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By Buck Woodward on 2007-08-26 22:34:58

They hyped that Raw is on SciFi tomorrow night. 

Todd Grisham interviewed King Booker & Queen Sharmell.  Booker noted that Mysterio's win was a "fairytale dream come true" but Triple H's return would be a Shakespearean Tragedy.  King Booker said he knew Triple H would have a grand entrance, and said that the entrance would be the highlight of his night, because in the end, he would bow down to King Booker.

Diva Battle Royale - Winner to receive a future title match.

Candice Michelle came out to ringside to watch the match.  She has new theme music.  The Divas in the match are Maria, Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian Hall, Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Victoria, Kristal, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, Brooke and Layla.  Everyone went right at it, and the rules were that both feet had to touch the floor to be eliminated, no over the top rule.  Brooke was the first to go out, and actually went over the top rope. Jillian Hall knocked Maria off the apron with a shoulderblock to eliminate her.  Melina flung Layla between the ropes to eliminate her.  A lot of generic brawling and struggles by the ropes, but no big spots to speak of.  Kristal kicked Victoria between the ropes to eliminate her.  Mickie James put Kristal on the apron.  Michelle McCool knocked Kristal to the floor in what looked to be a poorly timed attempt at an "accidental" punch.  Kelly Kelly was tossed out by several women.  Mickie James tried to rana Jillian Hall to the floor, but they got caught in the ropes.  Torrie knocked Jillian to the floor, then Melina knocked James to the floor. 

It was down to Torrie, Melina, Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool.  Michelle and Torrie teamed up and eliminated Melina.  Torrie and Michelle double clotheslined Phoenix.  Phoenix survived the double team and flung Torrie through the ropes and to the floor.  Michelle and Phoenix went at it, with Michelle hitting a few shots, but Phoenix just lifting Michelle and easily depositing her over the top rope to get the win seven minute mark.

Winner: Beth Phoenix.

Almost instantly, MVP's music hit and by the time he got to the ring, the Divas had vanished.   MVP had some officials bring a cooler to the ring.  MVP said no one paid to see the Divas, they paid to see him.  MVP said that when he was younger he "opened a 40", but now he enjoys finer beverages, like champagne.  However, he said he would "lower himself" tonight to the level of the fans, and that he would have a beer drinking contest with Matt Hardy.  Hardy came out, and they opened a couple of Miller Lites.  Before they drank, Matt said that he is proud to be a "common man" like the fans.  Matt said he knew he could outdrink MVP, but tonight he wasn't even going to try.  Matt noted that when they were supposed to have a boxing match, MVP picked a substitute.  Hardy said that for tonight, he has a substitute.  Fans were already chanting "Austin" before the music hit. The star of The Condemned came out, and Matt Hardy had a toast with Steve Austin before leaving.  Austin then "warmed up" with some push-ups and jumping jacks.  Austin handed MVP and beer, and they were about to drink, when Austin kicked MVP in the gut and gave him a stunner.   With MVP laid out, Austin then had a beer bash in the ring.

Backstage, Theodore R. Long was pleased with Austin besting MVP, while McMahon, Coachman and Regal were ticked off.  Cryme Tyme came in, and said one of them might be Vince's son, noting they like to make money, just like Vince.  Long and Coach joined Cryme Tyme in the "Money, Money" dance.  Regal even joined in on the fun eventually.  Ron Simmons appeared in front of the dancing Regal and said .... Damn.

Kat DeLuna, who did the Summerslam theme song,  was shown at ringside.

A video on the CM Punk-John Morrison feud was shown.

ECW Champion John Morrison vs. CM Punk.

Punk grabbed a double leg takedown at the bell and Morrison squirmed out from under him.  Punk hit a hiptoss and bodyslam on Morrison.  Punk put Morrison on the apron and then hit a second rope springboard dropkick.  Punk went for a suplex, but Morrison blocked it, then kneed Punk as he tried a shoulderblock between the ropes.  Morrison then hit a neckbreaker from the apron, jumping to the floor and driving Punk's back into the ring apron.  Morrison got a two count, then whipped Punk hard into the corner.  Morrison hit a pair of forearms, then applied a half-nelson with a chinlock.  Punk punched out of it and hit a hard slap.  Morrison tripped Punk into the ropes, then hit a hard kick to the chest for a two count.  Morrison applied a rear chinlock, but Punk battled out.  Punk grabbed a sunset flip out of the corner, but Morrison kicked out.  Morrison went for a catapult into the corner, but Punk jumped onto the second rope and hit a bodypress for a two count.  Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner, then went for a bulldog, but Morrison blocked it.  Punk hit an enzugiri for a two count.

Punk hit a Ted DiBiase-style powerslam for a two count.  Punk went for a short-arm clothesline, but Morrison ducked it and hit a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for a two count.  Morrison went for his flipping neckbreaker, but Punk blocked it and hit a clothesline.  Punk hit a moonsault for a two count.  Morrison whipped Punk hard into a corner.  Morrison charged and Punk lifted him and crotched him on the top rope.  Punk hit a second rope clothesline on Morrison for a two count, then grabbed a small package for another two count.  Punk hit a kick to the head, then sat Morrison on the top rope.  Punk went for a top rope rana but Morrison held onto the top rope and Punk crashed to the mat.  Morrison cradled Punk for the pin, putting his feet on the ropes for leverage (which he had trouble doing) at the seven minute mark.

Winner: John Morrison.

Batista and Great Khali were shown in the back warming up for their match later.

Triple H vs. King Booker, with Queen Sharmell.

As Booker made his entrance, recent events between Booker and the Raw announce team were shown. They did a video package on Triple H being "bigger, stronger, and faster" after Booker's entrance.  They had Triple H yell "Are You Ready?" before playing Motorhead's "The Game".  Tons of spotlights for his entrance.  Triple H stepped out, and was noticeably grinning.  From that point on, it was just a typical Triple H entrance, with the crowd popping huge and him soaking it in.  Triple H looked in great shape, but not freakishly muscular.

Booker kicked Triple H in the gut at the bell, but Triple H fired off some right hands and clotheslined him over the top rope and to the floor. Booker regrouped, but when he stepped back into the center of the ring, Triple H hit some punches and whipped Booker across the ring.  Triple H ran into a Booker elbow.  Triple H reversed a whip, and Booker grabbed the ropes to stop himself from bouncing off.  There was a pause, then Triple H clotheslined Booker over the top rope to the floor again.  Triple H went outside and punches Booker and rammed him into the guard rail.  Back in the ring, Booker hit a few shots, but Triple H hit the facebuster on the knee.  Booker came back with a knee to the gut, and Sharmell hooked Triple H's leg as he came off the ropes, allowing Booker to dropkick the knee.  Booker stomped the leg, then went to the floor and rammed it into the ring apron.  Back in the ring, Booker went for a slam, but Triple H floated over it and hit a chopblock. 

Triple H applied a figure four leglock, but Sharmell reached in and raked Triple H's eyes to break the hold.  King Booker hit a superkick for a two count.  Booker hit a series of rights on the mat, then stomped him in a corner.  They traded punches, and Triple H got the better of it and threw Booker over the top rope and to the floor.  Triple H rammed Booker into the ring steps, then whipped him into them.  Triple H rolled Booker back into the ring and hit a clothesline in the corner.  Triple H went for a backdrop, but Booker kicked it away.  Booker then ran right into a Triple H spinebuster.  Triple H set up for the Pedigree, but Booker hit Triple H's leg to break out. 

Booker ran into a Triple H elbow, but then kicked Triple H in the gut.  Booker went for the ax kick, but Triple H dodged it, only to be caught with a Bookend for a two count.  Booker hit some knees, then planted him with a side slam.  Booker went to the top rope and went for the old Harlem Hangover, but Triple H moved out of the way.  Triple H gave Booker a crotch chop, then went for the Pedigree.  Booker popped out of it and went for a spinkick, but Triple H ducked and hit the Pedigree for the win at the nine minute mark.

Winner: Triple H.

Triple H celebrated and smiled as he bowed to the fans.

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