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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-03-13 23:14:00

We start off with a look back at Bill Goldberg defeating Kevin Owens at Fastlane and Brock Lesnar's confrontation with the new Universal Champion.

We are in Detroit, Michigan and your announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

Brock Lesnar's music plays and he does the Brock Bounce on the stage with Paul Heyman followed by the Lesnar Leap into the ring.

Paul gets on his knees and he wonders if it is a vision or an advocate's fantasy.  Did Brock Lesnar F-5 the seemingly indestructible Goldberg?  Yes, he did.  The result was DOWN GOES GOLDBERG.

Paul introduces himself and he says not only can he see the future, but that vision has been bestowed on each and every one of you courtesy of the Goldberg eating carnivore Brock Lesnar.  What is that vision and what is that future?  That future takes place on April 2, 2017.  It is the night his client BROCK LESNAR causes those so called announcers to scream at the top of their lungs "DOWN GOES GOLDBERG!!"  

Paul says he has to confess that for the past few months . . . 

Paul hears the chants for Goldberg, and he says that Goldberg . . . is not here, but his client is here so Paul asks for everyone to listen to his advocate.  Paul says that is the polite way to tell all of the people chanting for Goldberg to shut up.

Paul says they have been wondering what do they do because of the problems they have had with Goldberg.  Each time they have met face to face, the result has been Spear . . . Jackhammer . . . Goldberg.  Not last week.  Last week was a different story.  The story was F-5 . . . DOWN GOES GOLDBERG.  Not only did Goldberg go down at the hand of Brock Lesnar, he went down to the single most effective move in WWE History, the F-5 performed at the hand of Brock Lesnar.  Now that we have seen the footage to show about the future, the greatest comeback in Sports Entertainment history.  A comeback of biblical proportions shall be hoisted upon the shoulders of this beast and then slammed down to the mat by Brock Lesnar as the resurrection of Goldberg will be put down.  Paul says his vision of the future will be validated.

Paul says Wrestlemania Theory of Relativity Goes F-5 = Lesnar goes up . . . DOWN GOES GOLDBERG.

Mick Foley is in his office and Stephanie enters.  Stephanie says Paul is so creepy and she likes that she can make Mick laugh due to the tension between them.  We are only three weeks away and tempers are short.

Mick says people say the wrong things.

Stephanie says that people say things that you cannot take personally.  In the heat of the moment, there is pressure on you.  She says she brought in Mick to be General Manager because of his connection to the WWE Universe and the Superstars.  Stephanie says as Mick's manager, she has tried to nurture him.  Tough love has not worked.  She wants to apply everything that she has learned and she is willing to teach him.

Stephanie asks if Mick is in because she has his first lesson.  Stephanie tells Mick to determine the one person on the roster that he is going to fire.  He needs to trim the fat and it will send the message to everyone to be more productive.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One:  Sasha Banks (with Bayley) versus Dana Brooke (with Charlotte)

They lock up and Dana sends Sasha into the turnbuckles.  Dana with forearms but Sasha with an elbow.  Dana sends Sasha into the turnbuckles.  Dana works on Sasha on the apron and then she gets a near fall.  Sasha with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Sasha with Meteora for a near fall.  Dana gets Sasha on her back but Sasha escapes and gets a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Sasha Banks

After the match, Charlotte calls Dana a disgrace and says that Dana does not deserve to be by her side.  You will not ride her coattails going into Wrestlemania.  Charlotte says she is getting rid of Charlotte.

Dana attacks Charlotte and connects with punches and a clothesline.  Charlotte tries to escape but Dana holds on to her.  Charlotte shows her displeasure with Dana and she leaves.

Michael Cole mentions the Warrior Award and this year, the award will be given to Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed while playing at Rutgers.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  TJ Perkins and Akira Tozawa versus Brian Kendrick and Tony Nese

Tozawa and Kendrick start things off but Nese attacks Tozawa from behind and Kendrick goes to the apron.  Nese with a forearm and Kendrick tags in.  Kendrick sends Tozawa to the mat and he pie faces him.  Tozawa sets for a chop but Kendrick flinches and Tozawa with a jab followed by a rana and a forearm that knocks Kendrick off the apron.  Tozawa with a suicide dive and then Perkins with a rana off the apron to Nese as we go to commercial.

We are back and Kendrick with a Cobra Clutch on Tozawa while Neville watches from the WWE viewing angle.  We see Nese using the ring skirt to take control with Tozawa.  Tozawa chops Nese and Tozawa with a forearm.  Tozawa with a forearm to Nese and Nese goes down.  Perkins is pulled off the apron when Tozawa goes for the tag.  Nese with a near fall.  Nese with a body scissors on Tozawa.  

Nese with a bear hug on Tozawa and he sends Tozawa into the center of the ring.  Tozawa with an Enzuigiri to Kendrick on the apron.  Perkins tags in and he kicks Nese and then hits a drop kick followed by a running back elbow.  Perkins with a bulldog out of a wheelbarrow.  Kendrick tries to break up the cover but Kendrick hits Nese.  Tozawa is sent to the floor by Kendrick.  Kendrick is sent to the floor.  Nese gets a near fall.  Perkins avoids Nese and hits a springboard DDT but Kendrick breaks up the cover.  Perkins gets Nese up for the Detonation Kick but Kendrick pulls Nese off.  Tozawa with a running kick to knock Kendrick off the apron.  Nese pushes Perkins into Tozawa and Nese with a rollup for the three count.

Winners:  Tony Nese and Brian Kendrick

Luke Gallows are in the interview area and they are asked about the number one contender match and who they would like to face.  Karl says they won the title six weeks ago but everyone wants to talk about the other teams.  They are not flashes in the pan so why are you asking about other teams.  Luke says to ask someone else about those teams.  They says that if they don't get the opportunity, they will take it.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Kevin stands in the ring with his spotlight.  Kevin says one month ago today, he took the spotlight and he put it back right where it belongs.  We have a video package.

Kevin says a lot of you people are very upset with him for doing that and betraying Chris Jericho.  You are upset because Kevin pretended to be Chris' best friend for months.  Kevin says he was never Chris' best friend.  Chris Jericho never, for one second, truly considered him to be his best friend.  Chris was getting close to Kevin so he could get close to MY Universal Title.  Chris is mad, not because Kevin betrayed him.  It was because Kevin did what everyone else would have done.  He stabbed Chris in the back before Chris could stab him in the back.

Now Chris wants his revenge.  Chris got him at Fastlane.  Chris Jericho beat him at Fastlane, not Goldberg.  At Wrestlemania, Chris thinks he will get the greatest payback at Wrestlemania, but that just means Chris is dumber than he thinks.  Kevin says he will take Chris' title at Wrestlemania.  When he is done, the only think left of Y2J will be the Tears of Jericho . . . Cry it out man.  As far as tonight goes, the only thing Chris Jericho and that waste of space partner of his, Sami Zayn is going to get is a lesson.  That lesson is who needs best friends when you have a destroyer.

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