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By Buck Woodward on 2006-11-05 22:38:00

They went over the events leading to DX vs. Edge & Orton. 

Triple H & Shawn Michaels vs. Edge & Randy Orton.

DX came out first and played to the crowd, actually taking up more time than two of the matches we've seen so far on the show. The crowd really enjoyed the pre-mic work though.  Triple H got on the crowd's case for finishing their trademark slogans before they could, which was funny.  

Maria told us she voted for Mr. McMahon, because she didn't want to get fired. Eric Bischoff won with 60% of the vote.  McMahon and Coach each had 20%.  Bischoff then came to the ring, then Randy Orton and Edge (no Lita) made their entrances. 

DX did "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to decide who should start.  Edge and Michaels began, with Edge hitting some right hands.  Edge tried a leapfrog, but Michaels avoided it and chopped Edge.  Triple H hit Edge from the apron.  Michaels went for a sunset flip, pulling down Edge's tights with the move.  Michaels slapped Edge's bare bottom, then chopped him in a corner. Michaels went for another sunset flip, and Bischoff counted a slow one.  Michaels put Edge in an armbar, and Triple H teased that he would climb the ropes, but then climbed back down and just kicked Edge in the arm instead.  Triple H peppered Edge with right hands, doing a crotch chop before decking him. 

Edge poked Triple H in the eyes and tagged Orton.  Orton hit some punches in a corner, but Triple H came back with a clothesline.  Triple H delivered a vertical suplex, then hit a kneedrop.  Triple H pounded Orton on the mat, then tagged Michaels, who chopped Orton.  Orton reversed a whip, but ran into a Michaels boot.  Triple H tagged in and hit a right hand, but Orton delivered a knee to the gut and made a tag to Edge.  Edge whipped Triple H into the ropes, dropped down, and Orton hit a dropkick.  Edge got a two count, then floated over a Triple H slam attempt into a reverse facebuster for a two count.  Bischoff's count here was slow too, so he has been consistent so far. 

Orton tagged in and hit some punches, then stomped Triple H down in a corner. Edge tagged in and came off the middle rope, but Triple H caught him with a kick and hit a DDT.  Triple H tagged Michaels, who hit Edge with a flying forearm, then kipped up and gave Edge a reverse atomic drop.  Orton ran in and got the same.  Triple H slammed Edge as Orton rolled to the floor.  Michaels hit Edge with a top rope elbow, then got set for a superkick.  Orton grabbed Michaels by the legs and pulled him down and crotched him on the ringpost. Bischoff said he didn't see anything. Edge pulled Michaels into the middle of the ring for a two count.  Orton tagged in and hit a kneedrop on Michaels as Edge had him stretched out.  Orton hit a second knee for a two count.  Orton decked Michaels with punches over and over, then tagged in Edge as he stepped on Michaels' throat.  Edge gave Triple H a chopblock, and Triple H tried to come in, so Bischoff kept him out while Edge and Orton worked over Michaels.  

Edge gave Michaels a standing dropkick, then put Michaels in a front facelock.  Michaels backdropped Edge, but Edge pulled him by the tights into a sunset flip for a two count, then hit a boot to the face.  Orton tagged in, and he gave Michaels a standing dropkick for two.  Orton put Michaels in a reverse chinlock.  Michaels' shoulders went down in the move and Orton got a two count with a chinlock. Michaels psyched up out of it, and started chopping Orton, but Orton nailed him with a side backbreaker. Edge tagged in and measured Michaels for a spear, but Michaels sidestepped it and Edge speared Bischoff. Bischoff rolled to the floor in pain.  Michaels hit Edge with a enzugiri, then crawled to Triple H for the tag as Edge tagged Orton.   

Triple H cleaned house on Orton and Edge, hitting Orton with a jumping knee and Edge with a facebuster and clotheslines.  Triple H gave Orton a spinebuster, then set up for a Pedigree, but Edge speared him. Michaels threw Edge out of the ring and hit him with a pescado.  In the ring, Orton measured Triple H and hit the RKO.  Orton covered, and a second referee (Chad Patton) ran in and counted the cover, but Triple H kicked out at two.  Orton got set for the move again, but Triple H shoved it off, and Michaels, who had crawled back into the ring, hit the superkick on Orton.  Triple H covered Orton, but Bischoff yanked Patton out of the ring and knocked him out.  Michaels went after Bischoff on the floor, but Edge blasted Michaels with a chair.  Edge got in the ring, and Triple H kicked him and set for a Pedigree, but Orton hit Triple H with a chair (in full view of Bischoff) and gave him an RKO on the chair for the pin at the eighteen minute mark. 

Winners: Randy Orton & Edge.

A video package on The Marine was shown, for those of you that live near one of the 1,010 theatres still carrying it. 

Edge & Orton were backstage celebrating.  Lita came over and congratulated them.  After she left, Orton suggested he and Edge go start partying without her.  As they were leaving, Todd Grisham interviewed them, and they bragged and boasted about their win, then got in a limo and left. 

The WWE Divas (all the Divas from all three brands) came out and stood at ringside. 

WWE Women's Championship Tournament Final: Mickie James vs. Lita. 

Diva Lumberjack Match won with 46% of the vote, so the women spread out and surrounded the ring. 

Lita immediately threw Mickie to the floor, and some of the women went after her. Mickie scooted back into the ring and threw Lita out.  Lita punched away the Divas and got back into the ring.  Lita applied a side headlock, but Mickie tripped Lita and hit an armdrag. Mickie barely hit a dropkick, and Lita rolled to the apron, but the Divas kept her from going to the floor.  Lita pulled Mickie throat first across the top rope on the apron, then got in the ring and stomped her down in a corner. Lita suplexed Mickie for a two count. Lita rammed Mickie into the turnbuckles, but Mickie reversed positions and rammed her into the corner.  Lita raked Mickie's eyes and kicked her in the back.  Lita stood on Mickie's back and choked her against the bottom rope.  

Lita dropped Mickie with a sloppy tilt-a-whirl slam for a two count.  Lita jumped on Mickie's back with a sleeper.  Mickie dropped back, but Lita kept the sleeper on.  Mickie rolled out of it into a jujigatame, but Lita got her feet on the ropes.  Lita kicked Mickie, but Mickie grabbed her leg and tripped Lita to the mat.  Mickie hit a chop and an elbow, and got a two count.  Lita whipped Mickie into a corner, but Mickie caught her with an elbow.  Mickie went for a headscissors, and both women fell to the floor.  Both were swarmed upon, and rolled into the ring. Lita and Mickie traded punches, then Mickie hit some kicks.  Mickie botched a tornado DDT, and Lita rolled her up and used the ropes for a two count.  Micke rolled up Lita for a two count.  Mickie went to the ropes, but Victoria tripped her.  Mickie kicked Victoria down, but that distraction allowed Lita to grab Mickie with a DDT for the win at the nine minute mark. 

Winner and new Women's Champion: Lita. 

Backstage, the Spirit Squad was getting psyched up.  Kenny came in and berated the Squad for being losers lately.  Johnny asked Kenny who made him the boss, and the two got into a shoving match.  It was broken up, and Johnny said there was no problem, as Kenny pointed out that he pinned Ric Flair.  Kenny told Mikey that he had to "rough him up" to get him angry and motivated.  It will be Mikey and Kenny defending the belts tonight.  They all put their hands in for a cheer, but Johnny kept staring at Kenny. 

World Tag Team Champions The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) vs. Ric Flair & ???

Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes were shown in the back.  Piper won with 46% of the vote. Dusty had 35%, Slaughter had 19%.

The Spirit Squad entered, and since the other three members of the Squad were there, Flair called out Rhodes and Slaughter. Flair started with Kenny, hitting a hiptoss and taking him down with a side mare.  Flair hit a shoulderblock, but Kenny leapfrogged him and kit a dropkick.  Mikey tagged in and missed two elbowdrops and Piper tagged in.  Piper hit some punches and started biting him.  Piper started knocking out every member of the Squad with punches as they got on the apron. Piper put Mikey in a sleeper, but Kenny broke it up.  Kenny tagged in and rubbed Piper's face into the mat.  Kenny asked Piper "Do you like that, boy?"  Mikey tagged in and hit a series of forearms on Piper for a two count. Piper turned a neckbreaker attempt into a backslide for a two count.  Kenny tagged in and hit Piper with a double axhandle, then dropped an elbow for a two count.  Kenny put Piper in a rear chinlock, but Piper fought towards his corner, but Kenny raked his eyes.  Mikey tagged in, but Piper poked him in the eyes.  Mikey managed to trip him with a drop toe hold and tagged Kenny.  Kenny slammed Piper, and he and Mikey went for a Tower Splash from the middle rope, but Piper moved and tagged in Flair.  Piper and Flair cleaned house, clotheslining Kenny to the floor. They double suplexed Mikey, and Flair put Mikey in the figure four leglock.  Kenny broke it up with a top rope legdrop on Flair.  Piper ran in and decked Mikey with a right hand, so Flair and Mikey were down in the ring.  Mikey got up, but didn't go for a tag, and Flair caught him with a small package for a two count.  Flair chopped Mikey and put him in the figure four again.  Kenny ran in, but Piper cut him off and knocked him to the floor.  Mikey tapped out at the six minute mark, and the crowd went nuts.

Winners and new World Tag Team Champions: Ric Flair and Roddy Piper.

The Spirit Squad ran in, but Slaughter & Rhodes came in and the legends ran off the Squad, with Rhodes hitting a bunch of bionic elbows (almost giving Piper one).  The crowd popped again for the announcement that Flair and Piper were the new champs, and the four legends all danced to Dusty's old WWF music.

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