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By Mike Johnson on 2017-04-30 19:00:00

WWE Cruiserweight champion Neville vs. Austin Aries.

Some nice action early, controlled by Aries.  Neville muscled him into the corner and went on the attack on Aries' wrist and arm.   Aries was able to reverse and scored a two count.  Aries nailed a nice dropkick.  Neville went to the corner to break his momentum.  Aries went to another corner an laid across it as if he was relaxing waiting for Neville to return to fight.

Neville's troubles continued when he and Aries locked up again with Aries nailed a slingshot rolling splash and prepared to come off the top.  Neville dropkicked the top rope, forcing him to crash down into the ring.  Neville utilizing the opportunity to stomp the hell out of Aries and whipped him hard into the buckles.  Neville cinched in a chinlock but Aries began fighting back.  Neville drilled him back down to the mat.   Neville's facial expressions have been awesome here.

Neville came off the top with a great missile dropkick for a two count.   Neville stomped Aries and played to the crowd, allowing Aries to dropkick him from behind, sending him over the top to the floor in rude fashion.  Neville pulled himself to the apron, where he battled with Aries.  Aries smacked him into the buckles and tried to suplex him back into the ring.  Neville landed on his feet but was chopped hard across the chest.  Aries nailed a gutbuster and a STO before nailing his patented elbow.  Aries went to the ropes and came off with an elbow to the back of the neck for a two count.  Lots of really great, crisp action here.

They battled on the apron.  Aries nailed a neckbreaker through the ropes.  Neville crashed to the floor.  Neville nailed a big suicide dive and tossed the champ in for a two count.  They returned to the ring but Aries was caught with a jawbreaker.  Aries went for the discus Fivearm but Neville cut him off with a kick.  Neville was sent into the corner and nailed a running forearm that looked awesome. 

Aries went to the top.  Neville met him but Aries boxed his ears and nailed a sunset flip powerbomb and turned it into a Last Chancery.  Neville nailed the official in order to stop Aries and got himself disqualified.  What a sh*** finish.

Your winner, Austin Aries!

Really, really great action here until the end. 

They ran a commercial for Backlash on 5/21 and it was all built around the in-ring debut of Shinsuke Nakamura.

WWE Raw Tag Team champions Matt and Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus and Cesaro.

Matt Hardy and Cesaro started off.   They ended up in the corner.  Matt broke clean.   Cesaro grabbed an arm and worked him over.  Hardy was rolled up but kicked up at one.  They locked up and broke in the ropes.  You could hear fans chanting "Obsolete" very loudly.  Jeff Hardy tagged in and came off the ropes, nailing Cesaro.  Fans chanted "Brother Nero" immediately.   They nailed Air Hardy on Cesaro in the corner for a two count.

Cesaro finally ended that momentum with a big uppercut to Matt Hardy.  Sheamus tagged in and nailed a rolling senton for a two count on Matt.  Sheamus began battering his back.  Cesaro nailed a big running forearm in the corner for a two count.  Jeff made the tag and worked over Sheamus, nailing the Cruncher for a two count.   Sheamus shrugged off Hardy, who took a crazy bump through the ropes to the floor.   Cesaro nailed a big gut wrench suplex on Jeff for a two count.  Sheamus and Cesaro worked over Hardy.   Sheamus set up on the ropes and drilled Jeff for a two count.  Hardy came back with a jawbreaker but Sheamus absorbed it and kicked him in the face.  It looked like a tooth was kicked out when they closed in on Jeff's face.  Sheamus nailed a big knee and tagged in Cesaro, who nailed a big legdrop for a two count.

Sheamus tagged back in and continued to maul Jeff.  Jeff fought his way out of a two on one situation and came off the ropes with a twisting moonsault press.  Jeff went to tag Matt but Cesaro grabbed him.  Hardy kicked off Cesaro and tagged in Matt.  San Jose was yelling "Delete" for every move and Matt did the complete character, yelling "Delete" several times on camera.  Matt nailed the Side Effect for a two count.  Jeff returned to the fray, nailing Sheamus.  Matt slammed Cesaro but missed a moonsault off the top.

Cesaro came off the ropes with a springboard corkscrew uppercut on Matt. Cesaro grabbed the big swing on Matt and swung him around a ton before locking on the Sharpshooter.   Matt finally made it to the ropes after Jeff pushed the rope to him.  Sheamus nailed Jeff on the floor.  Matt kicked off a Cesaro charge.  Sheamus nailed him with White Noise off the ropes but Jeff Hardy broke up the pinfall.    Cesaro was sent over the barricade by Jeff on the floor.

Sheamus went for Brogue Kick but Hardy broke it up.  He went for the Twist of Fate but Sheamus blocked it.  Jeff made the blind tag and nailed a swanton on Sheamus as he slammed and covered Matt.

Your winners and still Raw Tag Team champions, Matt and Jeff Hardy!

Very good back and forth match with lots of stiff action, good tag team moves and some nice near falls.  Very enjoyable.

They all shook hands after and the challengers raised the winners' arms.   They left the ring but then attacked Matt and Jeff and began beating the crap out of the champs. Cesaro held Matt for Sheamus to nail a Brogue Kick.  Matt was busted open slightly.   It was a well done heel turn.

Braun did a promo promising to destroy Roman.

WWE Raw Women's champion Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss.

Huge reaction for Bayley, as she was in her hometown.  It was all Bayley early on.  Bayley slammed her into the buckles over and over but was nailed with a big forearm shot to the head.  Bliss worked over her back with big shots and covered Bayley for several pinfall attempts.  Bliss cinched in a side chinlock.     Bayley was choked against the ropes.

Bliss worked over Bayley for a long time, both in the ring and on the floor.  Bayley caught her with a shot on the apron after she returned to the ring and unloaded with a ton of offense, including Snake Eyes on the top turnbuckle.  She nailed a low clothesline and worked her over with shoulderblocks into the corner  Bayley nailed a big side suplex for a two count.   Bayley came off the ropes with a back elbow and went for the Bayley to Belly suplex but Bliss realized what was happening and rammed her into the buckles.

Bliss went to the top but Bayley nailed her with a forearm.  She attempted a Bayley to Belly over the top but Bliss avoided it and nailed a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count,  Bliss was angry she didn't get the pin.  Bliss tried to nail several knee strikes but missed one and was hit with a running knee.  Bayley nailed and awesome flying elbow off the top but Bliss kicked up at the last second.    Bayley lost it and went nuts with offense, including kicking Bliss in the corner.  The referee warned her.

Bliss went for another sunset flip but Bayley dropped down.  Bliss kicked up and when she did, it sent Bayley into the digital board of the post hard.  Bayley grabbed her for a small package but Bliss kicked up, held onto her and nailed a DDT, scoring the pin.

Your winner and new WWE Raw Women's champion Alexa Bliss!

Another good match, made all the better by the crowd reactions.  They told a hell of a story. 

Bliss is now the first person to hold both the Raw and Smackdown Women's championships.

House of Horrors: WWE champion Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

They announced, via the ring announce JoJo, that the match would begin in the House of Horrors but would end in the Arena via pinfall, submission or forfeiture.

We go to a limo pulling up to a house.  Inside is Randy Orton, dressed to fight.  He exits and there is a house bathed in a blue light.  One of the lights inside turn off.  A piece of farm equipment drives itself past Randy.  We hear crickets.  At the house, not in the arena back in San Jose.  Orton cautiously tries to enter the house.  He can spy Wyatt inside.  Bray sees him and turns to face the window.  Orton goes to the front door.  He enters and we see all sorts of cuts.  Bray;s voice warns him to "run."

The door slams behind Randy and Bray attacks him from behind.   He slams Orton into a wall and tells him that he took everything from Bray, so now Wyatt will take everything from him.  He yelled at Orton that he could never leave.  They battled inside the living room until Wyatt fled down a hallway.  Randy followed and Bray's hand broke through a wall to choke at him

 Randy goes into a room with a bunch of mutilated baby dolls hanging from the ceiling.   They played baby noises.  Wyatt attacks the distracted Randy and they slam each other into the walls, breaking the plaster.   They were actually hitting some pretty stiff shots that I suspect most will dismiss because this is pre-taped and edited.   Wyatt disappeared and Orton tried to follow, demanding to know where he is.  Orton entered a spooky room and then a kitchen.

Wyatt tried to attack him with a rolling pin and then a frying pan but Randy fought back and beat him down with right hands until they were both down exhausted on the floor.  Orton got back to his feet and Wyatt laughed at him.  Orton tried to force him into a sink full of dirty dishes and was going to hit him with a frying pan but was lowblowed.  Wyatt flipped a fridge over and trapped Orton underneath.

Bray goes outside.  He screamed "Follow the buzzards" and on cue, the house is now bathed in a red light. Bray gets in Randy's limo and tells the driver to go to the Arena.  He sang "He's got the whole world in his hands" as they drove away.  How will Randy follow?  We'll find out.

The announcers pondered what they had just seen.  I know what I saw.  The entire show screeching to a halt.  This felt like an overproduced, less interesting version of what we used to see on the Hardy compound.  I respect the punishment the guys took here but this just didn't click.

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