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By Mike Johnson on 2007-09-09 22:54:17

AJ Styles & Tomko vs. The Motor City Machineguns to become top contenders for TNA Tag Team championships.

Tomko and Chris Sabin return to ringside.  Sabin tried to attack Tomko from behind but to no avail.  The gun doubleteamed Tomko with their combo moves.  The crowd chanted TNA.  It turned into a highlight reel of Guns' moves, which are always fun to watch.  They kept trying to get the pin but Tomko kicked out each time.  

Sabin and Shelley each tried to nail clotheslines but would have had a better chance running headfirst into the Great Wall of China.  Styles tagged in and hit a moonsault into a inverted DDT on AJ.  At this point, Styles has been out there 30 minutes.  Sabin and Shelley keep breaking out the big moves and this match is so much fun.

Sabin and Styles drill each other with forearms.  Styles hit the Pele Kick.  Sabin tried to roll up Styles and held the tights.  Styles rolled through, held the tights and scored the pin.

Your winners, AJ Styles and Tomko!

Another really fun match.  The Battle Royal was decent but the tag match, while short was tons of great stuff.  Styles had a great performance tonight.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Samoa Joe who was flanked by his dancers.  Joe said Cage didn't lay his hands on Joe, but on his family.  Joe said they don't go to the cops but they handle things their own way.  He promised Cage that tonight it was an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and blood for blood.  He said, "I am Samoa Joe.  I am vengeance!  Your ass is mine!"  Great promo.

Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage

At this point, the show has been really fun and these guys can tear it up, as soon at Destination X, so I'm hoping this takes the PPV into blowaway mode.

Joe's dancers came out and danced.  Joe charged the ring and attacked Cage center-ring.  Joe drilled Cage with a right hand.  He hit a running knee then began drilling Cage with kicks to the face.  Cage tried to battle back but Joe hit an elbow in the corner.  Joe hit the Facewash on cage again and again and again.  

Joe went to the floor and swung Cage into the railing.  Cage tried to escape towards backstage but Joe caught him and chopped him down on the entrance ramp.  Joe tossed Cage into the steps, although Cage may have leaped too soon for it to look good based on the camera angle.  Back in the ring, Cage tried to chop Joe but was cut off and drilled by Joe's chop/kick combinations.

Cage tried to mount a comeback and went to slingshot himself into the ring for a shoulderblock.  Joe hit an enziguiri as he did.  Cage went to the floor.  Joe then hit a running plancha into an elbowsmash out of the ring.  

Joe tossed Cage back into the ring.  As he followed, Cage kicked the ropes and caught Joe low.  Cage began unloaded with stomps, kicks, and raking Joe's back.  Cage hit a boot to the face for a two count.  The crowd did dueling chants.  Cage goes to a sleeperhold, riding Joe's back.  Joe finally gets to his feet and falls backwards to escape it.  Cage cut off Joe and choked him against the ropes.

Cage charged Joe but Joe caught him with the uranage out of the corner, then crumpled to the mat, so both were down and out.  The crowd chanted for Joe.  Joe hit a discus forearm.  Joe picked up Cage and hit a death valley driver for a two count.  Cage got his shoulder up at the last second.  The crowd started clapping to rally Joe.

Joe hit a running knee into the corner.  Cage dropped into a drop toehold, then choked Joe against the ropes by standing on Joe's back.  Joe got back to his feet and kneed Cage.  Cage misses a top rope frog splash.  Joe locks in the STF.  Cage finally reverses it for a two count.  Joe went for a muscle buster but was stopped.  Cage went to the top but Joe nailed him.  Cage nailed an inverted DDT off the ropes for a two count. 

Joe cinched in a choke but Cage got to the ropes.  Joe went right back to it.  Cage got on the ropes.  The referee grabbed Joe to get him to release.  Joe got mad and destroyed the ref with a Samoan Drop.  He hit a Muscle Buster on Cage.  Security hit the ring but Joe tossed them out.  TNA throws the match out, so Joe is DQ'd.

Joe lays out everyone that gets in the ring because they stopped him from choking out Cage.  Some of the X-Division guys come out but Joe tosses them out of the ring.  He chokes out Cage, hanging him over the ropes.  Jim Cornette and Matt Morgan come out and Morgan breaks it up.  Joe and Morgan face off.  Cornette asked Joe to calm down because he'll kill Christian.  Joe gave Morgan and Cornette the finger.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash told Kurt Angle it wasn't his night.  Angle kicked something, blamed Sting for slapping his wife.  He called Jay Lethal a "piece of sh**" and said that Abyss was going to have to kill him if he wanted the belt.  Kevin Nash tried to tell Angle to focus and Angle told him he didn't need Nash and to go to hell.

They went to Mike Tenay in the center of the ring.  Tenay said the last five years have been a roller coaster ride for the company.  They aired a video feature announcing that TNA would go to two hours on 10/4 on SpikeTV at 9 PM.  The building gave TNA a big reaction.  No talent announcement, so we'll see.  Like I wrote, if it's not a major name, it's not worth announcing.  A lot of people were expecting something tonight though.

Outside, TNA Tag Team champions Team Pacman were by a red hummer.  Killings said they shocked the world.  Jones said they now had to go to his hometown Atlanta, Georgia for "Bound to Glory."

TNA champion Abyss vs. Kurt Angle

They do the big time ring introductions and referee's instructions.  They started off slow.  They faced off.  Abyss picked up and dropped Angle.  Abyss clotheslined Angle over the top to the floor.  Abyss brought him back in and stalked.  Abyss went for a running press slam but Angle escaped and clipped his leg.    Angle targeted the leg, attacking the knee.

Abyss made his way back to his feet in the corner but Angle kicked him, then clipped him from behind.  Angle began working over Abyss' foot and leg.  Angle continued to work it over.  Abyss came back with some chops, but missed a clothesline.  Angle went right back after the leg again with Abyss crumbling to the mat.

Angle torqued Abyss' leg and knee, and working over it was the story of the match for several minutes.  Match is a little slow but when it's matwork, that's to be expected.  Angle misses a charge in the corner and hits his shoulder in the ringpost.  Abyss goes for a chokeslam but Angle rolls through for a two count.  Abyss misses his running charge in the corner.  Angle hit a German suplex.

Angle pulled down the straps and went for the Olympic Slam.  He nailed it but only got a two count.  Angle went for the anklelock but Abyss kicks out with his good leg.  He nails the chokeslam but Angle gets his shoulder up at the two count.  Angle comes off the ropes and shoulderblocks Abyss' knee. 

Angle went to the top and nailed an awesome moonsault across the ring for a two count.  Angle went right back to the knee.  As he worked on it, he went after Abyss' boot, looking to remove it to take away any support it was giving the bad leg.  He gets the boot off. 

Abyss goes for a chokeslam but Angle goes after the foot and leg.  Abyss fights it off and hits the Black Hole Slam but Angle kicks out.  Abyss went for a tombstone but Angle grabbed the leg for the anklelock.  Abyss reached for the ropes.  He finally tapped and the referee finally called for the bell.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

The match was solid but not the best thing on the show.  Still, it was good, just anti-climatic after some of the other matches on the show.

Angle walked out.  Abyss fought to his feet.  On the video screens, Jim Mitchell appeared and said that he promised to take Abyss straight to hell and his chariot has arrived.  Someone (Judas Mesias) cut through the ring apron and dragged him down into the hole as the PPV went off the air.

They aired a Bound for Glory promo as the show ended.  No talent announcement.

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