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By Mike Johnson on 2018-08-25 17:29:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Ring of Honor's return to the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA with Philadephia Excellence!

Pre-Show Notes: Tim Donst and Bob Evans worked Future of Honor matches before the taping began….Danny Cage of the Monster Factory was in the house as several of his students were working the taping.  They will be having their own TV taping on 9/15 in Paulsboro, NJ at their school….WWE star Bayley and former WWE star Summer Rae are backstage....Former ECW star and ROH backstage official turned reality TV producer Jeff Jones is visiting...MCW and former Urban Wrestling announcer Shawn Credle is also visiting...It was nice to see Jeff Bowdren and Ron Lemieux at the taping as well!


Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were the announcers for the first hour of ROH TV.

ROH Champion Jay Lethal made his way to the ring in street clothes.  There was sparkler pyro for his entrance.  That was crazy to see inside the former ECW Arena.   Fans tossed streamers as he hit the ring.  They chanted his name.

Lethal said that reaction will never get old and thanked the fans.    He said that for years, he’s been asked which of the ROH matches have been his favorite.  He said that he thinks back to him vs. Samoa Joe, Roderick Strong and AJ Styles but there’s a new one to add to the list, because after last week, his favorite match that he’s ever had in ROH is his 30-minute Iron Man match with Jonathan Gresham.

He said it was a match that reminds him of what ROH was built on.  You don’t need storylines, just two great wrestlers facing off to prove who the best is.  The crowd chanted “ROH” in response.  He said that at the end, Gresham earned his respect and is a good friend.  He said if Gresham ever needs him, he’s not far.  Lethal said he wants to have more matches like that for the ROH title as that’s what ROH was built on.

Lethal said for the first time, he is issuing a Lethal Challenge, not just to the ROH locker room but any locker room.  He said that if someone feels they are the best technical or high-flying wrestlers, he is only going to say this once, come and get it.

A video of Will Ospreay appeared on the video screen, challenging Lethal for the ROH title.  That got a huge pop.  Lethal said that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and responded that Ospreay can have a title shot.

Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai vs. Tasha Steelz: Proving Ground.

If Steelz can defeat Sumie, she is granted a Women of Honor title bout.  Big reaction for Sumie.

Steelz was dismissive of Sakai when it came time for the Code of Honor and tried to kick her.  Sakai caught the kick coming.  Steelz tried to avoid her coming off the ropes and got nailed with a dropkick.

They went to the floor and battled a little before returning to the ring.  Sakai nailed several chops but was snatched into a sleeper as she came off the ropes.  Sakai escaped and used a forward roll for a two count.

Sakai nailed a big clothesline and then a splash.  She caught Steelz with a sunset flip for a two count, then ascended to the top for a big missile dropkick, scoring a two count.

Steelz nailed a springboard bulldog for a two count.  Steelz went for a move but was caught with a neckbreaker and pinned.

Your winner, WOH Champion, Sumie Sakai!

Solid bout. I really think Steelz has something special.

Ian Riccaboni interviewed Sakai after the bout.  Riccaboni announced that the title will now be known as the Women of Honor World Championship.   Sakai said ROH is her home and she has worked hard to be champion.   She said she would give a good match to anyone for the title and she doesn't care who she has to face.  She said she would be the best.  She said there is one person she wants to face for the title that can validate her claim of being champion, Tenille Dashwood.

Out came the former Emma.    Dashwood accepted the challenge, but said there can only be one place for it, the Death Before Dishonor PPV in Las Vegas.  She said that she respects Sakai as the foundation of the Women of Honor, but just because she respects her, doesn't mean she won't take the title from her.

Jonathan Gresham came out for an interview, reacting to Jay Lethal's comments earlier.  Out came Bully Ray.  There was a massive ECW chant.  Bully told Cary Silkin to leave, telling him he was an old man who sold the company.  He then began bullying Ian Riccaboni, telling him that Colt Cabana isn't here to protect him so now he can say to Bully all the things he says on commentary and online.  Ian tried to apologize.  Bully told him he was a coward and mocked him for not wanting any trouble.  He told Ian to get out of the ring.

Bully turned to Gresham and said if you are mad I came out here during your interview, how about Bully interviews him.  Ray asked him if he knew who he was...and said that he was single-handedly responsible for selling out Madison Square Garden.  He said they were coming for him, not a guy like him.   He said right now reminds him of Piper's Pit where Roddy interviewed Frankie Williams, saying Piper was a star and Williams was a jobber.  He said he's not trying to be disrespectful, but it's true, Gresham is a jobber.  He said that 20 years ago, a kid like you never would have survived in this building and neither would the fans as they would have gotten their asses kicked by the old school fans.  He said if the fans cared about him, they would have given him a standing ovation when he came out and you don't see them doing that.  The fans all got on their feet to chant for Gresham to screw with Bully.

Bully dared Gresham to take the mic from his hand.  Gresham did and said that Bully was looking for a fight, which is why he came out.  Gresham said that he beat the ROH Champion and he has proven to the world why he's the best technical wrestler in this company.  He challenged Bully to a wrestling match.  He told Bully that D-Von carried him and the place popped and chanted for D-Von.   He said he'll face him and if he loses to Bully, he will shake Bully's hand like a man but if he beats Bully, Bully has to do the same in the building that made him famous.

Bully took the mic and called for a referee.

Bully Ray vs. Jonathan Gresham

Ray immediately nailed him low and got disqualified.  He shook Gresham's hand as he laid there hurt, mocking him and said, "I guess we know who the better wrestler is."  He began whipping him with a belt.  Flip Gordon hit the ring for the save but was taken down.  Jay Lethal made the save and worked over Bully but was attacked by Silas Young.   The crowd booed Bully as he walked out. 

So Cal Uncensored vs. ROH TV Champion Punishment Martinez & The Briscoes

Everyone brawled at the bell.  Tons of great stiff action. Sky nailed an awesome running high knee on Mark Briscoe.  The Briscoes and Martinez cut off Daniels and worked him over for a long time, tagging in and out.    There was a lot of back and forth but I couldn't see much from my vantage point due to fans standing.  Daniels hit a BME as Kaz went for a tombstone piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winners, SCU!

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