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By Richard Trionfo on 2022-05-24 22:00:00

Match Number Five:  Indi Hartwell versus Mandy Rose in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Rose with a side head lock and Hartwell with a shoulder tackle.  Indi with a wrist lock and arm wringers.  Indi works on the shoulder and turns it into an arm bar.  Mandy gets to the ropes and Indi releases the hold.  Mandy sends Indi to the mat and gets a near fall.  Mandy with a wrist lock and elbow to the arm.  Mandy with an Irish whip and a running boot into the corner.  Mandy with a snap mare and kick tot eh back for a near fall.  Mandy sends Indi into the turnbuckles.  Indi drops Mandy on the turnbuckles and connects with short arm clotheslines.  Mandy goes for an O'Connor Roll but Indi holds on to the ropes and Indi with a side slam for a near fall.

Rose rolls to the floor.  Indi chases Mandy around the ring and Mandy misses an elbow drop when Indi rolls back into the ring.  Indi with a clothesline into the corner and Mandy sends Indi face first into the turnbuckles.  Mandy gets a near fall.  Mandy with punches in the corner and she adds some kicks.  Indi pushes Mandy away and Mandy kicks Indi.  Mandy with a snap mare and body scissors.  Indi with a boot and a rollup for a near fall.  Mandy with a knee to the midsection.  Mandy chokes Indi in the ropes.  Mandy with forearms in the corner followed by a suplex.  Mandy chokes Indi in the ropes.  Indi goes for a supelx and Mandy blocks it.  Indi is able to suplex Mandy and misses a forearm in the corner.  Mandy with kicks.  Mandy with elbows to the arm and an abdominal stretch.

Indi with a hip toss to Mandy as she escapes the hold.  Mandy with a forearm and Indi goes down.  Mandy gets a near fall.  Mandy tells Indi she is nobody and a loser as she pie faces Indi.  Indi with a forearm and Mandy fires back.  Indi with forearms and clotheslines.  Indi blocks a kick and sends Mandy face first into the mat.  Indi with punches and she gets Mandy up on her shoulders but Indi's back gives out.  Indi with a European uppercut in the ropes and a boot.  Indi gets a near fall.  Mandy with a La Magistral for a near fall.  Indi with a spinebuster for a near fall.  

Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne, Katana Chance, and Kayden Carter bring their fight to ringside while the match continues.  Jacy and Chance fight into the ring and Indi with a boot to Jacy but Mandy hits Indi from behind to get to the three count.

Winner:  Mandy Rose

While Jacy, Gigi, Katana, and Kayden fight to the back, Wendy Choo attacks Mandy from behind and she reveals that her pillowcase was full of balls.

Bron Breakker is in the back with McKenzie.  She asks Bron about the photo he found and if Joe has gotten to him.

Bron says that Gacy is trying to get him to snap but Gacy will not get him to lose his focus.  

She asks Bron about his match with Duke Hudson and a video of him playing football in high school is on MONITOR and Bron mentions that his dad was supposed to be there but he was in Japan.

We are back and Kit and Elton talk about how it is a shame that there are problems with the Diamond Mine.  They mention that the Diamond Mine didn't get them for what they did to their dojo.  They will not be beat and their name is synonymous with tag team wrestling.

Match Number Six:  Tiffany Stratton versus Fallon Henley (with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen) in a Breakout Tournament Semifinal Match

They lock up and Fallon with a side head lock and an Irish whip but Tiffany floats over and back handsprings across the ring.  Stratton with a chop and Fallon chops back.  Fallon with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Fallon with a forearm and Tiffany grabs Fallon by the hair.  Fallon with a chop and Tiffany with a kick.  Fallon with a back elbow and flying shoulder tackle.  Fallon slides to the floor and punches Tiffany in the ropes.  Tiffany with a dragon screw in the ropes.  Tiffany with a running hip strike and kicks to the leg.  Tiffany with a slingshot hesitation senton for a near fall.  Stratton slams the knee into the mat and Fallon kicks Tiffany.  Tiffany goes for a sunset flip but Henley stays on her feet and Tiffany clips Henley.  Tiffany with a handspring elbow in the corner and a double stomp for a near fall.

Stratton with a spinning toe hold and she bridges.  Henley with a forearm to the midsection to escape the hold.  Henley sends Stratton face first to the mat and Henley with a short arm clothesline and forearm.  Henley with a spinning face plant.  Henley with a back body drop.  Henley with a punch to Stratton and her knee gives out.  Stratton with a hesitation kick in the corner.  Stratton with a twisting Vader Bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Tiffany Stratton (advances to the finals)

After the match, Grayson Waller comes to the ring to celebrate with Tiffany.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance are with McKenzie Mitchell.  

Chance says she told people to stop taking their kindness for weakness.  We came after Toxic Attraction.  Kayden says Toxic Trash can take their titles.

Wendy Choo shows up and she likes the sound of that match and the sound of her soccer balls on Mandy's face.  Wendy says Kayden and Katana can win the tag titles while she leaves with the NXT Women's title.

We take a look at Von Wagner.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Thea Hail mentions she is graduating from high school tomorrow.  She says that her friends are going to be teachers and go into other professions.  I have been able to get into many schools.  She mentions that she has many options to go to college while she is training.  Next week, she makes her decision.

Duke Hudson enters and he says that he didn't do any of that.  He says he is ready for their match and he says that a man with nothing to lose is his most dangerous.  Duke mentions Bron's daddy issues and he backs Duke into the lockers.  Duke says that he was right and Bron is predictable.

Match Number Seven:  Von Wagner (with Robert Stone) versus Ikemen Jiro

Jiro with a handspring back elbow before the bell rings.  The match starts and Wagner with a gingerly placed power bomb.  Wagner catches Jiro and hits a power slam.  Wagner with clotheslines in the corner.  Wagner gets a near fall.  Wagner misses a boot and Jiro with an elbow.  Wagner pulls Jiro off the turnbuckles and Jiro falls to the mat.  Wagner with a waist lock and a take down.  Jiro with elbows and Wagner with a take down.  Jiro with a shoulder from the apron and a kick.  Jiro with a springboard drop kick and punches.  Wagner catches Jiro on a handspring back elbow.  Jiro lands on his feet and he kicks Wagner to the floor.  Jiro with a drop kick through the ropes and an Asai moonsault.

Jiro goes up top and hits a tornado DDT for a near fall.  Wagner blocks a kick and he pulls Jiro's jacket over his head and Wagner punches.  Wagner gets Jiro up and hits a neck breaker for the three count.

Winner:  Von Wagner

After the match, Sofia Cromwell signals to Wagner to finish Jiro.  Josh Briggs makes the save and he punches Wagner.  Cromwell holds Wagner back.

We see Tony D'Angelo leaving with Troy and Channing.  Tony says this has to end at In Your House.  If Santos is a business man, he wants one more business meeting and they will go to him.  Channing reminds him about what happened the last time with AJ.  Tony says he will have an offer that Santos cannot refuse.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Robert Stone tells Von he has pissed off a lot of people.  Jiro is done.  He tells Von he needs eyes in the back of his head.  Sofia says that Von is getting feathers ruffled and he is doing his job.

Mandy Rose is on the GameTron and she tells Wendy she is done.  Now you want a chance at my title.  The thought of you carrying this or touching this makes her sick.  You want to play jokes?  You are the jokes.  You are a kid and I am a woman.  

Jacy says that Kayden and Katana say they are the only team.  They will send them back to Little Munchkin Land with the other Oompa Loompas.  We make it look easy and you can't keep up.  Gigi says you saw how fast we rose to the top while you struggle for a taste at what we have.  You will get your chance at In Your House.  Let's make it official next week.

We go to Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams in the barber shop.  Hayes mentions In Your House and he says he needs to get his title back.  Williams says Hayes needs the gold around his waist.  Hayes says he is not the same since he lost the title.  Williams says he is still the same man.  

Cameron Grimes shows up and he says he just wants to talk.  Grimes asks if Melo thought he was going to jump him from behind.  He wants to speak eye to eye.  We crushed you last week and you said something about him being lucky.

Hayes says everyone but him were happy to see Grimes win the title.  You don't hold the title the way I hold that title.  You are not The A Champion.  

Grimes says he might not deserve it, but he earned the title.  

Grimes says that there is a new guy who they say is faster or better than Hayes.  He will face Nathan Frazer next week and he will know that he is better than Carmelo Hayes.

Vic and Wade run through the card for In Your House.

Joe tells his hooded men that they have done a wonderful job.  Gacy says he will make sure of it.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage of extravagance while said in Italian.  Giovanni Vinci is coming to NXT.

Next week, we will have a Championship Summit for the two women's titles.  Cameron Grimes will face Nathan Frazer.  Cora Jade faces Elektra Lopez.

Match Number Eight:  Bron Breakker versus Duke Hudson in a Non Title Match

We see Joe Gacy and his hooded men next to him on the HBalKony.

Hudson with knees in the corner.  Breakker with a waist lock and Hudson with an elbow.  Breakker with a slam and a Frankensteiner.  Breakker with an exploder.  Hudson with a double sledge to the back of the head and he chokes Breakker in the ropes and gets a near fall.  Hudson with forearms to the back of the head and the lower back.  Hudson with a boot ot the head.  Breakker with a Gator Roll into a delayed vertical suplex.  Hudson rolls to the floor and Breakker waits for Hudson to return to the ring but he decides to go to the floor.  Hudson with a punch.  Hudson with a near fall.  Hudson with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Duke pie faces Breakker and then he kicks Breakker in the head.

Breakker with forearms and he punches Breakker in the corner.  Hudson with an Irish whip and Breakker gets a boot up.  Breakker with a running clothesline and both men are down.  Breakker with punches but Hudson with a boot and punches.  Hudson with a hard Irish whip.  Hudson with a rear chin lock.  Hudson puts Breakker on the turnbuckles and sets for a superplex.  Hudson hits it and gets a near fall.  Hudson puts Breakker on the turnbuckles again and Breakker punches him back to the mat.  Hudson with a forearm as Gacy and his hooded associates make their way to ringside.

Breakker sends Hudson to the mat nd Hudson tosses Breakker onto the top rope and Breakker bounces off the ropes and falls to the floor.  Hudson sends Breakker into the ring steps in front of the Velvet Warriors.  They return to the ring and Hudson kicks Breakker and connects with forearms.  Hudson with a near fall.  Hudson with crossfaces as he tries to apply a Camel Clutch.  Breakker escapes and he tries for a Steiner Recliner but Hudson with a shot to the throat.  Hudson tries for a power bomb but Breakker counters with a back body drop.

Breakker with shoulder tackles and a power slam.  The straps are down and Breakker with a Cactus Jack clothesline in front of the Velvet Warriors.  Breakker sends Hudson back into the ring and Breakker attacks the Velvet men.  Breakker stops Hudson from using a chair and Breakker sends the hooded men to the floor.  Breakker swings at Gacy and misses.  Breakker hits Hudson with the chair and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner:  Duke Hudson (by disqualification)

Gacy says that Breakker cannot control it.

We go to credits.

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