gave him a Thesz Press off the apron and hit some punches on him.  Khali came to ringside and Hornswoggle went under the ring.  Hornswoggle came out the other side with a shillelagh.  Hornswoggle went to use it, but Khali grabbed it from him and threw it out of the ring.  Khali slapped Hornswoggle to the mat. Khali called for the Vice Grip.  Finlay ran out with a shillelagh and hit Khali in the leg with it, Hornswoggle was disqualified at the four minute mark. 

Winner via DQ: The Great Khali. 

Finlay hit Khali in the leg several more times with the shillelagh, dodging his attempted punches.  Singh ran in, and was thrown down by Finlay.  Finlay cracked Khali in the head with the shillelagh, then got Hornswoggle out of the ring.  The fans popped when they realized Finlay really was helping Hornswoggle escape.  Vince seemed annoyed, Shane confused, as they exited. 

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