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By Anthony Pires on 2021-12-04 23:03:00

Kyle Davis brings out Jazz for a special in ring ceremony. She is joined by her husband, Rodney Mack. The Women's locker room comes out to applaud her.  She thanks God for giving her the talent to compete for 25 Years.  She also thanks WWE, ECW, Paul Heyman & Tommy Dreamer.  She thanks Billy Corgan profusely for allowing her to wrestle there so long.  She thanks Rodney Mack.  She is now officially working for the NWA as a women's coach and producer.  She thanks Madusa, who comes out to salute her.  A very nice segment.

NWA World Women's Championship: Kamille (Champion) vs. Melina

Melina pounces immediately and forces the champion to the floor.  Melina follows and tries a cross body.  Kamile catches her but Melina slides back and sends her into the post.  Back in the ring, Kamille with a clothesline.  Kamille picks Melina up by the hair and tosses her across the ring.  Running legdrop by Kamille for 2.  Forearms by Kamille for 2.  Gut wrench by Kamille.  Splash in the corner by Kamille.  Melina kicks her off. Uppercut by Kamille. Kamille chokes Melina against the bottom rope.  Kamille with punches in the corner.  Back elbows by Kamile. Melina jumps on her back and chokes Kamille.  She dives on Kamille for 2.  Sole food by Melina, she connects with a clothesline.  Melina goes hard after the right arm of Kamille, she hits a snap mare and goes back to an armbar.  Melina with a 2 count into almost a cross armbreaker.  Kamile punches out of it.  Kick by Melina, she sends Kamille into the ropes and stretches her back on the middle rope.  Kamille turns the tide but she can't sustain it as the clothesline she threw worsened her condition.  Melina is attacking the arm like a shark near blood. Melina locks in the California Dream and Kamille struggles to make the ropes. Melina tries to ram the arm into the post but Kamille pulls back and Melina hits the post.  Ground and pound by Kamille.  Knee by Kamille and she hits the steamroller.  Melina tries a sunset flip but Kamille powers out. Kamille with a calf crusher and Melina bites Kamille to break it.  Melina removes her knee brace and goes to attack but Kamille with a spear for the pin.


NWA World's Heavyweight Title: Trevor Murdoch (champion) vs. Mike Knox

Murdoch with right hands, we wails on Knox in the corner.  Knox rolls out.  Murdoch follows him and sends the challenger down with chops.  LEgdrop on the apron by Murdoch.  Back in the ring, Knox with a knee to the midsection.  Murdoch with a drop toe hold into forearms across the face.  Murdoch with 4 punches in the corner until Knox drops him on the top turn buckle. Cross body by Knox and he punches Murdoch on the mat.  Running clothesline in the corner by Knox, he follows it up with a hip attack in the corner, Murdoch rolls out.  Knox pulls him back in and chokes him on the bottom rope.  Knee life and a boot to the face by Knox.  Knox scores a 1 count and chokes Murdoch.  Big punch and abdominal stretch by Knox.  Murdoch ducks a clothesline and hits a pop up powerbomb. Murdoch with a DDT for 2. Murdoch to the top rope, Knox pushes Jarrod Fritz into the rope, knocking Murdoch.  Knox with a superplex for 2.  Sister Abigail for 2 by the challenger, Murdoch got his foot on the rope.  Knox misses an elbow but sets Murdoch on the rope. Murdoch headbutts him off and hits the top rope bulldog for the pin.


Out comes Matt Cardona! His distraction leads to a low blow by Knox.  Out comes Mick Foley.  He takes the mic and tells Cardona he's a disgrace to Long Island.  Foley sends Pope out and he runs out to attack Knox.  Cardona enters the ring and stands over the champion and mockingly asks him if he's OK.  Boot to the face by Mike Knox.  Cardona and Knox celebrate over the prone body of Murdoch as we go off the air.

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