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Bill Pancoast's ECW Memories
March 2001

My story begins when I first started getting into tape trading in 1993. I kept hearing about this group called ECW through a wrestling newsletter and decided it was time to acquire some tapes of this group, which at the time was called Eastern Championship Wrestling. Being a fan of WWF at the time, this group just blew me away with the matches, talent, and interviews. I had only just started getting into the Japanese scene. Guys like the Sandman, JT Smith, Dreamer, Woman (yes, I am a mark for her), Kevin Sullivan, Taz and the other talent there were busting their asses for what seemed like 50 people at the ECW Arena.

So after seeing enough TV and a commercial tape, I decided it was time to see it live for myself. George Mayfield, myself and some other friends decided to go to Philly. I paid at the time either $12.00 or $15.00 for the ticket and I felt that I owed them a hell of a lot more money after the show. The show's main event was to be Funk v. Cactus (that sold me!!),but it was turned into Cactus/Funk v. Public Enemy and they tore the house down. I never marked out so much in my life.

Just to see the chairs ring in after the match was amazing. As time went on, I finally got to meet a lot of the people that I either purchased tapes from or met through ECW, such as Dave Scherer, Jeff Lynch, Tony Brown (who traveled more than 10 hours once a month to see ECW live), Rat, Jeff Bowdren, Scrap, Quigs, and many others.

I was traveling 4 hours each way to see a promotion that later helped give the WWF "Attitude". The great part was going to the "World Famous" Tavelodge to meet the wrestlers after the shows. They had a track record of getting kicked out of other hotels. I had a chance to meet wrestlers such as Rey Misterio Jr., Psicosis, La Parka, Chris Benoit, Too Cold Scorpio, Eddie Guerrero, Cactus Jack, Terry Funk, The Eliminators, Brian Pillman, all the wrestlers from ECW, and of course, Nancy Sullivan.

I attended a lot of shows from 1994-1996,then didn't go as much when they weren't bringing in other talent. Then they went to PPV, Barely Legal at the ECW Arena, and I had a chance to see it there live in the 2nd Row, and what a show they put on.

From there, I traveled to about 6 PPVs in a row with Dave Scherer, Bob Ryder (Happy Birthday Bob), Rat, Bill Brown, and Quigs. I was able to go to Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Pittsburgh, New Jersey (Great Choice), and New Orleans.

Some of my Favorite Moments that I got to see live:

Sabu getting his neck broken by Benoit.

Benoit powerbombing Sabu off the corner (on a table) through Rocco Rock on a table.

Handing Axl Rotten a chair and him hitting Ian Rotten with it.

Malenko/Guerrero match from the Arena.

Psicosis/Misterio matches from the Arena.

The Sandman Blinding angle.

Pillman showing up in ECW.

Austin showing up in ECW.

The Crucifixion angle at the Arena

The Burning Chair (Funk) with the Fire Extinguisher spraying the bleachers.

Hanging out with the "World Famous" Bleacher Bums!!!

It's just really sad that ECW has come to this. It deserved a much better send off then it's getting!

There are many more stories, but I think I covered a lot.

Bill Pancoast

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